Jennifer Aniston loves wearing bikinis

May 5th, 2008 // 125 Comments

Whoever cast Jennifer Aniston in Marley & Me is my new Jesus. The film is shooting in Miami where Jennifer is guaranteed to be sporting a bikini at least once a week. This time around she’s got a friend with her (red bikini) who I’m 90% positive is John Mayer. In the meantime, some of these pics aren’t focused very well, but with boobs, quantity is always better than quality. I mean, who cares if they’re in-focus, out-of-focus, sepiatoned, or attached to a trucker named Ralph you met last night at Arby’s hundreds of women you meet every day while racing Lamborghinis in a ninja suit.

Thanks to Karl who could find breasts in the lost city of Atlantis.


  1. get sober, folks

    Aniston = great/best body? Not a chance. In her prime, on Friends, she had a harsh face and … tada … chronically erect nipples. That’s it. She wasn’t modeling lingerie or starring in sexy movie love scenes or anything like that. She was appearing on TV, early in prime time, modestly dressed, with the one allowable titillation (so to speak): nipple erections. If you want some really hot chick, go down to the beach right now, find a 20-year-old with a pretty FEMININE face and a nice youthful body. You can always glue on some prosthetic erect nipples, if you still suffer from that obsession.

  2. Mitch

    “gangly AWFUL arms”

    Couldn’t quite hide the New York jew hater-speak, could you? Typical Aniston fan.

  3. pistola

    @ 50


  4. Ha! Ha!


    “She might need a girdle for her stomach or butt but that is to be expected for some.”

    Kim Kardaskank wears a girdle and body shapers and she never had any kids ha! ha! She is just fat ha! ha! ha!

    Jennifer looks good!


    #52. I hate Jennifer Aniston AND Angelina and all celebrities (they are all pieces of shit) and I’m not Jewish I am Swedish. I am brunette and look like a more attractive and slimmer (face and body) Nadia Bjorlin so smoke that you fucktoad. I look more like Angelina than Aniston. So you love Angelina so much, well sorry honey she’s a pretty open minded person and I don’t think she loves antisemetic hate filled losers.

    P.S. Yes untravelled loser swedes can be brunette.

  6. superficial bastard

    You turds Angelina is so much hotter in your minds than she is in reality. She beats Maniston in the face for sure but in the body, NO WAY.

    Go back and watch Gia her body ain’t that great, most of you saw it when you’d seen very few naked women or if you had then you were old school and the standards in the 80′s and 90′s were appaling. Watch some bikini scenes from moviesback in the day, few women from back then could compete today.

    Angie has become a legend and the legend is far hotter than the women, hence Beowoulf being animated. Helen of troy prolly looked like Britney (batshit Britney), but the tale of her beauty made her out to be a goddess.

  7. TJ


    Back then there was not as much cosmetic surgery going on as today. Angelina is 100 percent natural in Gia. Americans do not know what a healthy body looks like from seeing too much cosmetic surgery on celebrities and porn chicks on the Internet with their implants and cosmetic procedures.

  8. Gia


    I think you have been looking at too much liposuction and tummy tuck stomachs lol! Angelina has a nice flat stomach and tight body. She does not have love handles lol! I’ve always thought she was a talented actor and it is awesome that she does humanitarian work too.

  9. superficial bastard

    #57. I thought that would be mentioned. I think it’s also that women were not as “into” working out. Fitness is much more prevalent today. Girls didn’t go to the gym certainly not in the 70′s. Angelina has never looked fit except in Tomb Raider and that was because it was forced by a very expensive trainer so she could portray a character. I don’t view women with plastic surgery as having good bodies I view women who are fit as having good bodies. Anyway Hollywood’s trash doesn’t hold a candle to real life beauties that work out and take care of themselves without a trainer and all that shit. Angie’s body SCREAMS I don’t like working out and I rely on my skinny genes to get by that ain’t healthy. Why do you assume I’m American, I’m not by the way.


    She has a thick stomach, it’s the first thing to get pudgy, her pencil arms would be the last and she has a very unbecoming waistline. Sorry it’s a fact go watch Gia again.

  11. agree

    She looks beautiful. She is my favorite. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

  12. Mama Pinkus

    She looks great!

  13. Gia


    I simply have realistic expectations of what people should look like based on their body type, but hey I’m not here to put down people that do not deserve it.

  14. disagree

    She looks ugly. She is my least favorite. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. It is said she is dating fat losers on that site.

  15. TC

    We saw Aniston at the Marlins game this weekend. Man she does next to nothing to earn those millions. Do a few takes and theres another million bucks earned. Oh well, suckers born every minute. Oh and btw, she had surprisingly short stumpy legs.

  16. dude_on

    She is an A-lister, and yet she persists in giving the money shot consistently – that is just class. It’s just too bad the guy at the convenience store only had disposable cameras or this could have been a classic shoot.


    #63. Boy are you on the wrong website. Overpaid celebrity bitches and douches deserve to be put down. They are greedy little ego maniacs. #65. that goes for every celebrity guy. Firefighters (WHO SAVE LIVES) make around $40,000 in the U.S. Adam Sandler makes a movie and plays a firefighter and makes $20 MILLION. CELEBRITES ARE LOOSERS WITH NO SHAME.

    THE END.

  18. Eirin

    Wow, I can’t believe some of you are saying she’s fat. She’s far from it! And she looks really good for her age.

  19. Gia


    So far the only 2 people I have put down on this site that deserve it are Paris Herpes and Kim Kardaskank. Kim is a no talent overweight media whore and Paris is a no talent underweight media whore. It is true that actors make way too much money for pretending to be someone else.


    Well #69 you have landed on my favorite number and I am a believer in world peace so let agree to agree that Kim Kardashian is a giant fat whore and Paris Hilton is a skeletal slutbag and they deserve all the insults and diseases they get. Two skanky heiress’ famous for being in homemade porno’s, god the world’s standards have gone down, those two bitches have singlecootchedly set women back a decade or 5. VOMIT.

  21. Moi

    Her boobs look silly, she needs to keep her straps up, but otherwise her body looks great. I don’t like her in movies though….she lacks warmth….

    I have four kids and I’m about 20 pounds overweight but I’m not the least bit bitter. People aren’t following me around taking pictures of my ass all day. :p

  22. zuzupetals

    Your ex-husband’s batshit-crazy-wife is as large as a house with twins, and everywhere you go you have to be reminded of it, so what do you do?
    You hang out as often as possible in a bikini, looking impossibly hot.
    You go, Jennifer (please dump John Mayer, and fast)

    Team Aniston forever!

  23. ads

    I heard that she is seeking rich men on in these days. Reported by the magazine , she uploaded some of her hot and half naked pictures over there.Just go and check it out.

  24. idl3mind

    I love that Jennifer Aniston loves wearing bikinis

  25. Swedes are gross

    I was in sweden for a while and don’ believe the hype. They are not very attractive on average at all. Same shit as Germans really, just not as smart. I don’t think nordic types are good looking at all.

  26. Mixing Races Like Cake Batter

    I read in a magazine that Jenifer be rockin with the black dong over at
    m o n s t o r d a r k d o n
    They say this be good site for the white girl to get her fill of love for dark chocolate. Mmmmmmm melts in your mouth.

  27. #75. Is a fat ugly lonely piece of shit

    # 75. The Poster who said they look like Nadia Bjorlin obviously doesn’t look like a typical Swede and many Swedisn women are stunning, women from all around the world are beautiful you racist fuckface. Google Nadia Bjorlin assface, she’s every man’s dream. You are really embarassing yourself by not being aware of Nadia Bjorlin.

  28. Iron Cock

    #75. Can you please get over yourself you prejudice fucking freak. Good gawd what kind of uneducated miserable hateful little turd do you have to be to call an entire nation of people gross. Wow “gross” that’s such an insult, how old are you five? Grow the fuck up you racist fucking cunt, no one gives a shit about your fucking hate talk or you. Go fuck yourself since no one else wants to. Any guy would take ANY Swedish girl over you, you fucking filthy hag.

  29. Sorry for my hateful post folks. I’m really cranky because I weigh 500 pounds and I haven’t been able to wash my crotch and hairy anus in years, it’s trapped between all the layers of fat. Needless to say I smell like pee and diarrhea. Luckily my 50 cats (the only creatures that have ever dared to love me) lick me clean every once in a while. Anyway I’m still hoping one day I’ll find someone to love me, shave my back hair and pop my zits and boils. I don’t have a recent picture of myself, but I am an actress so anyone who is interested just come chat with me on the superficial. If you want to know what I look like just watch the movie Good Luck Chuck. I’m the whale. Click my link for a visual of me. Anyone want to get physical???

  30. Dorito Man

    I wonder if she shaves it. I hope not.

  31. Smelly Swedes the ugly stepchildren of Germany

    Seriously though these people are usually without any ass at all. Small tits and tall and thin with long ugly noses and their bodies (vaginas as well in particular) have a wierd smell. Why is this?
    I am not a racist. I am white.
    Every Swedish man wishes he was a kraut and harbors Nazi fantasies.
    Just ugly down to the bone.
    You should hide your heads in shame for the mean things you say about me.
    My daughters sit with me while I compose this prose and I do not appreciate vulgarities.

  32. Rainbow Girl

    I think women like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are much prettier than that woman you linked Nadia. Most men prefer women of color these days. The most beautiful woman in the world is from India not England or any of the white countries.
    Men are now liking exotic women. White girls are plain. They do not have the curves of native women.

  33. Betty

    OK my girls are asleep now so I can play. I am a lady with some meat between my legs. I do not shave as I am natural. I like 2 kinds of men: those with thick and long cocks and the others that know how to eat big pussy. I have some nice long lips too.I don’t care what you look like I am not a prize myself. It don’t matter if a hot rod has a few rust spots and dents, it’s what’s under the hood that counts and I use that one on the guys with foreskins (nice ice breaker)!
    I have IBS so I tend to be a bit gassy under the chassis. I had several exploratory surgeries so I am a bit scarred up on my front torso so I prefer doggy and anal.
    I am a dark haired dark eyed lady and don’t like blonde guys at all so don’t bother. (usually nothing under the wrapper)

  34. Bill Clinton

    First give the girl some respect.
    So she can sit on my face until I pass out!

  35. Snarky McComments

    Does she do anything but tan? I bet that Jennster will be booking a one-way trip to Melanoma City sometime real soon….

  36. L smith

    Can anyone say ‘Skin cancer’ ?

  37. L smith

    Can anyone say ‘Skin cancer’ ?

  38. L smith

    Can anyone say ‘Skin cancer’ ?

  39. Ted from LA

    What’s the deal with the woman next to her? Friends is one of the Top 5 least funny TV shows of all-time, just below Three’s Company and one above One Day at a Time. Tell me ONE fucking funny line from that show and I’ll wash your ass and drink the water. Jen is smart to hang out with the love child of Jamie Lee Curtis and Rosanne Barr. It makes her look better.

  40. jeremiah

    The superficial is selling peoples email address, I have two email accounts that I created and only use here and I am now getting spam through them. Plus they are addressing me using the name I use on here which is not my real name.

    The superficial is selling your email addresses to fucking spammers!!!!

  41. anonymous

    I love her lifestyle. No kids, lots of work, close friends and a sweet, luxurious lifestyle. All paid for from working her ass of.

    You don’t have to like her acting or her movies, but, she works hard and plays hard. I don’t hate anyone who lives the life they want. I am proud of any woman who does her thing and answers to no one and deos not change herself and her wants and needs for anyone-especially a man.

    Men come and men go. You can change your views for them, change your lifestyle for them-heck you can lose yourself in them. Still, if they get tired of you or find someone else they will leave. Then you’re left with a shell of your former self, not even knowing who you are or your lifes’ purpose.

    Aniston knew who she was, kept true to herself and the life she wanted. I am proud of any woman who has the courage to be herself, especially when the world tells you that you have to give up your sense of self to have or keep a man.

  42. Oh Please!

    I think a lot of men and women hate Aniston because she has the courage and the good fortune to live the life of luxury that many want.

    Haters are just jealous of her. She make her money and gives no apologies for it. She’s doesn’t give a hoot what the public thinks of her lifestyle. Her job is to make movies and make money from those movies. End of story.

    Oh btw, there are plenty of women like her in the world. We never wanted children-too time and life consuming. We want to work hard and enjoy a leisurely downtime with adults only. We never have to worry who’s watching/possibly molesting our children. We never wake up in the middle of night to incessant crying. We can acutally have a moment to ourselves to think and not regret the loss of private time.

    I have family and friends who dearly love their children, but, they do get sick and tired sometimes of parenthood-and they make lots of money. Women and men like Aniston have the maturity to make choices to suit themselves and we’re very happy we did.

  43. Jennifer looks more cute than before ,is it because of her new relationship? few days earlier,i come across a news that said she is meeting a wealthy man on the dating site which i remember called _MILLMATCH COM_ i wonder whether it is true

  44. bootlips

    She has great hair. You have to feel sorry for all the beastly nappy headed hos out there. God, they’re ugly.

  45. Wow idiot still too stupid to look up Nadia Bjorlin eh retard? Go to google and look up Nadia Bjorlin.

    Here idiot I did it for you.

    You are a worse mother than Dina Lohan and to judge entire countries makes you a prejudice, uneducated, piece of trash.

  46. wrong

    #92. Jennifer Aniston said she wanted children and still wants children (in her famous vanity fair interview that she gave after her big breakup) and that it was Brad who was uninterested in having children until he met Angie so your comments aren’t remotely accurate and she’s way overpaid for what she does, if you make a lot of money here’s hoping you are a little more useful than she is.

  47. random guy

    #81. You fucking moron you have described yourself not swedish girls. God you are stupid. Not one swedish girl I know looks like that. Grow a brain trash monkey.

  48. Nadia is the hottest chick I have EVER seen. God why can’t superfish post about her.


  49. eh

    the guy u met at Arby’s would have better boobs then this chick

  50. Swedes - the poor man's blonde

    I happen to be a very good mother. My daughters and I are more like friends. I trust them and allow them to have supervised boyfriend sleepovers because I feel that they are going to have sex anyway so why not do it the right way in their own bed at their own home with a loving family although their daddy is long gone and is living overseas. I am good to my girls and I am deeply insulted by your insinuations that I am not.
    My family is not prejudiced, in fact both of my girls date black guys. I know you think this is bad cuz I guess you are all rednecks here but they are both very nice to me and my girls. My youngest daughter’s guy is 7 years older and he has really helped her to mature since they have been together.

    I do not find that girl to be pretty at all. Her eyes look like a witch and she is skinny. Men do not like skinny women and she has fake boobs.

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