Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer having all kinds of kinky sex

May 23rd, 2008 // 69 Comments

While John Mayer is allegedly wielding a Herculean wang, that doesn’t stop him from finding other ways to satisfy the ladies. Apparently he carries around an arsenal of sexy gadgets in his man-purse. Check out this report from Star on the action Jennifer Aniston is getting:

She is having the best sex of her life with John,” a source close to the actress tells Star, “and she’s loving every minute of it.”
According to the source, the singer covers her with whipped cream, which he licks off, tickles her with feathers and uses ice cubes to give her goosebumps.
“John also likes to keep things interesting with games like role playing, which is new for Jen,” says the source. “She was a little resistant at first, but now you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face if you tried.”
Another source who has slept with John agrees he knows how to have a good time between the sheets. “He was kinky and liked trying crazy positions. He loved sex and wanted it all the time.”

Role-playing, huh? I wonder how many times they argue over who gets to be Ross….

Photos: Splash News

  1. lulu

    SOME OF YOU GUYS ARE SOO JEALOUS OF JOHN! ahahaha He’s hawt as hell ESPECIALLY after reading this post. OH MAN, I like LOVE him now! See how far you can get with sex if you do it right, boys? Take notes…

  2. Ghost

    # 30 . I’m still laughing . Thanks.

  3. Josh

    Why am I not surprised Jennifer Aniston had trouble roleplaying?

  4. 14forthewin

    Wow, almost 40 and just getting into the fun parts of sex? No wonder Brad ran from her ass and went to Angie, he had more fun the 1st night with Jolie than in 5 years with boring Maniston.

    Oh and all that shit the Star is reporting is bullshit. Anyone can report they have a big wang if no one has ever seen it. Mine makes the bull elephants envious. See how easy it is!

  5. britney's weave

    yeah, i’m sure a close friend would report all that to the tabloids.

  6. Erica

    I didn’t think it was possible to want this man even more..but I guess it is now. Hot damnn. Well, even if all this stuff is bullshit, I STILL want him.

  7. weirdo

    I wonder if he gets to shove it up her shitter? I wish I could!

  8. mm

    doesn’t sound too kinky

  9. Hayden

    John Mayer is boring.

  10. malmeida79

    i wonder if she dressed up like princess leia again? remember like on the episode of friends? ok rose, i know you are reading this, so i know you know what im talking about! hahahahahahahahahaha! that was great!

  11. oscar

    Oh, I wish I were an John Mayer wiener
    That is what I truly want to be
    ‘Cause if I were an John Mayer wiener
    Everyone would be in love with me.

  12. amle

    What I find funny is that so many of the people on here believe this crap the mags put out. Then you go on to put down john or jen as if the crap is true. This is just magazines trying to come up with a new storyline.

  13. fake boobs

    She looks like a little child

  14. shehe

    There are unconfirmed rumors

  15. shehe

    they are just kidding

  16. Rel

    Mayer is leaking these stories since Perez came out with the making out story with Perez.. Mayer seems to enjoy swinging with men. Jen is an old faded out hag. That don’t have any thing going on.

  17. CurvesRock

    I hate John Meyer. He tries so hard to be hip and interesting. He is a terrible writer and now he has a sleeve tattoo? Could you possibly be more original? Nah, you are nothing but a copy cat. That’s why you got Pitt’s sloppy seconds.

  18. Lori

    Good for Jen. She deserves something great for a change!

  19. jen's fan! TEAM Aniston

    omg! they had sex? MY GODNESS. i am gonna to cry. CAN YOU NOT DESCRIBE THE SEX THEY HAD!

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