Jennifer Aniston gets catty with Jennifer Connelly

June 17th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Jennifer “Anyone need some glass cut?” Aniston is apparently threatened by the looks of Jennifer Connelly. The two star in the upcoming comedy He’s Just Not That Into You along with Drew Barrymore, and Ginnifer Goodwin. The ladies were all set to appear on the cover of Marie Claire but Jennifer Aniston decided she didn’t want Jennifer Connelly involved with the shoot, according to the latest issue of Life & Style:

“Word is, Aniston threatened to pull out if Jennifer was part of the cover,” says an insider familiar with the movie’s shoot. “It was all about getting Jennifer Aniston front and center and looking as sexy as possible.”
While Aniston’s rep denies that there’s any discord between the actresses, they just didn’t hit it off, says the insider: “There was no camaraderie between those two whatsoever. They didn’t seem like friends in the slightest.”

Noticeably absent from the shoot was Scarlett Johannson who’s also in the movie. Sources tell me Jennifer Aniston is holding Ryan Reynolds hostage – much to the squealing glee of John Mayer. Who quickly covered his tracks by running outside and eating a raw steak in front of the paps. “See?” he said. “I’m all man. I love chicks. In fact, I don’t even have Ryan Reynolds chained to my drum set. That’s how much I love chicks. Now excuse me, I’ve got a chart-topping album to record.” Moments later, a frantic drum solo was heard that ended as quickly as it started. But with a cymbal crash and someone yelling “Definitely, maybe, SHAZAM!”

Thanks to Rebecca who knows there’s a time and place for the turkey to be done.


  1. Jennifer Aniston needs to adopt a child and get on with her life already…

  2. bigbertha8067


  3. Sid

    Jennifer Connelly simply didn’t want to be contaminated by a television “actress.”

  4. John Mayer

    Jen, your body is a wonderland. An aging wonderland. An aging, rusting wonderland. An aging, rusting, DRY and barren wonderland. With a very bitter manfaced owner. But thanks for all the nipples.

  5. JA has a plain ugly man face

    butter face.
    JA that is.

    JC was a pretty little teen in the Labyrinth.

  6. jaimie

    aniston is really pathetic and sad. connelly is a class act — twice as beautiful and talented as aniston and they both know it. that is why aniston didn’t want her there — she knew she would be in connelly’s shadow. pathetic!

  7. Randal

    WOW! This is going to he a knock-out movie full of stars.

    Drew Barrymore, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Connelly and Jennifer Aniston? Talk about the next big must see movie of the year. Just Jennifer Aniston alone is going to make this a box office hit. Drew will most likely get a few good nods as well, followed by Jennifer Connelly and Ginnifer Goodwin.

    With this line-up, you’d think folks would focus on the great acting that’s been bundled together. As if Jennifer is worried about anyone else.

    She’s a star that no one can ever out shine.


  8. I swear, you could probably see her nipples through a parka.

  9. Banya

    Randall, that was gold baby, gold.

    I especialy loved the “great acting” line.

    Pink Unicorn rules !

  10. ph7

    She must suck the life out of every room.

  11. Grunion

    Wow how exciting, I’m sure -Yawn- that jen will – yawn -


  12. FCS

    “She’s a star that no one can ever out shine.”

    Except you Randal, you outshine them all

  13. oh jen

    there is something about her tiny eyes, her nose, her jaw, or weird mouth… I never thought she was pretty… to top it off she is about to be 40.

    She should start worrying about other things besides being looked at, tanning, and men 10 years her junior

  14. fuck you all

    I like Jen

  15. Gene Siskel's worm-eaten remains

    I’m guessing Ginnifer Goodwin will steal the show. Any movie packed with actresses like that is going to be a “Vinegar & Water” special, overloaded with talk and false emotions and indirectly expressed hostility. Connelly will look bored (doesn’t take much, she’s halfway there most of the time); Barrymore will attempt something over the top…and fail (but without getting upset, because she’ll be high most of the time); and Aniston will look like a nipply one-dimensional TV actress because, well, you know…Meanwhile, the only reason Ginnifer Goodwin is in it is because it has some type of Ginnifer-Goodwin-type role, so she’ll be all innocent and doe-eyed and honest and open and everybody will love her. I bet in real life the smile goes away suddenly as she strips to her thong and barks “Now get your fucking clothes off” …I’m so hard right now…

  16. NY Ted

    Aniston may have tasty hard nips…but Connelly has HUGE breasts!

    And what is with the “man” watch Aniston is wearing…Mayer’s perhaps…?

    She’s still pissed off that pretty boy Pitt dumped her for Ma Kettle and their 18 kids!

  17. Anony

    If it was someone else dating a younger guy or woman, you’d say, you go girl, or yeah dude. But with Jen Aniston, it’s bad?
    Oh Jen, you described her as if you are perfect? I’m sure there’s something about you that’s not right too.
    Some of you people can be so mean and rude like you are all pretty and perfect and if you think she is boring, why even bother reading about it?

  18. Drew Barrymore, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Connelly and Jennifer Aniston – sounds like there had better be some great lesbian scenes in this movie!!!

  19. Deacon Jones


    He’s serious Banya

  20. veggi

    The only thing more pathetic than Aniston is an episode of Friends. Easily the most overrated TV show in recent times. When they came out with a poll that said the show’s fans considered the characters to be actual “friends” of theirs, that told you all you needed to know. And now the tardfans are wondering why the talentless posers on the show have collapsing heads because of how severely they suck as actors….

  21. havoc

    Clearly Jennifer Connelly was wrong.

    I don’t care what anyone says. Jennifer Aniston’s poop smells like honeysuckle and Care Bears.

    The only thing better would be a remake of Wild Things with Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian.

    You heard it hear first folks…..


  22. havoc

    Clearly Jennifer Connelly was wrong.

    I don’t care what anyone says. Jennifer Aniston’s poop smells like honeysuckle and Care Bears.

    The only thing better would be a remake of Wild Things with Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian.

    You heard it here first folks…..


  23. #18 – why even bother coming to a celebrity bashing site if it bothers you to see people bashing celebrities. Or for that matter, why complain about uncomfortable seat cushions when you’ve clearly got your fist stuck way up your ass?

  24. Clarification

    The character “Randall” is series.

    The creator of the character is a genius.

    Unfortunately, this audience does not suffer from an over-packing of brain cells…

  25. Further Clarification

    “serious”, even (sort of killed the last line)

  26. Anony

    WOW Jimbo, what a language LOL. Didn’t know that this was celebrity bashing site Mr. Perfect. But I’m leaving, I won’t stoop to your level, not worth my time. Have a great day!

  27. Ted Mosby

    Jen Connelly would make mince meat out of Aniston.

  28. Deacon Jones


    She’s like my ex. I would take her to a water park and she’d complain about getting wet

  29. deacon jones

    I saw Jen Aniston once when I was paddling my canoe in my moms pool. It was cool. She looked at me and I looked at her and I screamed “OMG!” It was, like, crazy. I touched her face through the glass screen and mister winky got to feeling funny.

  30. @24 So Troll, how does it feel to have a fist stuck way up your ass?

  31. mike

    @ 22–honeysuckle and care bears….f’ing hilarious!!!

    I used to wonder why someone as beautiful and seemingly nice as Jen could not hold onto a man…maybe she’s just certifiable? Pointy nips will keep my interest for a while (a long while) but the constant insanity would wear on me. Or any man, for that matter. Too bad. She’s really cute.

  32. Deacon Jones

    I’m so jaded and bitter

  33. Dunno, you’ll have to ask your dad. Poor guy, that’s a painfully ironic way to get money for crack.

  34. Deacon Jones


    Second fucking day in a row troll, CAPITALIZE my name

  35. Deacon Jones

    My bad

  36. snarkster

    for mike:
    really cute = semi anorexic soccer mom with big butt, beedy eyes, thick nose, thin lips and weathered mouth, jay leno style chin, and too young styled hair.

  37. Deacon Jones

    I feel better today than that time in community college with a goat? Mike? Comments? Advice? Technique styles?

  38. veggi

    I’m tired of trolling Deacon now. I’m back to the veggi troll.

  39. Spanky


  40. insecthero

    Pff. Aniston’s got nothing. Connelly has 100X more face, voice, body, class, talent, and oh yeah BREASTS than that anorexic television hack.

  41. Boston_Freek

    #21 you could not have said that any better……..TOTALLY agree

  42. Deacon Jones


  43. what

    umm…i understand the story paints her in a bad way — but jennifer aniston could get WAY more people to a movie than jennifer connelly could. i really like both of them but since when does JC even have fans? no one cares about what she does, she’s more boring than JA. a lot of negativity for two women who try to stay out of the public eye. JA is just photographed more because her pictures will sell for more money. — get a life — they just have different personalities there is nothing wrong with not liking someone.

  44. Angelina Jolie

    My third world children all wore those shoes in the orphanage. They’re made from recycling used condoms and John Mayer CDs.

  45. Holyfuck

    Your comment at #18 just made me spit my beer all over my computer screen. How do you do it? Fucking classic. Great effort.

    And Randal, I hate you. Take your sunshine and go fuck yourself with it.

  46. dew

    Connelly has been in much meatier roles than Anniston, whose roles alway seem to be such an embarrassment to women. Drew was very enjoyable in Ever After. Who’s Ginnifer? I looked her up at IMDB, and hardly recognized anything she’s been in (I’ve tried watching Robot Chicken once, ahem).

    But who cares when Scarlett Johannson’s going to be in this film? Enough said, Scarlett is HOT, and can act too.

  47. dude_on_a_wire

    Jen is allowed to go diva. Yes, JC has much going for her but she must know when to properly bow to an A-lister. Obviously she didn’t follow Hollywood ass kissing protocol and she was properly reprimanded. This is how it works in their world. Now everyone be quiet so we can have group meditation and focus on Jen’s nipples.

  48. elastic

    #21 shut it. I’d like to know what your choice of good shows are if you say Friends is overrated. Have you ever actually watched the show? It’s very funny and one of the best of all time. Your choice is probably something like “Law and Order”. Get a life you moron. You probably hate Seinfeld too.

  49. Lipper

    After Randall posts, I just can’t seem to think of anything nasty to say. Besides beating him to a pulp that is… Which is the point, we get it. Lud.

    * has this overwhelming urge to draw rainbows and buttlerflies while singing the Rainbow Connection song really loudly*


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