Jennifer Aniston is bitter

look at me, i'm bitterJennifer Aniston recently engaged in that age-old rite of bitter women everywhere – eating the young. Although technically, it may be more ‘accurate’ and less of a ‘lie’ to say she simply torched her wedding dress.

According to Grazia magazine, Jennifer set fire to the Lawrence Steele dress during a gathering with her friends. She allegedly drank champagne and laughed with her friends during the burning outside her Malibu beach home. Other relationship items, including letters, were also on the fire.

Although some might say that selling the dress for charity might have been an even better idea than burning it to ash, her motives are understandable. If your current boyfriend is Vince Vaughn, you sure as hell don’t want any reminders that you were once married to Brad Pitt. I mean, if I had pics of Brad Pitt on the walls and suddenly rolled over in bed to see Vince Vaughn, I’d be like “holy crap I’m gay!” But then I’d be like “I can do better than this. I’ll have to give Tom Cruise another chance.”

Thanks to Jessica for the tip