Jennifer Aniston has hard nipples

April 11th, 2007 // 124 Comments

Jennifer Aniston was spotted at the Creative Artist Agency with her nipples poking through her shirt. It isn’t nearly as sexy or interesting as it sounds, which is even more impressive considering it didn’t sound that sexy or interesting to begin with. She’s about as sexually appealing as an encyclopedia. And not some sexy encyclopedia either. Just the regular kind with words. Boring words.

jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-01-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-08-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-02-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-03-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-04-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-05-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-06-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-07-thumb.jpg


  1. BarbadoSlim

    @95 Yes, uh, would you mind editing your post to make it more understandable. Just, you know, edit out all the crazy.

    I’d suggest deleting the first five paragraphs.

  2. jus'stupid

    She is a good looking gal, and I love hard nippled boobies. She has a great buttocks too. I really dig her because she isn’t a skag running around with her shit hanging out and being a disgrace to all around her.

  3. Lowlands

    Most at the time i barely notice Jennifer Aniston unless she opens her mouth ofcourse.

  4. Lowlands

    I just came back from the gym,i think tomorrow is going to be a painful day…

  5. DrPhowstus

    @99 — While I agree with some of the others that your post was obscenely long and all over the place, your comeback was classic. Kudos to you being a good sport.

  6. td

    I don’t know what this author is talking about. She’s still hot. I’m glad for the nipples I can see here and there. Although, I do have her nudie pics from the paparrazzi filed.

  7. Truthseeker013

    Re 3 37- edit the word cute, substitute the phrase “frackin’ hot”.

  8. Truthseeker013

    Re # 95- sure, iamsosmrt, you’re probably hotter than both of them put together. That’s no reason to *hate*…

  9. I like nipples. Was that funny?

  10. NoSHIT?

    #14-I love you.

  11. Well I think she’s pretty.

  12. edmund.ignasious.aloysius.III

    Nips??? Nothing new, have you seen friends? I used to think the producers put marbles in her bra on purpose to reel in creeps like me. Well let me tell you, it worked but I will not be fooled again. Oh well, Im obsessed with those fun bags

  13. 15PiecesOfFlare


    That was pure poetry. And so true.

  14. #35..Sorry I wasn’t here today to wake your ass up…This stupid bitch,Anniston,was married to the cutest guy in the whole freakin world, and she’s too good to have his baby. Someone needs to give this bitch,The Stupid Award. Who does she think she it? Even Plowshit would do he if he thinks Marc Anthony is so hot…Lucky Angelina to grab his hot ass..Let’s remember”TROY”, damn I’m gettin hot…

  15. entertainthetxgirl

    when does she NOT have hard nipples…it’s her trademark, the only left she can do well now.

  16. i wana fuck her so hard so she will cum

  17. Dirty Secrets

    Uh Ive always thought she looke same, like she hasnt aged, like I dont whether thats compliment or insult, cause when she was 20 something she looked 40.

  18. JAMES


  19. GIGA


  20. COCO

    she look like a man

  21. Rick

    Jen’s nipples doesn’t sound sexy?
    She’s as exciting as an encyclopedia?
    I’d love to see what you find appealing.
    This woman is DROP DEAD sexy and exciting.

  22. Jinks

    im in love with her ass and legs , shes deffinantly a lollipop yummm

  23. Jonny

    lovely i just wanted to crush her breasts and have a sexy sex

  24. bob

    Women in tight jeans are sexy as hell. Dresses are ugly.

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