Jennifer Aniston in a bikini raises some serious questions

September 28th, 2008 // 130 Comments

These are shots of Jennifer Aniston in Cabo over the weekend and… and… what in the-? Is anyone else seeing her vagina from an almost impossible angle? Seriously, is it lopsided, or do I need to start boiling some water? Ladies, you’re the experts here. No, wait, I mean, I’m the expert. Ha ha, I’ve seen hundreds of these. Let’s see, yup, there’s your problem: No unicorn jumping out of it. Probably want to get that looked at.

NOTE: Pic links to potentially NSFW version unless there’s such as a thing as “crotchular cellulite.” In which case, my bad, everybody.


  1. u gotta be kiddin

    Stuttering Joe, “polls don’t matter” is what the losers say.

  2. RST

    It’s just her LEG… get a life!

  3. Gravy

    I’m guessing The Superficial’s writer has never actually seen a vagina.

  4. oh yeah

    Losers like John Kerry who was leading in the Virginia polls by 18 points and ended up losing by 6 points LMAO@LEFTARDS

  5. frenchy

    I am going to waste my vote, but still vote Obama. He WILL NOT win, no matter what the polls say. 2004 taught us a valuable lesson, which is that the Republicans, and their war-hungry ways, have the unique ability to FIX an election. I never thought I would say this, but after the past eight years, I am ashamed to be an American.

    The Iranian President wasn’t wrong when he said that “the American empire was about to fall.” Fall we will, rightfully so. Our life of excess, and worship of media has finally caught up with us. Its time to pay the piper, and unfortunately for us, the debt we owe, will cause this ill-fated country of ours, to spinning out of control.

    There will be riots, race wars, a monumentous take over by organized criminals, and a civil war that will make the last one look like a picnic.

    All of this, attributed to a President, driven by his own personal greed, and an administration as crooked as the letter it has been lead by… W. How this fake got away with starting this war is beyond me, and how it is that he is not being tried for war crimes, and crimes against humanity is simply wrong.

    And Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job??? So what should the punnishment for lying to a country, as well as the United Nations be???

    Again, I am ashamed of my country.

  6. Teeny

    It’s a part of her labia majora hanging out. It happens.

  7. carris

    if you’re such an expert then you’ll know that the labia is flexible. but all you know is how to screw the vaginal opening and that’s all.

  8. carris

    if you’re such an expert then you’ll know that the labia is flexible. but all you know is how to screw the vaginal opening and that’s all.

  9. I think she looks fabulous.

  10. duh

    McCain doesn’t have anybody remotely like Karl Rove. Far from it. At least half the comments and tactics they’ve used so far have backfired, which – if you’ve followed his career – is very typical of a John McCain campaign. Expect it to continue, because McCain himself is impulsive and a rash decision-maker, and unlike most other politicians he refuses to give over total control to the professionals managing his campaigns. At the end of last week, when journalists asked campaign officials what his schedule would be, they ended up saying “I don’t know, ask John” after being wrong over and over again. He needs to settle down, pick a few anti-Obama messages and stick with them, and pound them in over and over again until they appear as truth even if they’re mostly lies. He won’t do that.

  11. SATAN

    so FUCKING fat

  12. Deacon Jones


    Wrong sweetie. Dont forget the ballon knot.

  13. Okay, so it seems that it’s not her vagina that’s showing coming out of the side of her bikini bottoms…but maybe she’s got an asshole on her head?

  14. Big Johnson

    Why do you put the pink start to cover up something that is not there?

    Are you that desperate for clicks on your website?

  15. I like a pretty face

    U G L Y , you aint got no alibi you ugly.

  16. kerri

    31 – she is not a has-been or old or fat you loser. she is gorgeous and has the perfect body.
    brad was an idiot to leave her for that whore psycho bitch he’s with now.
    jen is the best and always will be. you are just jealous and could never in a million years get someone like her.

  17. Eugene

    That’s not a vagina, that’s a catchers mitt !!!

  18. open your eyes

    66- are you blind? her face is ugly as sin and looking old, and she isn’t good at anything, or interesting, her voice is also cringe worthy. I wish she would go away forever

  19. 12 year old boy

    Why does she look like a man?

  20. D!e(go)

    damn! John Mayer really did a number on her, he left her vag all lopsided

  21. editrix

    The vagina is the internal tube. You cannot see it without tools – but since you are one maybe you have powers we don’t.

    That would be an extremely outer bit of mound – not even labia. K?

  22. Tru Playette

    No ass whatsoever

  23. Lisa

    @ 55

    “All of this, attributed to a President, driven by his own personal greed, and an administration as crooked as the letter it has been lead by… W. How this fake got away with starting this war is beyond me, and how it is that he is not being tried for war crimes, and crimes against humanity is simply wrong.”

    That’s your opinion.
    Here are the facts.

    The Executive Branch (i.e. the President) has only the power to sign legislation passed by Congress into law, veto legislation, make treaties with foreign nations with consent of 2/3 of Senate, pardon or release criminals, enact executive orders, and with the consent of Senate, appoint Supreme Court Justices and federal judges.

    The Legislative Branch (i.e. Congress) is composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Powers constitutionally granted to Congress are the ability to levy and collect taxes, coin and regulate money, establish post offices and roads … PROVIDE FOR COMMON DEFENSE AND PROMOTE THE PURSUIT OF LIBERTY, DECLARE WAR, RAISE AND SUPPORT ARMIES, PROVIDE AND MAINTAIN A NAVY, MAKE RULES FOR THE REGULATION OF LAND AND NAVAL FORCES, PROVIDE FOR, ARM, AND DISCIPLINE THE MILITIA … etc.

    I hope that clears things up for you.

  24. Fuck this

    Potentially NSFW? Are you insane?

  25. Uncle Eccoli

    @71 Thank you.

    Read a book, you dumb fucks. All of you fucking virtual illiterates make me sick. I fucking hate you lowlife pieces of shit.

  26. me

    That’s just her gracillus muscle you bunch of noobs. Man I had my Vaseline already to go.

  27. venomhed

    Now we know why she can’t hold onto a man and why they all leave her so quickly.

    Probably smells like a dirty diaper and cabbage “down there”.


  28. shanana

    Oh my lord. She’s done this before; why oh why Jennifer do you feel the need to show this. And ladies, can we agree that we ALL know when we are showing something. When I was younger and showed a bit of skin, I sure as hell knew what I was doing. I have predicted that in a very few years, we will see full shots of these ah, things on tv — just like in porn movies.

    And then what will be left to show.

    I think I’m going to throw up a little in my mouth.

  29. friendlyfires

    NOW we know why the markets collapsed a mere 6% in value. Pffft! Release the Britney/Adnan tape! Western civilization will a take bath the size of the Pacific Tidal Basin. Wait, let me call down the Moon. Might as well compound the catastrophe.

  30. tennischick

    the bikini bottom is too small so some labia mejora is hanging loose. at age 40, she needs to stop kidding herself. look at how she is hiding the stomach in so many pics. she is getting flab-forty.

  31. Effyeray

    Hey Fish, I understand your confusion. First glance does indicate an awful old shrew’s dilapidated vagoo. Second glance reveals the reality that it’s just some side-cock from Chris Robinson. Where’s Kate?

  32. monet

    No wonder Brad left her, she has a saggy vaj and she hasn’t even had any kids!! Now Angie is a different story, but she is still sexier than this thing.

  33. khaladhen

    Looks pretty normal to me. Don’t know what all the hype is about really.
    She’s beautiful of course. ;)

  34. ToTellTheTruth

    I don’t see shit…what pussy pics are you looking at?

  35. lidsay

    Nice boobs! she surely reminds me of the hot and sexy cougar I once met on __Agelessmate.c om__ I mean, if you don’t really care about the age, sometimes, you will enjoy somenthing better! kid u no!

  36. magaly

    is this all you fucks know how to do? criticize celebrities all dam day? Why not criticize those camel fuckin arabs, jihad, and pussypakis..who do nothing but terrorize and destroy our USA?

  37. AirMail

    Photo glich.

  38. Nikky Raney

    umm i am pretty sure her bikini just got shifted over a bit… it is just a muscle or something, definitely not her labia, and definitely not unsafe for work

  39. John McCain

    #73 – That’s right buddy! You keep straightening out the liberal bastards. Recite the articles to them, knowing, “the more you do it, the more they’ll believe it!” Heck, I have everyone in my party convinced that I am the right choice for President.

    But seriously folks, if you believe that our government isn’t corrupt, and that George W and all of his friends (his Daddy too) haven’t prospered from this war, then you truly need to take off the blinders. I agree with #55, and will go on record to say that this administration will go down in history, as the administration that killed the United States of America.

    Whether you’re a Dem or a Republican, stop and take a look around you, and you won’t have to look far to see the work of the true terrorists. My suggestion to #55 is to not vote. Whoever lands in office next is going to inherit a mess that they would never be able to dig themselves out of. Each candidate should be begging the other to take the job… I wouldn’t want it. It’s a bad time to be President, and it’s a bad time to be an American!

  40. She looks OK !!!


  41. this post s like.

    This post is like Seinfeld….it’s about nothing.

  42. Geez, men don’t even know what a vagina looks like. That’s the crease between her leg and her pelvis.

  43. She is screaming for attention, so I’m sure she knew wxactly what she was doing…

  44. She is screaming for attention, so I’m sure she knew wxactly what she was doing…

  45. Stephen

    How the *+%* does a picture of Jennifer Aniston’s vagina lead to a discussion about Obama vs. McCain? Did I miss something? Is one of these douchebags about to outlaw vaginas? Shut up, people, this is Jennifer Aniston’s vagina we’re talking about, not some superficial bullshit about who is going to be the next President of the United States.

  46. KC

    The medical term for that censored part is called the “leg.”

  47. I was expecting more from that picture. I agree with KC. That part is called the “Leg”…

    I guess I was expecting a second vagina or something. Too bad.

  48. harkin

    Can you say ‘overreact’?
    It’s called small bikini, walking, muscles and an odd angle folks.

    It’s not like that truly weird one of Denise Richards

  49. highly critical over-compensating superficial male commenter

    I’ve been with HUNDREDS of chicks and I’m 100% sure that’s her anus.

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