Jennifer Aniston has hard nipples

April 11th, 2007 // 124 Comments

Jennifer Aniston was spotted at the Creative Artist Agency with her nipples poking through her shirt. It isn’t nearly as sexy or interesting as it sounds, which is even more impressive considering it didn’t sound that sexy or interesting to begin with. She’s about as sexually appealing as an encyclopedia. And not some sexy encyclopedia either. Just the regular kind with words. Boring words.

jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-01-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-08-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-02-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-03-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-04-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-05-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-06-thumb.jpg jennifer-aniston-nipple-pokie-07-thumb.jpg


  1. She can cut diamonds with those mother fuckers!

  2. .
    She’s still famous?

  3. combustion8

    I love her ass… I would make sextytime with it.

  4. They look like chewable Chocks

  5. Whammer Jammer

    She’s still way hotter than Angelina Jolie. Pitt really fucked up.

  6. FRIST!!!

    She’s so cute. Maybe a little boring, but only because she doesn’t get photographed with green umbrellas or shitty looking bathing suits on…

  7. wow

    I’m more intrigued by how she managed to make it look like she cut off her thumb and glued it to the bottom of her palm. What the hell is going on in that picture??

  8. For more infomation on chewable Chocks

  9. pekpekshorts

    Stories about celebs, especially negative ones, are popular because they sell and appeal to the public’s envy and malice. 99% of the post here proves it. What a bunch of losers. LOL.

  10. HoboChic

    I’m just impressed that she’s gained enough weight to actually be recognized for even having breasts…she’s huge…must be up to at least a size 2.

  11. Please, you’re telling me you wouldn’t hit that?

  12. If you wouldn’t hit that, you’re a homo.

    Those are some lovely little meat bullets.

  13. whitegold

    I’d hit that. She may be super boring, but she’s still decently hot. Nice body. And really, with the right many, any girl can be a freak. She clearly just hasn’t found the guy to bring the freak out of her.

    #7 – I was truly confused by that also, but then I realized it’s just cuz she has a black purse strap over her thumb, but because of the coloring/lighting whatever, it makes it look like her thumb isn’t there?!

  14. tits_on_snack


  15. veggi

    For some reason, this only makes me want to kick that assbag following her in the knee caps.

  16. veggi

    and once again *snore* a story about *snore* nipples? Is that what *snore* this is about?

  17. In the second and third to the last pics, look at that stupid fucking photographer. “Jennifer, look over here!” “Jennifer, stick out your chest, your nipples aren’t prominent enough!” “Jennifer, take your pants off!” “Jennifer pleeeeaassse!”

  18. D'arcy

    BUT, if you look at the last picture, and kind of squint your eyes so everything becomes a bit blurry, it looks like Aniston is picking his nose while shoving that water bottle up her ass. :)

  19. D'arcy

    Eek, I meant to say “her nose”… of course, that slip was accidental.
    *shifty eyes*

  20. veggi

    yaaaaaaaaaaaay 18!! I finally laughed.

  21. haveapez

    I hate the movies she’s in, but she’s ok I guess. Those nips always look like they can cut glass, though.

  22. sportsdvl

    Anytime we get a shot of Jen’s nipples it is 100% better than ANY story about Britney, Lohan, Paris or Angelina!

  23. veggi

    @22. This is suppose to be a make-fun-of-dumb-celebrities-doing-stupid-shit-site.

    Jen has nipples! Infunckingcredible! Go watch some porn.


    Brad was such a smart man to kick that dog to the curb.

  25. havoc

    Christ, I would drink her bath water…..

  26. Stickman

    If she’s as sexy as an encyclopedia, then fetch me a copy of Britannica, cos I’m going to bang the arse off it.

  27. D'arcy

    23: LMAO.

    Oh… my stomach is going to burst and the escaped stomach acid will dissolve my organs if I keep laughing like this…

    I need a beer.

  28. whitegold

    #26 fucks encyclopedias…that’s some freaky shit.

  29. rrd

    She is HOT!

  30. FRIST!!!

    Well you can’t get a disease from a book, maybe a papercut though…

  31. Truthseeker013

    I like reading the encyclopedia. You never know what you might learn…

  32. schack

    papercuts and genitals do not mix

  33. costamar

    Nice ass, nice boobs. What’s not to like?

  34. Jimbo

    It is nice to see a normal looking Hollywood celeb dressed normal and just trying to go about her business. It is great that her head lights are on and it would be better if she would show us that Brazilian waxing she just got

  35. ihateyoutoo

    HONESTLY, what kind of post is this? Where’s the good stuff??? WHERE IS IT??

    back to sleep for me.

  36. spineofsnake

    i love how every picture of jen now devolves into a debate as to who’s hotter, her or jolie.

    it’s time for them to battle this out the old-fashioned way: in a cage match, nude, covered in baby oil. pitt can watch. yee-haw!

  37. RhinebeckCowboy

    Your a moron. Really. This chick has the best legs in Hollywood, has great dress sense, and has the good sense to avoid being photog’d with her crotch / ass / tits hanging out, or while drunk / stoned / having a melt down.

    And she is cute.

  38. She’s pretty hot, i don’t care what anyone says.

  39. Wow Just Wow

    She’s pretty. Brad should have his head examined.

  40. Peaches2331

    She’s cute? I don’t think so. This whining twat is a plain looking dog. She looks like she’s picking her ugly man nose in the first picture. Don’t get me started on her man-like chin. No wonder Brad kicked her sorry ass to the curb and Vince dumped her, she looks manlier than the both of them.

  41. Jimbo

    There is no debate over Jen and Jolie. Jolie is the girl you want to slip into the coat closet with at a party and bang the shit out of her and then return to the party as if nothing happened. Jen is the girl you take home to mom and romantic weekends at the beach. Jen you do missionary and Jolie doggy.

  42. NicotineEyePatch

    36: I love when the tabloids say things like “Angelina adopts another one; Jen still barren!” or “Poor Jen spends the weekend alone”.
    I’m with you, let’s have a Battle Royale starring Jolie and Aniston and several jars of Marshmallow Fluff. They can fight to the sweet, sexy death and the winner gets Brad and all the whistle kids.

  43. schack

    that’s the most retarded thing i’ve ever heard

  44. schack

    @41. your mom must be a stodgy bitch. ;x

  45. veggi

    News Flash!!!! Paris got ketchup on her dress earlier this morning. Holyfuckingshit! But it wasn’t on her nipple, so thesuperficial wasn’t there.

  46. Dank

    I have to wonder if the superfish isnt gay considedering he wouldnt fuck Jenifer Aniston stupid.

  47. Lowlands

    From the side she ain’t looking bad.Is she wearing Paris her breasts?

  48. Who’s making Martinis? I need to drink until I find this interesting….

  49. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I have nothing to say about this lousy broad or her nips.

  50. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    And I see pekpekshorts made in on to this thread with his copy & paste goodwill fucking message. This very obviously makes him a winner.

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