Jennifer Aniston is topless

December 6th, 2005 // 13 Comments

janiston1.jpgLawyers for Jennifer Aniston are prepared to file an invasion of privacy lawsuit against any publisher that prints photos of her sunbathing topless at her home in Los Angeles. I’ve never seen Jennifer Aniston


  1. hafaball

    I can’t believe you freaks haven’t seen her breasts! She was pictured, at least I think that was her, sunbathing somewhere topless. I guess after months someone finally told her that the pics are out in the open, and she might of gotten a little mad.

    Plus, she showed some booby in “The Good Girl.” Which was a good movie, check it out. And I remember Lisa Kudrow gave an interview with someone saying Aniston’s nipples are always erected cause of some condition she has…freaky

  2. Dude she is going to be nasty when she is 40. Really tan, though.

  3. PKClover

    At least she’s sunbathing naturally, and not under some headlamps like meat in a deli case. Thanks to 10 seasons of friends, everyone with an imagination knows what her breasts look like. She was nipping out in every single take!

  4. bluecanary

    She’s not “tan.” She’s Greek. Greeks are already brown.

  5. PG32

    I’m going to guess that you haven’t see this picture of Jenn’s breasteseseses.

    Second row…4th from the left. Tastefully done. Nips and all.

  6. sallysal

    the 4 Brandt pictures are up on Jossip (

  7. Popz9

    well gee…. angelina jolie’s mountains on one side… jennifer aniston’s mole hiles on the other… ya… really tough call… brad is wiser than ya’ll give him credit for..

  8. Who cares about breasts when there is a perfectly good mouth available…..
    Aniston has no case.

  9. Tha-Flash

    Jennifer Aniston is hot but… Who the hell gives a shit about what a certain person’s breasts look like. They’ll probably look crap anyway.

    Why not just stop being a saddo photographing her sun-bathing without her top on and go on Google and type Boobs.

  10. pixel killya

    First, 4 of the pics at are NOT Aniston. Just random internet skank #49679631 from several years ago. Only the back-of-the-head pic is her, the one she sued for that they snapped of her when she lived in Hollywood Hills. Second, she does a shitload of lamp-tanning and never has more than a thong tanline…ever. No matter how often you see her in bikini tops on beaches, there are never tanlines up top. And third, her being Greek has nothing to do with her tan. She was white as a ghost for the first 25 or so years of her life. Ever seen The Edge or Leprachaun? She didn’t start perma-tanning until about the time she hooked up with Bradley. End of rant…

  11. Justin Cider

    Her tits are surprisingly nice, and the picture of her eating the chocolate bar while topless is especially sexy…

    I find them at this site:

  12. mrschickee

    Okay, let me get this straight…people walk around topless and get upset when others see the results? Cover up your boobies or shut up about it!

  13. Guido

    Its not hard to figure why brad left jen for angelina as the difference between angelina and jen is 9-4=5

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