Jennifer Aniston is cleavagey and other news

May 7th, 2010 // 93 Comments

- Jake Gyllenhaal likes ‘em tight. [Lainey Gossip]

- Drake is afraid of breasts. [Dlisted]

- Hepatitis C apparently turns people to gold. [PopEater]

- Tila Tequila should probably read this. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Mandi Ray looks like a thoughtful person with creative ideas. [HollywoodTuna]

- Christina Aguilera is missing an ass. [Popoholic]

- Spencer Pratt is an incredible son-in-law. [TheFABlife]

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  1. chupacabra

    what fucking clevage?

    That ain’t shit.

  2. Fati87

    Jesus, what the hell is with her face? :( It’s like a plastic surgery went really wrong somewhere there. I mean RACHEL used to be so pretty.

    Also, FIRST.

  3. Keith

    The hottest girl you never want to fuck.

  4. Fati87

    I hate you

  5. chupacabra

    @ Fati87 – she was never pretty. never. plus, she’s getting old.

    if you shaved her head she would look like a MAN, baby!

    @Keith – the hottest body you’d fuck, bag over the head, man.

  6. farles chew

    YOU PROMISED ME CLEAVAGE YOU LIAR! #falseadvertiseontwitterwhydontcha

  7. Mr. Nice Guy

    Where’s the Cleavage?

  8. IT wasn’t Katy Perry or Jessica Simpson…. I should have known Fish was lying , you god damn dirty LIAR!!!!! pffft cleavage………

  9. havoc

    Cleavage is the last thing I would be working on Miss Aniston….


  10. Taz

    i want to suck those nipples

  11. Harry Doyle

    Aniston FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shut up haters!!!!!!!!

  12. Harry Doyle

    Aniston FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shut up haters!!!!!!!!

  13. Frankenfurter

    Amazing! An over 40 actress who can move her her face!
    She is a nicotine addict, but has held up very well.

  14. Donny McGraw

    They must have had some frickin’ amazing makeup people on Friends because she looked unfailingly great on that show and unfailingly freakish everywhere else. Very strange.

  15. Friday Night!

    She looks like an average American woman (not the fat kind). Sadly, this is as good as it gets for American women looks wise. Unless you’re the .03% that resemble Michelle Pfeiffer.
    No wonder so many American women defending her. She’s the ugly average girl next door, just like her supporters.

  16. OJ's Mom

    Those titties in Pic #4 are adorable. Mmmmmmmmmm…..

  17. Drundel

    No cleavage.

  18. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    Frigid, barren biyotch!

  19. Rough to the bone

    Has Jen received the SAG award yet? come on Hollywood she aint getting any younger….

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  21. the boy next door

    The girl next door to me does not look like that and she is 40! Actually, there is a striking resemblance to Debbie Reynolds, in looks and life happenings. Debbie today looks better than her rival Liz Taylor, who is really sad looking.

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  23. No wonder so many American women defending her. She’s the ugly average girl next door, just like her supporters.

  24. Hello! lovely site! thank you.

  25. the other boy next door

    Gee whiz, gate bracelets, it is sad that all dames can’t be as beautiful as you are! Or are you?

  26. UmmNo

    Christina has the hottest bowlegged stems in her no ass having skinny jeans.

  27. Thanks for taking time to write this post

  28. Bolland

    Her face is melting in that first pic. So ugly.

    And that mole in her cleavage is growing like crazy, i think she has cancer. With all the smoking and tanning it has to be coming right?

  29. I really did not put them near the top of my list ‘most shaggable’ before, but I just re-watch ‘Friends’ and I can not say that it has to go up the list, and quickly.

  30. Robert

    Jennifer Aniston reminds me of a College Town bar maid. Not ugly compared to the other cows around the bar, but not attractive enought to ask for her number.

  31. Fati87

    Yes, she used to be pretty! In the earliest seasons of Friends. Remember the episodes where she never got together with Ross yet or the beginning of their relationship? She really was pretty. Not drop-dead gorgeous, but sweet and soft. And then something happened and poof – she got a man-face. Sad…

  32. She looks so pretty. Color suites her lot. What a sharp expressions .. Actually she always wear a sweet smile on her face and her features are awesome. Can’t believe that she is 40 year old.

  33. TJ

    Here’s this bitch again. Will she please stop paying her shitty publicist to put these dumb ass pictures out. So sick of this shit. by the time the movie is released you just want to vomit with disgust with so much leaked pictures.
    Aniston has to be the most pathetic desperate old dried up whole in Hollywood. Yeah we all know her lesbian fans want to fuck her but honestly that shit is getting old.
    I agree with #3 and #4, what fucking cleavage and her face look like shit. This chick stuff her bra with any damn thing she can find on any giving day.
    There is nothing exciting about this bitch after she drop her clothes.

  34. Lol

    Poor f-ck think she is 20. Somebody slap that stupid looking face she is making to wake her a$$ up.

  35. Martin

    Ewww she is ugly and old.

  36. captain america


  37. Loulou

    Aniston was holding up quite well for a while and now the 40 year old rubber face kicks in! Stop putting shit in your face!

  38. Rhialto

    Years the beginning,i didn’t like her that much.But over the years she showed me what a mess she is.And then i started,slowly,to like her!?

  39. Darth

    Is she giving on these pics a free acting workshop?

  40. Nero

    Was that before or after the breast implants?

  41. cherry

    did her nose get bigger?

  42. shittin condoms

    if a girl plus 35 y/o exists with a body better than jennifers please show me…jennifer is def one of the few girls that gets sexier with age. brad pitt traded hollywoods sweetheart for a whore with 15 kids….what the fuck

  43. another good photo of her looking cute and hot. nice one!

  44. SOS

    She looks great here!

  45. Sport

    She is hot. Something wrong with her if she cant keep a man but there is no doubt she is in great shape.

  46. #18, First off, you can happily fuck yourself. Secondly, at least American women (and men) know how to brush their teeth and invest in braces unlike most countries. =)

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