Jennifer Aniston gets another nose job

January 24th, 2007 // 108 Comments

A rep for Jennifer Aniston confirmed that she stopped by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills over the weekend to get “a procedure done to correct a deviated septum that was incorrectly done over 12 years ago.” A source close to Jennifer adds:

“Jen has hated her nose ever since her first nose job. She always said how lousy it was and that her nose was still too wide.”

This all feels like a sad attempt to get Brad Pitt back. Next she’s gonna get some boob implants, hire some model/actor to play her boyfriend, and then accidentally run into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at their home wearing lingerie. “Oh, what are the odds of seeing you here? Oops, I dropped my pencil.” Then when she bends over to pick it up all sexily she slips and falls in a pile of dog poo. And then as she runs off all embarrassed a car drives by and splashes her with mud.



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  3. nutterbutter

    Hey… even covered in dog doo she’s still look better that that freak Angelina Jolie.

  4. LaBellaVienna

    Wait, didnt she just got new breasts too??

    I love jennifer hahaha.

  5. gossipmonger

    fuck off with the “first” and type something relating to the damn story!

    Now, about JA, nothing she does will get Brad back, nor will it make her attractive in any way…Ugh…

  6. her and brad were the golden couple of hollywood *sigh*

  7. ew stfu….she is NOT hotter than angelina, shes way too average looking. just another blonde chick in hollywood. gtfo

  8. PrettyBaby

    Yeah-this chic is absolutely boring and average looking at best. She is such a snooze fucking lay, she cannot seem to “keep” anyone… Her pops on Days of our Lives is pretty cool though!

  9. RussianMafia

    Jennifer is PAINFULLY average, her lips are so thin and she is overall soooo dry

    But at least she isnt insane like Angie, maybe a little boring and desperately depressed, but not CRA-ZY

  10. Jnicole28

    blonde? sorry but that isn’t blonde hair
    and she is probably one of the hottest actresses, angelina looked like a complete snob on the red carpet, sure she may be “normal” now but she’ll always be remembered as the lesbo/brother kisser/vampire

  11. Ha ha, Fish said “poo”.

  12. katzie

    stfu even if she is “average” which she isnt shes absolutely gorgeous, she looks a million times better than that mutant lipped muscle maniac covered in tribal tattoos from all her stops around the world. go adopt another kid angelina .. make ur biological child feel like an even bigger shit.

  13. Jnicole28

    haha good one katzie (bio child)

  14. Why doesn’t Aniston have the nose transplanted to the middle of her forehead? Then at least she would be slightly interesting.

    rachael ray lays into oprah at crabbie’s

  15. katzie

    and ps. once all her kids are teenagers they are gonna have the worst identity crisis’ EVER. unless angelina beats them into submission.

  16. JillyBean

    It won’t be long til Angelina bores with Brad (seems to be already) and Brad will realize what MISTAKE he made. Jen is too cute… what if her movies have flopped. She’s still easier on the eyes.

  17. BigJim

    Now she just needs some labia trimming done to get rid of that nasty ol’ stingray she’s got down there.

  18. combustion8

    she got a great ass and a great tan… though she seems like a real bitch.

  19. Fiver

    MMMMM.. I do agree that Angelina is way hotter, man.. you gotta see her arms and her back.. what a woman!
    Seriously, Jennifer is a hundred time better and she doesn’t adopt kids to, then, open an orphelinat herslef.. at least! Remember what she said about Shilo, she’s not “as good” with her because she’s her biological child.. what a mom!

  20. Jnicole28

    #17 where the hell did that come from??

  21. ResidentX

    “This all feels like a sad attempt to get Brad Pitt back. Next she’s gonna get some boob implants, hire some model/actor to play her boyfriend, and then accidentally run into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at their home wearing lingerie.”

    Right on the money with this comment. I’m so tired of her. She was hot “back in the day” but now she’s becoming a Teri Hatcher…constantly in the papers crying, expressing or revealing something “new.”

    Jennifer, next time you visit the doctor get a face job. That’s the only way you’ll be free from yourself. One more thing, don’t feel bad about Brad. He’s a user. Some guys are too smart to make serious commitments to women. He’ll do to Angelina what he did to you in time.

    Finally, please stay away from C.Cox, you’ll ruin her show with your appearance and ugly nose. She’s the only one from Friends that might be able to transition to the big screen.

  22. I love how they make it seem so simple. Oh lets see, she went to yoga, grabbed a jamba juice, went to a Dr.s Office, was knocked out with gas, while the Dr. Broke her nose, removed chunks of bone and then reset it into a tape.

    Shit, only in Hollywood is a nose-job the equivilane of picking up your dry cleaning. I’m guessing Aniston might be the next Melanie Griffith.

  23. angelinas probably got the greatest heart, out of all the actresses i’ve been lucky enough to come across. physically shes not perfect but, her personality of itself is definately different. this doesnt make it bad. nor weird. it makes her a nonconventional case like aniston here.

    though i admit jennifer is pretty, but u can find a girl liek that anywhere u go.

  24. danielle

    The nose is the least of her worries. Maybe she should just tell ‘em to do away with her entire face, take out all of her vital organs, burry her 6 feet under.


  25. Does anyone else miss how she looked in seasons 1 and 2 of Friends when she used to actually eat? Man alive she had some legs and ass on her back then………..she’s so scrawny now…so sad.

  26. RussianMafia

    I am sooooo frustrated by anyone saying she is attractive. I think she is mannish. I DON’T see it and I want to!! I’ve tried. I MAY have glimpsed it in 1997. TEN years ago!

    Thats right, her 15 mins have dragged on for ten blaze years.. If not for her marriage to brad she would have been in obscurity long ago

  27. RussianMafia

    I am sooooo frustrated by anyone saying she is attractive. I think she is mannish. I DON’T see it and I want to!! I’ve tried. I MAY have glimpsed it in 1997. TEN years ago!

    Thats right, her 15 mins have dragged on for ten blaze years.. If not for her marriage to brad she would have been in obscurity long ago

  28. katzie

    @ #23…. angelina has the greatest heart? it may look like shes somehow saving the world of starving children and poverty, but uh.. did u see the interview when she said she doesnt “feel” for her biological child.

    “”I think I feel so much more for Mad and Z because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her… I met my other kids when they were six months old, they came with personality. A newborn really is this… yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality… I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs just because I think the others are more vulnerable.”

    SURVIVORS OF WHAT?! she got them as babies. its not like she found them half dead in the sahara desert at age 16 and then rescued them. these “survivors” arent even going to remember what their first 6 months of life was like in their home country. angelinas so stupid i hate her. one day her biological daughter will find these quotes online and realize her mother doesnt even really love her, shes gonna have a break down, start doing drugs, wind up in rehab, maybe try to kill herself, not like any of this is funny, but that mutant better watch what the fuck comes outta her mouth.

  29. bush twins

    Looks like the surgeon got confused and transplanted her ass onto her chest.

  30. Who the hell’s looking at her nose in THAT pic?

  31. Jnicole28

    #28 i once again agree

    #25 i loved the way she looked in the first seasons of friends, but just like EVERYONE ELSE peoples looks change as they get older, i still think she is beautiful though,

  32. #28,

    i dont think that was the point of her statement. she said that her daughter is probably alot more privilaged because she is blonde hair blue eyed american child with a fortunate background and bright future. her other kids, of another ethnic background, come from ravaged war torn countries in which there is very little opportunity for them had they remained in those situations. also, these kids were adopted, their parents probably died shortly after giving them up for adoption. they are always going to be reminded of their lineage, and the fact that angelina is NOT their biological mother.

  33. DancingQueen


  34. gosh people, you cant take everything so literally.

  35. BarbadoSlim

    Ha, nose job? for what? that won’t fix her manhead problem.

    TEAM JOLIE bitches.

  36. karifarrell

    I would give anything to be 3/4 as beautiful as Jennifer (I can’t say half, cause I already am…at least!!)so what compels a perfectly normal(?) pretty girl to go under the knife for the sake of WTF?!? Geezuz, vanity is a bitch!!!

  37. katzie

    @32… i really dont think you should be making assumptions by saying these kids parents probably died once they were adopted, thats what you think happened, these kids were probably adopted because their birth parents wanted more for them. and as for the statement that her biological child has more opportunities in this world because shes blonde hair and blue eyed? this statement kind of reminds me of that really cool dude.. hitl..o well never mind about that.

    im sure her adopted kids will have very traumatic and unoportunistic childhoods. living in their million dollar mansions, traveling the world, being given everything they could ever some.

  38. Jnicole28

    ya’ll think SHES manly yet when you see jessica biel and her man legs and broad shoulders you think thats hott, wow yeah if i was a man i would MUCH rather have a manly woman that can beat me up than a beautiful petite woman, yeah totally…..

  39. #37

    well i was a fan of jolies for a very long time and yes it is a fact that maddox’s parents died shortly after he was adopted.

    i never made a pnt of race, i simply said that was what she probably meant. that as a caucasion female, she has a wider acceptance/opportunities in society.

  40. Assumptions??? pot have u met kettle?

  41. I think she should move on and forget about that cheater.

  42. BarbadoSlim

    I wouldn’t care if Angelina was a psycho midget killer.

    I just don’t like Jennifer Aniston. I don’t know were all this american females identifying with her comes from. By all accounts this gal is a cunt, not very nice, whiny, self-centered she would spit on you just as well as look at ya.

    And in the end SHE. COULDN’T. KEEP. HER. MAN., female superior prevailed. That’s just the way it is live with it.

  43. JungleRed

    Why do people keep insisting Aniston is pretty? She’s not, and no amount of propaganda (or plastic surgery) is going to change that. She looks like an average chick. Courtney Cox is more beautiful than her. It reminds me of girls in high school who’d insist some random girl or other was “stunning” even when she wasn’t because it was a standard they could aspire to. Jolie is obviously better looking-she’s fucking beautiful. It doesn’t make anyone less of a woman to admit it.

  44. PrettyBaby

    #37, #38 Etc.
    Girls, girls, are you gonna sit and defend your BFF Jen on here all fucking da?? Go on or some other idiotic place and hang. She is boring, plain and a huge bitch and that is it. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Jolie. Jen should have fucked Brad or Vince better. Too bad for her.

  45. PrettyBaby

    Girls, Girls, Girls, Are ya just gonna sit and defend your BFF Jen on here all day?? She is boring, plain and a huge bitch. It has nothing to do with Jolie at all- Jen should have fucked and sucked Brad and Vince better. Try or something.

  46. PrettyBaby

    Sorry for the double and similar post- I just LOVE Typekey :(

  47. Brian Gumboot

    Hi PrettyBaby!!

    I miss you!

    Where is RichPort and Jrzmommy?

    They are my favorite!

    I love you PrettyBaby!!

  48. butterfly

    god, you people are idiots

  49. Jnicole28

    #45 im not the one talking about jolie, and im just stating a fact about the jessica thing, im not in a sense defending her, i just disagree with some of the things said, i dont care if you guys bash her, thats what this site is for, but just because there is ONE celeb i like, i cant say good things about her? so i guess all those people saying good stuff about jessica should go some other place to “hang” yep that makes sense

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