Jennifer Aniston in a bikini raises some serious questions

September 28th, 2008 // 130 Comments

These are shots of Jennifer Aniston in Cabo over the weekend and… and… what in the-? Is anyone else seeing her vagina from an almost impossible angle? Seriously, is it lopsided, or do I need to start boiling some water? Ladies, you’re the experts here. No, wait, I mean, I’m the expert. Ha ha, I’ve seen hundreds of these. Let’s see, yup, there’s your problem: No unicorn jumping out of it. Probably want to get that looked at.

NOTE: Pic links to potentially NSFW version unless there’s such as a thing as “crotchular cellulite.” In which case, my bad, everybody.


  1. RayJames

    #100 That’s not an anus.

    If you want to see a perfect asshole, go check out #17.

  2. Lisa


    I was being sarcastic.

    Anywho, onto more pressing business–NO.
    That is NOT Jennifer Aniston’s vagina.

  3. Lisa


    I was being sarcastic.

    Anywho, onto more pressing matters–NO.
    That is NOT Jennifer Aniston’s vagina.

    There are my two cents.

  4. coolhand luke

    yay, definitely the bikini spandex thrusting her skin to the extent of her elasticity… I, too, have seen this countless time ;).. Definitely prime MILF goodness.. two thumbs up Ms Aniston..

    FYI, im ur huckleberry.

  5. asasasas


  6. Ted from LA

    Did anyone else hate her character on Friends? Did anyone else hate all of the characters on Friends?

  7. woodhorse

    The Hell? India and its’ stampedes! Is that part of the appeal for temples? Go to worship and then stomp the slower ones on the way out? Is this a plan to help Ganesh improve the gene pool? WTF India! Put some more exits in those damn buildings.

  8. Ted from LA

    President Chimpy is speaking to the nation on the economic turmoil. This should help.

  9. Lindsay

    well, thats lame, that’s just her bikini getting stuck in her vagina. You don’t know what it’s like to have one of those, and wear a tiny piece of cloth over it, do you? She’s just got her panties in a wad.

  10. Sam

    Whats the big story here? That little roll of skin is known as the demarcation point between the useful and useless parts of a woman. The other way to determine the demarcation point is a the edge of a bikini. All useful female parts are covered up by a bikini. That was congresses idea also.

  11. #86 is a racist asshole

    I bet you’re voting for that asshole McCain

  12. Marcelo

    She is hotter than ever. I love you Jen

  13. Photoshop Guru

    This picture, the one that everyone is arguing over, has been PHOTOSHOPED!

    Whoever did it was a rank amateur! You can easily see the faded lines of the blur tool. Please stop posting these stupid pictures, that is unless you have a pro photoshop them for you.

    I’m available at $100 an hour.

  14. forgotmyname

    Maybe it’s a cleft vagina

  15. if you dont see how insanely hot jennifer anniston is then you, are not a man

  16. america sucks

    that is a perfectly brazillian waxed piece of vagine sticking out. not her actual puss. god not only does america suck, guys are suck as well.

  17. WOotyWOoty

    Um, I don’t think that’s her vagina. . . pretty sure it’s just a fold in her skin. You guys need to calm down a little : p

  18. RayJames


    #63 only charges $2 an hour plus she swallows.

  19. mhead

    that is no roast beef sandwich

  20. ALEX


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  22. Natalie

    Whoever wrote this is a complete moron (or has never seen the female anatonmy……either way is not good). There is NOTHING to see you idiot. Go back downstairs in your mother’s basement where you belong.

    Jen is gorgeous as usual.

  23. Natalie

    Whoever wrote this is a complete moron (or have never seen the female anatonmy……either way is not good). There is NOTHING to see you idiot. Go back downstairs in your mother’s basement where you belong.

    Jen is gorgeous as usual.

  24. Yaykss

    eww look at pic no. 4 she looks like an old lady without her dentures !!

  25. Eww

    Ekkkk look at that first pic she looks like a prying mantis looking for her mate to eat..bwahahahahh. Seriously Anuston should stop wearing those tiny bikini she’s not hot anymore she’s like an old lady in a bikini SHE’S GROSSSS AND PUKE INDUCING !!!

  26. Arthur Paige

    I really think she should have pulled it aside a little more to give us a really good look at that sweet juicy little thing. Are thhere any better shots of her sweet monkey?

  27. Guacamole

    Oh, that’s definitely some lip. Her bikini bottom is stuck up in her vag crack and the left lip is exposed. Meat curtain indeed!!

  28. Fati

    this woman looks great for her age. and there’s no vagina showing you stupid moron.

  29. L'Asshole
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s nothing there. She’s just been pounded way too much, her pussy’s majorly stretched itself out.

  30. paul
    Commented on this photo:

    these pictures show nothing.what are you trying to prove?

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