Jennifer Aniston in a Bikini

May 24th, 2010 // 132 Comments

Here’s Jennifer Aniston on the set of Just Go With It because apparently Brooklyn Decker isn’t the only one who wears a bikini. I don’t know who wrote the script for this thing but clearly they’re a goddamn genius.

Written by Rain Man

SCENE: All of Them.

[ADAM SANDLER speaks in a goofy voice while BROOKLYN DECKER
and JENNIFER ANISTON alternate wearing bikinis.]

[Oh, and HEIDI MONTAG shows her stupid huge jugs. Then we go to 
K-Mart and get my underwear. Definitely K-Mart.]


Photos: Splash News

  1. asdfasdfg

    i fuck u all

  2. Just Some Guy

    That’s one hot psycho.

  3. Layhertease


  4. Parker

    wow, isn’t she something? I can’t believe it but I can actually imagine that having anal sex with her would be fantastic despite her being over 40.

    remember: women have nipples so men will want to have anal sex with them.


  5. the lord

    your welcome my sons

  6. pimp

    would ass eat…all day long…

  7. Layhertease

    Or not.

  8. Veronica

    we should all look that good after 40.


  9. Anonymous

    Super fine. Jolie is hating life now.

  10. itsme

    I wouldnt be fair if i went through life and never got to taste her pussy

  11. Jon

    Best boobs ever.


  12. Jon

    Best boobs ever.


  13. nakedoldjennifer

    she looks great for a woman her age 44, wonder if she will be standing next to a bikini clad BD in the movie

  14. JD

    I would fuck her brains out for three, maybe four minutes.

  15. Sport

    She is fucking hot.
    Takes care of herself with HARD WORK not surgery.
    Yeah she must be controlling or batty or something to always lose the men but who gives a crap when you are some dipshit on the internet looking at her SMOKIN bod.

  16. Dufresne


  17. DJK


  18. @5 Thank you lordi lord for these ribs…

  19. Master Spook

    Is it this how her body looks like!?

  20. Gweb

    PWWEEEEEK! That was the sound of me jizzing in my pants.

  21. kingofbeer

    DAYAM! she is lookin hot!

  22. Poppy

    This is the best her body’s been in her entire life. I love it.

    It’s a shame about that ragged face, though. NEVER touch the face with surgery you dumb women.

  23. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Looks better than most chicks half her age. Bangin body..

  24. bigbadvoodoodaddy

    Her nips are always hard. I LOVE IT. I’d lick her from head to toe.

  25. Cellphone

    Contact me….

  26. andy7171

    she’s fat and has fake boobs

  27. I dont care what anyone says…..Brad Pitt must be kicking himself. Angelina is smokin’.

  28. Nameless

    Hahaha…the first pic is the freakin’ Hollywood fantasy. She looks perfect.

    HOWEVER, by the third pic you get the reality. Wrinkles, bit o’ muffin top….

  29. havoc

    I’m serious, I would drink her bath water.

    So fine…..


  30. Taz

    she should be a bikini model

  31. bar room hero

    damn, she looks quite good.

  32. Urbanspaceman

    She has obvious breast implants and has had collegen injections in her nipples to keep them erect.

  33. scooby

    she looks great for 50 or however the fuck old she is.

    good for her.

    too bad she’s so fucked up in the head that she can’t get and keep a man.

    fine by me. I just need 45 seconds.

  34. Peanutty

    32. You sir, are a BRANGELOON.

  35. curious

    I bet my life angelina doesn’t look half good in a bikini as Jen does!

  36. So what that she looks good in a bikini… she still can’t keep a man.

  37. Tek

    Niiiiiiiice. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. ^_^

  38. In the name of Parker

    WHAT? NO ASS SHOTS???????!!!!!

  39. monkey penis

    She is only 41 yo.. still got a few good years left

  40. lisa

    SICK body. you go girl!

  41. Mr. Jealous

    My wife is 2 years older, and has a better figure. No kidding.


  42. Mr. Jealous

    My wife is 2 years older, and has a better figure. No kidding.


  43. Peanutty

    @ Mr Jealous, WHO CARES TINYMEAT?

  44. Killitwithfire!

    unmarryable…it’s my word, and apparently her issue. Maybe she needs to train that body to make a sammich, and stop yappin when the game is on.

  45. LJ

    At 41 (she was born 2/11/1969) she looks younger than Lindsay Lohan.

  46. Mr. Jealousy

    #45, now let’s be nice. At this point Joan Rivers looks younger than Lindsay Lohan.

    I’m sure that 5 or 6 months of incarceration will clear Lindsay’s system of the various intoxicants she has imbibed… presuming the crust of the earth doesn’t swallow us all whole during one of Lindsay’s “de-tox” sessions.

  47. Droidman

    Snooki is hotter.

  48. straight guy

    I’m bitter because I’ll probably never get to eat that, or watch her blow me. FTW, I hate yous all!!!

  49. B

    Goddamn she looks good.

    @41 If your wife looks better, whyTF is your name Mr.Jealous? LOL Jackass.

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