Jennifer Aniston has some messed up priorities

Jennifer Aniston attended a charity event on Saturday, and in a NY Daily News item about her moving on from John Mayer, I couldn’t help but notice the most asinine and ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. And I read this site!:

Jen checked out a cute guy walking in. She looked him up and down … twice!” our source said. “She flashed him a beaming smile but got pulled back into a conversation with her girlfriends.”
Aniston giggled with two gal pals, and appeared excited to be at the charity concert, which raised more than $3 million to teach children how to meditate.

$3 million dollars to teach kids how to meditate?! Are you fucking kidding me? Jesus. A better use of that money would be to round up a bunch of third world kids and flush all that cash down the toilet in front of them. At least give them something to remember. “Oh, the water swirled in circles, mother. You wouldn’t believe it!”

Photos: Splash News