Jennifer Aniston had backup date for movie premiere

Jennifer Aniston apparently thinks about Angelina Jolie more than Angelina Jolie thinks about Angelina Jolie. Supposedly, Jennifer had her people find a “backup man” during her brief break from John Mayer. She refused to walk the red carpet for the premiere of Marley & Me looking like a spinster, according to Page Six:

A few months ago, during a brief split between the duo, Aniston’s camp was shopping for potential dates. “She didn’t want to face the glare of being unattached while Brad Pitt toted Angelina Jolie around” on the promotional rounds for his release of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”
Aniston “did not want to be single when her movie opened,” one source said. “A friend of her agent was calling around asking for young men whom they could set her up with.” But the attempt to find a replacement for Mayer was aborted when he and Aniston soon got back together.

The ironic part is Jennifer Aniston wouldn’t even walk down the red carpet with John Mayer. That either blows this story out of the water, or proves that John is Jennifer’s “dick in a jar.” Which was the job I specifically told my high school guidance counselor I wanted, but instead, had to settle for World’s Sexiest Man. *sigh*

Photo: WENN