Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer having all kinds of kinky sex

May 23rd, 2008 // 69 Comments

While John Mayer is allegedly wielding a Herculean wang, that doesn’t stop him from finding other ways to satisfy the ladies. Apparently he carries around an arsenal of sexy gadgets in his man-purse. Check out this report from Star on the action Jennifer Aniston is getting:

She is having the best sex of her life with John,” a source close to the actress tells Star, “and she’s loving every minute of it.”
According to the source, the singer covers her with whipped cream, which he licks off, tickles her with feathers and uses ice cubes to give her goosebumps.
“John also likes to keep things interesting with games like role playing, which is new for Jen,” says the source. “She was a little resistant at first, but now you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face if you tried.”
Another source who has slept with John agrees he knows how to have a good time between the sheets. “He was kinky and liked trying crazy positions. He loved sex and wanted it all the time.”

Role-playing, huh? I wonder how many times they argue over who gets to be Ross….

Photos: Splash News

  1. D

    For the 1st time ever…1st!

  2. eh

    But i wanna be ross

  3. D

    Somehow that wasn’t all I thought it’d be. I’m left empty… the exact opposite of Jennifer/s vagina…

  4. Budreaux

    I’d fuck her. I’d fuck her until Polly came along.

  5. Who the hell reports such things to Star? And who the hell wants to know?

  6. Hawt

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….John Mayer wang…never wanted a Mayer weiner soooooo bad…

  7. Bruce Bromley

    OK, I hate this guy…

  8. Cheese

    John Mayer and his publisist report this stuff to Star and idiots like us read about out it. Next we’ll hear about how he’s reallly into Karma Sutra. What a Tool.

  9. andie

    OK, I love this guy.



  10. He must be carrying around a bag of roofies to get these women to agree to sleep with him.

    Oh, #1 – you are a douche

  11. Ted Mosby

    It is nice that sources closest to Jen blab to the tabloids…if you believe this I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

  12. blowhard

    Sadly, while we talk about how we hate him, he’s probably got his cock halfway up Jen’s asshole. Which reminds me, shit, I missed that fucking doctor’s appointment again!

  13. Lord Of Bacon

    Does kinky now mean unoriginal and cheesy? just wondering

  14. You shouldn’t have to use an ice cube to give a girl goosebumps…

  15. I Hate Spammers


    Go kill yourself, you cocksucking, limp dicked, spooge slurping motherfucker.

    PS: Fuck you!

  16. blowhard

    They like to roleplay – she’s a level 4 unfunny big-nosed c*nt and he’s King Dildo of Shittenband

  17. M-m-m-moTeesuh?

    What a dumb, dumb, dumbfuck. Regardless of his level of douche, he could bag way better tail than this old never was.

  18. Marj

    How the hell does this “source” know?

  19. I’m sorry, does anyone believe this guy has a big dick? Of course not, he IS a big dick, but no way he has one.

  20. Dilawar from Bangalore

    She is looks nice girl. I saw, the man’s name on different internet page, he was called Oscar Mayer, I see name John here. My frends, you can tell me which is right name? (many thanks happy face)

  21. F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Ha, whoever is doing John Mayer’s PR work deserves a raise. Planting stories about what a dynamo he is in the sack and how girls “brag” about his cock is the oldest trick in the book and a sure sign of some kind of cover-up.

    Dude either can’t get it up or he’s gay. They’re just trying to frontload all these types of rumors before the real one comes outs. Pun intended?

  22. veggi

    Uninteresting AND appalling at the same time. Sort of like a zit faced cashier at 2 am at Taco Bell..

  23. FBI

    If you didn’t know already, Dilawar from Bangalore is one of the spammers.

  24. chris

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  25. veggi

    25- you frighten me..

  26. When he says “let’s pretend I’m the girl” it’s not role playing.

  27. GalPal

    This is not helpful. Does he put on a diaper and want to be nursed by mommy? Does he play the shoe store clerk and lick her feet clean at her command? Please, give me something to work with here.

  28. IHateThem

    Um… That’s not a “smile” she can’t wipe off her face.

    It’ll take a Brillo pad and acetone to get that John Mayer Industrial Strength spooge off her face…

  29. nipolian

    Whipped cream and ice cubes are not kinky…….motorized gardening tools and house pets are kinky.

  30. Mississippi

    Lucky bitch!

  31. Auntie Kryst

    C’mon Jen let’s role play. I’m going to be a talented blue-eyed soul singer, and you are a respected hollywood film star on a deserted isl… Stop laughing, seriously it’ll be hot..

  32. er, ok?

    How did they get hold of this?


  33. Joco

    She has a horseface and small tits. I wouldn’t hit it because I’ve had much better

  34. er, ok?

    Also role-play?
    Wouldn’t that involve acting?

    Can’t involve Aniston then

  35. ph7

    Role playing with a women over 35 means imagining that they are sexually attractive.

  36. b

    sure u have joco#34, thats y u live in ur parents basement and have 3 day old underwear on as we speak.

  37. eurotrash

    whipped cream and ice cubes huh.. sounds like what a 13yr old who just read her first cosmogirl would describe as kinky.

  38. Tom

    I am surprized that the tabs even sell anymore with all crap they
    come out with. You know a friend isn’t going to say any of this
    and Jen certainly doesn’t do it. Every time she has a date, it’s
    almost the same thing. They have even linked her with people she
    doesn’t know. Their source is some one working there with
    wild ideas. People is using fairly relieable, US has a one track
    mind, Life and Style, Star and The National Enquirer are almost
    never true. They aren’t worth buying anymore. In Touch and OK
    sometimes come up with good articles but not all the time.

  39. NY Ted

    I’d role play with her..I’ll dress up like a jockey and ride Jen like Big Brown in the Preakness…Giddy-up Gal…Giddy-up!!!

  40. BunnyButt

    24, no shit. Really? We never could’ve guessed.

  41. coco

    I’ve never been a fan of Jennifer Aniston. She always seems to have a snobby attitude. I don’t know if celebrities realize this, but when they are being overpaid as much as they are, you better smile for those cameras that keep their asses famous. The world needs to rethink paying celebrites millions for what they do. Doctors and people that really help this world need to be paid millions, not money hungry divas.

  42. coco

    I’ve never been a fan of Jennifer Aniston. She always seems to have a snobby attitude. I don’t know if celebrities realize this, but when they are being overpaid as much as they are, you better smile for those cameras that keep their asses famous. The world needs to rethink paying celebrities millions for what they do. Doctors and people that really help this world need to be paid millions, not money hungry divas.

  43. karmapolice

    I have noticed un upsurge in these John Mayer hetero-sex plant type items since Perez outed him for them making out at a club in NYC.

  44. veggi

    36- that’s just uncalled for..

    I’m not 35. But it IS my birthday today!!

  45. Auntie Kryst

    @45 Right on!! Have a good birthday Veggi.

  46. bosendorfer

    this is just publicist horseshit. she’s almost forty and probably takes anything she can get — as long as it’s got representation. he could care less. this is just trying to make an extremely uninteresting (as is anything relating to jennifer aniston) coupling into something “spicy” for their collective profile. give it up. you just can’t make aniston interesting, no matter what you do — she’s kind of like colin farrell in that regard — you can prop her up in front of as many people as you want, but she can’t carry a film and she’s not that interesting. i’m sorry, agents, you’re nearing the end of this one’s utility unless, like the SEX AND THE CITY women, you recycle them once more into their prior incarnations.

    aniston WAS very attractive ten years ago, btw, now she’s aging very gracefully and old news.

  47. mrs.t

    All these rumors are the best fucking thing that’s ever happened to John Mayer-and that includes the Grammy. At the very least, he gets endless one-night-stands for the rest of his life.

  48. BunnyButt

    *puts on a silly hat and starts drinking straight vodka in honor of Veggi’s b-day*

  49. Mad Hatter

    It’s my happy UN-birthday today veggi :)

  50. PunkA

    John Mayer is about as straight as a crooked politician. IE he ain’tt The faggoty boy needs to just come clea already and give it up to Texas Tranny. We will all respect him mre after he admits it. Until then, I hope Jen gets an STD from his nasty oil stick.

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