Jennifer Aniston has hard nipples


Jennifer Aniston was spotted at the Creative Artist Agency with her nipples poking through her shirt. It isn’t nearly as sexy or interesting as it sounds, which is even more impressive considering it didn’t sound that sexy or interesting to begin with. She’s about as sexually appealing as an encyclopedia. And not some sexy encyclopedia either. Just the regular kind with words. Boring words.

jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-01-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-08-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-02-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-03-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-04-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-05-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-06-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-07-thumb.jpg