Jennifer Aniston gets catty with Jennifer Connelly

June 17th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Jennifer “Anyone need some glass cut?” Aniston is apparently threatened by the looks of Jennifer Connelly. The two star in the upcoming comedy He’s Just Not That Into You along with Drew Barrymore, and Ginnifer Goodwin. The ladies were all set to appear on the cover of Marie Claire but Jennifer Aniston decided she didn’t want Jennifer Connelly involved with the shoot, according to the latest issue of Life & Style:

“Word is, Aniston threatened to pull out if Jennifer was part of the cover,” says an insider familiar with the movie’s shoot. “It was all about getting Jennifer Aniston front and center and looking as sexy as possible.”
While Aniston’s rep denies that there’s any discord between the actresses, they just didn’t hit it off, says the insider: “There was no camaraderie between those two whatsoever. They didn’t seem like friends in the slightest.”

Noticeably absent from the shoot was Scarlett Johannson who’s also in the movie. Sources tell me Jennifer Aniston is holding Ryan Reynolds hostage – much to the squealing glee of John Mayer. Who quickly covered his tracks by running outside and eating a raw steak in front of the paps. “See?” he said. “I’m all man. I love chicks. In fact, I don’t even have Ryan Reynolds chained to my drum set. That’s how much I love chicks. Now excuse me, I’ve got a chart-topping album to record.” Moments later, a frantic drum solo was heard that ended as quickly as it started. But with a cymbal crash and someone yelling “Definitely, maybe, SHAZAM!”

Thanks to Rebecca who knows there’s a time and place for the turkey to be done.


  1. tops

    49 – I have never been able to dumb myself down enough to watch Friends. I like Seinfeld.

  2. tops

    “get a life”

    What a great insult, typical of a die hard Friend’s fan.

    Get a Life… now THAT was a great show.

  3. whatever

    @ #49 – Friends was a stupid show, and not really that funny. To say that it mildly entertained you on occasion when you had nothing better to watch might be a little less embarrassing, but to call it “one of the best of all time” is pretty ridiculous. Also, god forbid that anyone watch Law and Order, because you know, it hurts to have to actually think when watching a show on television.

    Wait … I see your point: Ughhh, all that legal speak hurts my brain. Why is the dialogue so smart? It’s almost as bad as trying to watch Frasier. I couldn’t flip through the dictionary quickly enough to keep up with that one. I just want to watch a show that’s about a bunch of people with completely unrealistic lives that play musical fuck buddies with each other and people get randomly knocked up and still remain “friends” through it all and are portrayed by mediocre actors that are actually 10 years older than the loser characters they are portraying. BEST OF ALL TIME. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  4. Tobin


  5. PunkA

    Jennifer Connelly makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in my groin. She really lifts me up. Now Jennifer Aniston–not so much. Her cancer stick sucking drags her down. GET IT?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  6. Lola

    ha ha ha ha ha ha…. OMG thank you all for making my afternoon….. John Mayer # 5, Havoc # 22 and 23, Jimbo # 24 and Holyfuck #46 and Lipper #50, freaking classic…. I love it all…. I’m dying here from laughter. I can’t even think of anything else to say.

    Really Randall, dude, what’s the deal? Are you medicated all day long? Does it wear out eventually? Do you see little lights flying around you and a fairy appears and introduces herself as Tinkerbell? Are you chased by a pirate with a hook for a hand? Let me know cuz I would love to join you at Neverland, the imaginary place in your mind sweeteheart.

  7. PunkA


    Randal is the shot of sunshine up everyone’s arse that we all need here. His genius is unparalleled. Freaking kittens and rainbows.

  8. It must be take a worm for a walk week

    #51 you’re certainly in the minority there being one of the few folks not “dumb enough” to watch Friends. How do you sleep at night?

    Oh yeah, and get a life.

  9. abdo

    I don’t think she should be worried about Miss Connelly she had a big threat called Scarlett Johansson in that movie .So jen my advice to you get a life you’re not that blockbuster star anymore and what’s your big hit??? Friends???Isn’t that a TV series as I remember??

  10. Chauncey Gardner

    I’d like to ‘pull out’ on Aniston AND Connelly at the same time. If they can’t learn to share, I’ll show them how.

  11. Poon Tang

    #53 made my day. ahahahahahaha

    I don’t ever want to meet the kind of person that thinks FRIENDS is the greatest show of all time.

  12. Maniston

    Please love me, see my nipples are hard so I MUST be a great actress. And I dye my hair blonde so I am super talented too.

    Why did Brad leave me?? I suck at life and at sex and pretty much everything, but I have hard nipples and bottle blonde hair.

  13. tops

    58 – you’re right. there are A LOT of low brow dumbasses and 13 year olds that exist and have watched Friends.

    maybe you should

    get an education – my answer to ” like get a life, or whatever!” ( what you say )

    then you will learn that Friends isn’t a smart show.

  14. Are you kidding me, 48?! Jennifer Connelly actually has worth a shit movies on her resume.. you can’t top Requiem for a Dream. Jennifer Aniston has well, Friends…. Connelly is by far the biggest A-lister. And she’s much hotter. Fuck Aniston. That nose makes her look like a dude.

  15. STevec

    JA is sooooo manly…………

  16. lambman

    Connely is one of the most beautiful women in the world, that big noes, man chinned bobble-head should be afraid.

    Also Connely has an Oscar, a husband and kids Anniston must really hate her

  17. magickal


  18. manface

    Jennifer Aniston is hollow, self-absorbed and shameless in her promotion of her product (Smartwater). What has she ever done that was not about HER?

    #62 is right-on.

  19. I hope they redo the scene from requiem for a dream! 4-way butt to butt!!! Jennifer Connely mmmm.

  20. bridget

    Every movie jennifer anistons been in was shit.
    her talent is shit shes someone who should have never made it.
    She has good luck and that stupid haircut that made her famous.
    Shes not beautiful just very average with no acting skills.

    For her to talk about anyone in the Industry is just a joke.
    Shes just another Heidi Montag who fucked the right boyfriends
    which got her even more attention.

    Jennifer Connelly is a lot more interesting.
    Shes not a big star but atleast her work is
    more diverse and of better quality.You can
    actually watch a movie Jennifer’s C has been in.

  21. Pernille

    The woman always has hard nipples!

  22. Simon

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  23. Paul

    Aniston is so PATHETIC. Thats why they had buy a man for her. John Mayer is so pathetic to play that old birds pathetic jealousy games. What kind of real man do that. Yeah he is very gay.

  24. Mary

    71. Pernille you can buy bras made like that.

  25. Dukaki

    Lemme just say that if I were in a threesome with these Jens, I would want to finish on Connelly’s face ’cause she is by far the hotter one.

  26. Mary

    Jennifer and John Mayer are douche bags. Both suck at what they do.

  27. Scarlett

    Is Ryan Reynolds going to be okay? I mean, I don’t really want his ass raped.

  28. who cares whattbitch thinks!!! Jennige Connelly shouldnt share the screen with aniston, shes a real actress and a real lady, i think aniston is just jealous of her because that hooker will never be as good as her!

  29. I see your nipples are HARD.
    …………….friend COX?

  30. Underpacked Brain Cells

    The character “Randal” is indeed a series – of various people. The original is a moron who overstates the obvious with his little touch of cocksuckery. He says nothing of any depth, like “Jennifer being a star that outshines them all”. Jesus, I could have said that when I was like 10 years old.
    Fucking SAY something. And you guys are entertained by this?

    Damn you people are morons indeed.
    Good thing the world economy is going to crash leading to the deaths of billions. We need a good genetic douching. The specie is diluted.

    The Asshole with underpacked brain cells

  31. Miss Anthrope

    Sorry, but Aniston does not hold a candle to JC.

    Connelly has exquisite bone structure and a striking coloring.

    Besides, there must be something wrong with JA since she refused to have Brad Pitt’s babies.

    As for SJ, she’s an ordinary looking broad with huge floppy tits and the most horrendous sense of style I’ve ever seen.

  32. Jammy

    Spectacular nips every time…..

  33. Ted

    Connelly is by far the hotttesttt. Mary is right you can buy bras with built in nipples.
    So guys go to the store and buy a bunch if you like them that much.

  34. adam

    jennifer maniston is suuuuuuch a joke, people feel pity for her more than envy…wasn’t interesting enough to keep brad around, ugly mouth, horsey looking, bleeech, and no talent taboot.
    connelly is gorgeous

  35. mo

    Brad wanted a family, and now he has it. Jennifer didn’t want a family, and she doesn’t. Jennifer just hangs around Courteney Cox’s family all day, which causes problems in Courteney’s marriage. Great friend. (per US magazine)

  36. Arroyo

    Damned right Anniston is jealous – Connelly is stunningly beautiful.

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