Jennifer Aniston in a bikini canoodling with John Mayer – Why did I just use that word?

May 7th, 2008 // 71 Comments

Here’s photographic proof that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are, indeed, romantically involved. I don’t know how the guy does it. I mean, roofies eventually wear off, right? I keep trying to get chicks at the bar to drop one in my drink and take advantage of me. But so far no dice. Except for that one girl who took me up on my offer then stole my car, wallet and everything not nailed down in my house. Which means my case of beer and Star Wars action figures are safe. How could I live without you, Yoda with a giant nail through his face?


  1. andie

    You’re not alone. I think he’s hot too. There’s just something about him I really dig. He could use a decent trainer, though. I’d like to see him with a body like Tyler Durden.
    I love his lips.
    Ok, I’m ready for everybody to say what I douche I am for thinking this.

  2. I love gay porn and golden showers..

    I’m kidding, that was knee jerk response to #38.

    What I really wanted to say before I was distracted by you freaks was that I loved John Mayer all the way up til this very second where I lost all respect for him due to the “sleeve”..

  3. OC Dee

    Although I’m not into pop music much; John Mayer did great pop music. He also proved that he can play soulful blues music from his Continuum CD which is my favorite of his. John Mayer spent his teenage years listening to music such as Hendrix and Clapton and practiced a lot daily and finally made it big in his 20s. I enjoy John’s humor and his demented humor too. He is a smart man and also does environmental work. I think John is very talented, tall and sexy, has nice thick wavy hair, and full kissable lips. Since Jennifer probably never wants kids and John Mayer does not want kids right now; they are probably having a blast together. I look forward to seeing John in concert in Irvine CA this summer.

  4. restingonlaurels

    @ 52, have you seen the pic of him wearing that neon green speedo pulled up over his shoulders? very nice. a trainer wouldn’t hurt, but it also wouldn’t make much of a difference to me.

  5. ks

    old news man

  6. Here is a funny video about how a song is written byJohn Mayer.

  7. CMG

    He is smokin! But perhaps only to certain ladies with refined sensibilities…

  8. andie

    Wow, nobody called me a douche. Not only that, but there are other women speaking up saying they think he’s hot too.

    Right on.

  9. Yuppers

    poonmoon – Fair enough. Well said. Point taken.

  10. dude

    FAke relationship.

  11. Ihji96

    I couldn’t agree more….*applause*

  12. pistola

    am i the only one who doesn’t think he’s THAT ugly?…

  13. Double

    GREAT post #19. Every word is true. If only something could be done about it but here we are in 2008 and celebrity worship just seems to be getting worse and worse.

    Oh and Mayer is ugly, Aniston is ugly, and she should be diagnosed with CANCER anyday now. And it IS a fake relationship, Aniston used to say she didn’t like tatoos, then she said she does and shows up with Mayer. FAKE all the way.

  14. PunkA

    I just lost some respect for Aniston over this one. Hard for her to recover from this plummet.

    And, seeing John Mayer with shirt off sporting nasty as tatts just made me throw up in my own mouth. The bastard!!!!!!

  15. Monkey Business

    If you’re reading this, you need to get a life.

  16. sanlogrl

    This is what two completely unsexual people do when they canoodling.” Nothing.

  17. President Bill Clinton

    Vote Hillary!!!! Tits and Ass Tour ’08!!!

  18. 1 MILF Hunter

    In pic #2 Jen turns her ass to him and rips a giant jalapeno-onion-bean-dip fart.
    In pic #3, John asks. “WTF was that????!!!!!”
    In pic #4, John checks to she if Jen shit herself.

  19. 1nightm

    great nice couple! I will add them as one of my fav couples and share u with my casual friends at casualloving.com_ ~~~ wish you, luck, happiness…

  20. dementa

    Both Republicans and Democrats are whiny, unintelligent, unwashed, illogical, blinkered little sods who actually think that their politicians give a damn about them, and are more concerned with political bickering than with any actual issues that are worth talking about. They’re all blind, stupid, and incapable of thinking outside the box, or long-term.

    McCain is an idiot. Hilary is a dragon ho. And Obama is a pathetic dishrag. They’re lying hypocrites, like all politicians. None of them “care.”

    Nuff zed.

    Oh, and Blandisten really needs to stop trying to convince us that she likes dudes. It isn’t fooling anyone. And Mayer really drips with douchiness.

  21. Stuey

    that has to be a paint on tatt on his arm, no way that puss sat through a sleeve tatt

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