Jennifer Aniston gives away clothes

March 21st, 2006 // 42 Comments

donate-pitt-clothes.jpgJennifer Aniston has gotten rid of Brad Pitt’s clothes by leaving them at a Burbank charity shop. A source tells The Sun:

“When a woman in the shop realised that it was Jennifer Aniston, she went over to see what she’d left. But it was too late because a worker who didn’t recognise Jen had already dumped the clothes in a bin mixed with lots of others.”

So the next time you make fun of the homeless guy going through your garbage, keep in mind that he might be wearing Brad Pitt’s clothes. Also keep in mind that he doesn’t like having shoes thrown at him, and it’s not polite to spit on people. If you don’t want me eating your pizza, then don’t throw it away, man. Spitting should never be an option.



  1. DrDanny

    Pist frost?

    I had a pair of Brad Pitt’s old shoes once. They stunk really bad.

  2. gatsby2216

    Give me a break. People everyday give away clothes to the homeless. It is not where you get it from or from who, it is how you wear it. I think that Jennifer did a good thing. To make a scene about what was Brad’s or not, would allow people to profit from the clothing that she donated. In that kind of industry, there is already people who steal from the poor. The use the donations to benefit themselves. I actually saw some clerks, sort through the stuff and take most of it home, as they loaded into their cars. Nice going. I don’t remember the donations being for the staff. But then who am I to say?

  3. J~SMOKE

    It really doesn’t matter since most fashion these days seem to be inspired by homeless people anyways. I guess Mogatu was light years a head of the curve with his “derelict” line.

  4. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Comedy. Take THAT, Brad, I’m getting rid of your clothes! Touche!

  5. Tink

    How do we know it’s Brad’s anyway?

    He moved out so long ago,and they sold their house, don’t you think he took his clothes or got rid of them himself by now??

    this is silly, i think she’s over him, those could be anyone’s clothes.

  6. bigfatmomma

    shoulda sold it on ebay

  7. Erienne

    I actually have something of Brad’s from those donation bins. It’s a pink rhinestone-studded man thong that says “I’m a naughty boy”. He wore it while dating Juliette Lewis. I also snagged a yellow thong that Brad wore on stage as a dancer for Juliette.

  8. Italian Stallion

    I wish she would just get over it, WTF, your rich bitch, go blow the Old School dude…..She keeps crying like this and Ross won’t even take her back!!!!!!

  9. tits_on_snack

    #8, i hope you’re joking

  10. I’ve love to buy some used Brad Pitt clothes!

    Though I don’t think my boyfriend woud fit in them. You see, he’s tall, and Brad Pitt is deceptively SHORT.

  11. hafaball

    If I wear brad pitt’s clothes will I get super powers?

  12. Italian Stallion

    Tits-on-my-back, Joking about what? The fact that he’s out adopting kid’s with another woman. The best she can do is clothe them, with his clothes non the less….lol…or did you get upset by the fact that Rachel and Ross will never be together again….

  13. Jacq

    Right… Like she still has anything of his. Does anyone really think that she might have been hanging onto and moving with her boxes of Brad’s crap? Wasn’t there another story where she burned everything and danced around a fire?

    I don’t feel bad for her anymore, but I sure liked her better as Jen of ‘Brad & Jen’.

  14. Great, I’ll go through some second-hand shops and try to get that leather jacket from ‘Fight Club’.

  15. LoneWolf

    Bull$hit. Jennifer Aniston has staff who perform menial tasks like dropping off her ex’s clothes, which most people would have gotten rid of a long time before now.

    *Buzzer Sound*. Nice try, Superfish. You’ve been had.

  16. Aimtrue

    This is not true- I’ve noticed Vince Vaughn wearing clothes that I had seen BP in before. Handmedowns from BP to VV.

  17. DivaG81

    The bottom line – Angelina may have him now, but Jen had him when he looked A HELL of a lot better. so they both lose…hehehe

  18. Meeting at Jen’s Agents office.

    People don’t seem to be responding as well to your “Pity Me” stories about the divorce anymore, there seems to be a backlash, do you want to host a charity event? You don’t….hmm, well do you have any old clothes you can give away? I’ll make sure one of our secretaries is there to call the press and tell them that she saw you donating them…sound good? Great!

  19. Grphdesi23

    I was hoping by now that Jen would make a comment about Brad’s penis size. Or at least evaluate his prowess in the boudaire.

  20. M@ce

    The Catholic Match girl is so much hotter than the More Cowbell slut. Plus, she has a sweet Dorothy Hammel hairdo and Jesus loves her more.

  21. M@ce

    “Faith Matters”…so does willingness to, “Buff the Ol’ Butterchurn.”

  22. mija289

    #18 Posted by Spindoc

    LOL!!! Good job.

  23. Ahhhhh, so THAT’s where Juliette Lewis got the yellow unitard from!

  24. krisdylee

    who fucking cares????????? Hey Lala, love you!!!

  25. GingersCoconuts

    This new writer is not nearly as funny! What is going on here!?! Get the old writer back!!

  26. I want brad pitt’s clothes.

  27. gogoboots

    Me too! So I can sleep with them at night.

  28. magickal

    Why is Jennifer Aniston giving away – anyone’s – clothes even news? Or gossip? Who gives a shit! Where the hell is the “Katie Holmes having alien baby ripped from her womb by the ghost of LRon Hubbard” stories? And the “Britney Spears contracts crabs while urinating barefoot in the outdoor Mobil bathroom”??? Good lord! What is it all coming to?

  29. Jayne

    What a dumbass.
    I’d personally sell those items under auction and roll around in the money.

    But then again I’m not ugly or a sob story drama-mama (finally used it!!) so I shouldn’t talk.

  30. slinkhard

    Next will come a story from the Brangelina camp about their next adoption in rebuttal. *yawns*
    When will these three crazy kids realise that their hatred is disguising their love for each other, and move in to a menage a trois?
    Alone. On a deserted island. With no radio, television or internet connections.

  31. Krisdylee – nothing makes my day more than spreading the love – thanks!

  32. BarbadoSlim

    I like Brad and everything…buuut, he has a penchant for not wearing deodorant. So I wouldn’t get to excited ’bout putting on a pair
    of oily jeans and a stinky t-shirt that belonged to him.

  33. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    MeganHarris compares everything to her boyfriend. Just an observation.

  34. BarbadoSlim

    Oshkosh you are a very observant individual :)

  35. jimmycracks

    #16 – Umm – Brad is a lot smaller and shorter than Vince. Vince is big and tall. So that’s pretty impossible – shirts or pants. Or shoes.

  36. prideofchucky

    Dude- so that’s where all those “Meet Joe Black” t-shirts came from..

  37. seaglass

    *runs to Burbank Salvation Army, buries face in used mens’ clothing, inhales*

  38. heifferzzz

    is that why the posts aren’t half as funny as they use to be…there’s a new superfic guy?

  39. Palindrome

    WHO CARES??????!?!?!?!?!?!

  40. becca11

    does anyone agree that jenn aniston looks like dustin hoffman? or is that just me.

  41. lol, i’ll bet matthew mchonagya (or howeve you spell his weird-ass name) picked them up!

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