Jennifer Aniston has a bad day

December 30th, 2005 // 66 Comments

  1. caf

    I haven’t heard anything from Aniston which was ungraceful or lacked dignity since the split, ive seen interviews e.g Oprah, but from what i have witnessed she never said anything bad. And if the media is on her side its prob cos they have a half valid reason too. This just contradicts the thousand images i’ve seen of Brad Pitt publicly trapsing after Angelina, changing his image and riding round on motorcycles, among many things which suggest a full on mid-life crisis…but meh i agree wat do we really know about their lives- i just have always been a bit of a Jennifer fan and think she has alot of class compared to others.

  2. hermanita

    No. I think the difference is:
    Jen is just pretty,and REALLY loved Brad but she’s not a slut and Angelina is smoking hot, she’s probably using him for publicity and is as easy as 1,2,3. She said herself that she has sex with many different man.

    They do have alot in common tough. They both play in movies that suck, they’re both bad actresses, they both have alot of Botox (Angelina beats Aniston here tough)…

    Well if I was Brad I’d pick the hot slut too. Even tough I think that they’re both doing this for publicity.

  3. ShanDourdan

    Amen Nola, Amen!

  4. sara

    i’m a member of team aniston and i think jennifer is beautiful and sexy.

    i like the comments about how angelina is such a great person and jennifer isn’t. like any of the people who commented on angelina’s so-called goodness bothered to get off the couch and help anyone before condemning someone else for not being a un goodwill ambassador.

    i don’t care how many ‘good things’ angelina’s supposedly done. she still fucked her brother, wore a vial of her husband’s blood and involved herself in two breakups.

  5. blackblackheart

    If you look at her eyes, you can tell she’s looking directly at the camera, she’s probably just yelling at the photographer, but she looks like she’s in a pissed off, “I-hate-you-but-I’m-busy-so-I’ll-just-yell-at-you-while-I-stroll-by” kind of motion :P

    The lady laughing the first picture made me laugh so hard. Actually before seeing the second and third, I thought Jen was just making some kind of joke and the lady behind her was laughing at it, but since the lady behind her isn’t in the second or third picture, that means she either moved, or she actually /did/ drop-kick the woman XD

  6. blackblackheart

    in reply to sarakai’s post…

    Why must everyone constantly call Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston bad actresses? They’re not. Stop calling them that just so you can insult them, and if you’re going to critisize someone’s acting, then try to at least have half of their education or at least experience on the art, which I highly doubt anyone who says that Angelina and Jen are bad actresses has acheived.

  7. sarie2304

    These pictures are about a year old. I can’t believe no one else has said this yet. DUH

  8. sarakai

    blackblackheart, learn to read. I never said angelina was a bad actress, i think shes an amazing actress. Having the education in visual and performing arts that i actually do have, i can honestly tell you it takes practically no talent to act the same type of character over and over as jen has done… so in your face biatch.

  9. eyekandi

    what the hell is wrong with everyone that thinks jenn is ugly? there is no such think as an ugly person…i find her extremly hot and sexy! beauty is in the eye of the beholder thats why some ppl dont agree with u on sayin angie is hot cuz she seriously does scare me with her pillow lips and alien arms what a freak!..aniston is sexy and hot! the person to blame is no one for whatever hell the relation turned out to be like! god! just grow up!….TEAM AINSTON!

  10. itsthetruth

    anyone ever notice how angelina always has to look PERFECT for the camera..wear the perfect outfit perfect posture and smile so innocently

  11. itsthetruth

    Jennifer is Hot!

  12. itsthetruth

    I think being beautiful in a natural way without all the glamorous makeup and the way angie dresses is much better. I go for the less jewelry and less pizzaz look….i HATE people who glam it up…its so fake.

  13. eyekandi

    i have to agree with you on the natural look, being able to look in the mirror and actually recognize urself at night when ur going to sleep, and not freak out and see a complete pale looking face!..jenn is gr8 , beautiful inside and out..i love jenn!

  14. Jennifer L

    It isn’t because my name is Jennifer, its because she might be the most beutiful girl in the worlds history.
    Herself, Rihanna and Rachel bilson, (known as summer in the oc.)
    Love those girls, well, Jessica alba isnt far behind either!
    But Jennifer is so damn cute, with makeup and without makeup! Doesn’t matter.
    Maybe not in this picture according to ya’ll! But I think she’s prettier than ever, but hey, that’s just my opinion. Remember then that every humunbean have bad days, you, me and even the celebrities, its for sure!
    The difference is that you judge, and they dont!

    Jennifer in friends, well what can I say?

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