Jennifer Aniston has some messed up priorities

April 6th, 2009 // 70 Comments

Jennifer Aniston attended a charity event on Saturday, and in a NY Daily News item about her moving on from John Mayer, I couldn’t help but notice the most asinine and ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. And I read this site!:

Jen checked out a cute guy walking in. She looked him up and down … twice!” our source said. “She flashed him a beaming smile but got pulled back into a conversation with her girlfriends.”
Aniston giggled with two gal pals, and appeared excited to be at the charity concert, which raised more than $3 million to teach children how to meditate.

$3 million dollars to teach kids how to meditate?! Are you fucking kidding me? Jesus. A better use of that money would be to round up a bunch of third world kids and flush all that cash down the toilet in front of them. At least give them something to remember. “Oh, the water swirled in circles, mother. You wouldn’t believe it!”

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  1. AteIsEnough

    First!! I can’t believe that in today’s world financial status, THIS would be something that can even happen! Why not use some of the money to teach dogs not to lick themselves…seems more of a humanitarian thing to do.

  2. Sadly, I’m taken Jen… but thanks for the smile and the crotch grab! Ok, fine, I added that last bit…

  3. Ill bet one of the c-blocking girlfriends was Corney Cock…

  4. PunkA

    I’d cornhole her. Ya’ll could watch if you wanted. I hear she likes that stuff.

  5. I don’t think there are enough “HILLS” ads on this sie.

  6. #5 – Thanks, I had no idea why I just started punching my screen for no reason…

  7. Tom K

    She is so desperate it’s not even funny anymore! Everyone just loves to hit and quit it. She’s probably clingy and crazy as hell, and threatens to cut herself if you leave her.

  8. @6 – I know. I’m surpressing fists of rage here, myself…..

  9. Jesus Christ

    It’s better than teaching kids to pray.

    p.s. Thanks for celebrating my crucifixion again! Motherfuckers.

  10. Guy

    I guess having the last two reaming The Beetles performing at the gig wasn’t news worthy, but Jennifer Aniston attending it was?

  11. Mary

    3 million, thats great. Now those kids can teach the kids with no food or no warm cloths . I love the Hollywood set, they go out of there way NOT to help America. This is so stupid, I’d like to know who the morons are that donated.

  12. Kt

    It’s actually a really good charity that is supposed to keep kids from bullying and fighting in school. Sure there are other important things, but people throw money in their direction as well. 3 million isn’t that much in the scheme of things. Don’t be an asshole before you know what you’re talking about.

  13. jumpin_j

    #13 Kt – Well put.

  14. Jeff

    “It’s actually a really good charity that is supposed to keep kids from bullying and fighting in school.”

    Great. A charity to create a generation of pussies. Just what we need right now.

  15. You’re welcome, #10. if there was no death penalty, there would be no Easter!

  16. Jesus Christ

    Wonderful. Enjoy the chocolate eggs. Motherfuckers.

  17. RichPort's Ghost

    Hey 2 – you mean you stopped braiding your backhair long enough to type that witty response?

    Sometimes I don’t know how a miserable prick like yourself finds the strength to drag its slovenly, Dora-watching, wifebeater-wearing, Cocoa Puffs-eating, Gremlin-driving, Capri Sun-drinking, Members Only jacket-wearing, Atari 2600-playing, Milli Vanilli-listening ass out of bed in the morning…

  18. @19 – I’m going to guess it’s his good job and the family he supports that gets him out of bed in the morning. Troll.

  19. havoc

    Damn good thing there’s not a global recession. This would be embarassing.


  20. Jrzmommy

    Now cunty Zanna is yelling at itself while trying to support the second biggest cunt on this increasingly terrible blog.

  21. trix

    fuck meditation, give em a sammich!

  22. Galtacticus

    Who she? Who reponiosble?

  23. kels

    Speaking of things that are messed up, I’m pretty sure it’s humanly impossible to cram any more advertisements on this page. Wow.

  24. Crabby Old Guy

    $3 Mill to teach kids how to mediate?

    Hmm…how about this, “Okay you little fuckers, sit down, shut up and knock that shit off NOW!”.

    There. And it didn’t cost a cent.

  25. Monkey's Bone

    I agree with #5 – Hell of a lot of ads for a show I’ve never, nor WILL I ever, watch

    I don’t do soaps. Daytime OR nightime

  26. Rich Port's Ghost

    Dearest Zanna,
    After you finish commenting to yourself, can you finish completely swallowing my load? You know, I’ve always got your back. And by back I mean, got you in the back.

    And by good job I’m sure you mean, 14yr old using his laptop from starbucks.

  27. smarg

    Her pussy must stink REALLY bad, or she bites when she gives head.

    What other reasons exist for her not being able to keep a man??

  28. Dale

    #13 Kt Are you serious. You people who want others to teach your kids are a joke. Parents should be the ones to bring kids up right. People like you are why there is so much bulling in schools today. Meditation to stop bulling, that dosen’t even make scence. 3 million can feed alot of hungry people.

  29. #27 – Still White, I see you’re Still a Pussy. Is this the camoflauge technique they taught you in basic training, running and hiding instead of just getting your ass handed to you? You should be a real man and enlist a THIRD time… the army needs to see if those canisters they found in Basra are CO2 or something caustic. COBRA will pay for your meds…

  30. acd

    SO, yeah, you might have wanted to mention that PAUL FUCKING MCCARTNEY was performing at the benefit with RINGO STARR. Not just that Maniston was in attendance. Ugh.

  31. jolson

    I love it when the lack of intelligence shines through. Organized religion takes in billions(tax free) to worshi[p fictionalized accounts of creation and everybody follows in lockstep. Meditation isn’t a religion and has SCIENTIFIC proof to help people in their daily lives. Why not start with children and help them before the parents, and churches screw them up. 3 mil, is just barely a bonus check for some wall street dude. Direct your ignorance elsewhere.

  32. Erica

    LMAO, superfish. Best post in a while.

  33. mikeock

    who cares? I’d fuck her and so would you.

  34. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Who is this astonishing beauty?

  35. Gando

    Her perfect shaped feminine body matches very well with her long manes.

  36. Darth

    Who? Do you mean that girl in the back on pic 2?

  37. Karen

    If you don’t agree with David Lynch’s foundation goals, you need to bash him or Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Sheryl Crow, Donovan and the many others who performed. Jennifer only sat in the audience and was even pictured there. How lame of you to bash Jennifer on this. But then again, I don’t expect anything better from you.

  38. Rhialto

    She’s carrying a huge bag and sort of legal documents?

  39. Office Temp

    Somebody (the troll) has a case of the Moooooondays.

  40. Captain Ta-Ta

    Meditation makes people (including children) more calm, peaceful, and lucid, more capable of letting go of their anger, less violent and combative, and generally more pleased with their lives. Kids in particular benefit from better academic performance. Considering the shit parenting job most folks are doing these days, I’d say meditation is a pretty fucking good idea.

    PS, @15, Bullying and fighting IS what creates the pussies, you imbecile. When a runty, but otherwise perfectly happy and confident kid gets bullied, he becomes a pussy. You might be shocked to know that people have actually studied such things before, and that it’s a scientific fact. Funny how preventing abusive situations makes people more functional, eh?

  41. Kt

    #15 – Jeff
    No, in fact a charity to create a generation of people who can come to agreements even though they may have differences. EXACTLY what we need right now.

  42. Kt

    Dale, you can’t insult people if you can’t spell the words you’re trying to use. I sure hope you’re never teaching anyone anything. Many people do not teach their children important things, and those children shouldn’t be left to fend for themselves.

  43. RJ

    Fuck meditation it aint going to help when the sand jockeys start coming after us this summer.

  44. mikeock

    a big load of my spooge would look nice on her flat belly. meditate on THAT, Rachel.

  45. g_girl

    It is very important to meditate! if evereyone done it, this world would be heaven. Meditation dissolves anger, all the pain, brings awerness. Negative emotions do not exist if we are aware.
    It is a beauitful thing and everyone deserves to know meditation

  46. meme

    No one went to that concert to support meditation. They went because Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr were performing together for the first time in ages. They could be raising money to club baby seals and if those two were there they would raise millions.

  47. How about 3 mill to get some starving kids some food? Man, Hollywood is a little reality all unto it’s own.

  48. dude_on

    Jen has about another year before the clock expires.

    It looks like they airbrushed Heidi’s Chin. That is good work.

  49. SrfStrng

    She is and IDIOT!!!

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