Jennifer Aniston: For your bikini viewing pleasure

March 19th, 2008 // 102 Comments

Yesterday it was short shorts, now today it’s Jennifer Aniston in a bikini. Evolution is awesome. Take a gander of Jennifer chilling in Miami where’s she’s filming Marley & Me. Also scope out this pic (Click here as if your life depended on it.) where, if I’m not mistaken, Jennifer Aniston is challenging Kate Hudson to an Ass Off. Of course, the real winner is Owen Wilson that hook-nosed rogue. Time for drastic measures. Hammer, meet nose. *CRUNCH* Yup, it definitely broke right off. Not good. Fluffy, no, bad kitty! Get that out of your mouth. Don’t go outside! Ah, shit. Great, now the neighbors are calling the cops. They think I’m Michael Jackson. It’s all a misunderstanding, folks. Ha ha I hate kids! No, really, bring one over and I’ll kick him into the garage door.


  1. #48 you’re funny..

  2. MassGrrl

    LOL @41: I think Aniston’s a dogface, actually.

  3. lonely maniston

    yeah, jen’s ass looks great but no matter how hot a chick is there is always a guy somewhere who is sick of fucking her. and it sucks when it’s the hottest guy in the world.

  4. I never really considered her much of a looker, but these more than convince me. That last pic was definitely pleasurable. :-)

  5. Latinflame


  6. monkeyfightclub

    these candid pics don’t really do it for me. She’s still good looking and her body is holding up well, but it’s about time she does a FHM or Hustler type spread for Gods sake.

  7. DidHeJustSayThat

    mmmmm…… Jen a lesbian? I wish.
    Nice going with the body. Looks natural, not a lot of work required for u.

    Was the ass shot for Brad? remember this? you know it was.

  8. rabbit

    can I start licking now ?

  9. Fred

    99 percent of all so called movie stars are ugly as fuk with theyre clothes off.

  10. Gabrielle

    This was shot at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Brickel Key (Miami).
    I live next door.

  11. zuzuspetals

    She is gorgeous.

  12. zuzuspetals

    She is gorgeous.

  13. aussie

    she’s secure & confident… that’s all that matters folks.

  14. aussie

    she’s secure & confident… that’s all that matters folks.

  15. Coat Tex

    “she’s secure & confident… that’s all that matters folks.”

    That sounds exactly like a commercial for a “feminine product”

  16. beautiful

    She looks beautiful in bikini. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n ce.c o m” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  17. Penelope

    She is hot! She keeps herself in great shape. I’d love to have a peach bottom like hers.

  18. Ted from LA

    I’m not sure about the value of the swimsuit. It seems like the top is pulling her tits apart so much that they are not desirable (and it is killing me to type that… I just hope I spelled it right). The bottoms make her dick look too big too. Check the photos and tell me I am wrong.

  19. Heidi from ATM

    Ted, how could a dick be too big?

  20. Ted from LA

    When you are a female. When she was in 6th grade she came home from school and announced to her dad that she had the biggest dick in the 6th grade. He said, “Well, you should, you’re 17 years-old.”

  21. Janeane The Acerbic Goblin

    Brad Pitt f***ed up….

  22. Hanson

    I like them ! they are so happy ! I also heard they like other stars met at!

  23. Methos

    Not even remotely hot, would need several drinks before i could be persuaded to hit her giant bananaman chin would always get in the way..

  24. Grammar Police

    “Click here as if you’re life depended on it.”

    It should be “your”. The possessive. Not the contraction. Just Sayin’.

  25. Satan

    I’d make her a single mother

  26. All the girls here saying the top is unflattering etc have saggy tits. I just know it.

  27. amma

    Let me lay it out for you: Angie is hotter than Jen, but Jen beats Kate. Now let’s think about this. Jen is somewhat of a buttah face, so Kate being beat out by her is…sad. Now Kate has a nice butt and that’s as far as it goes. Kate is an *extreme* buttah face and has no tits at all. BUT she has an easy, stoner chick skank about her. For the record, Angie is no longer hot, okay? She USED TO BE totally smokin’. But since she now vacillates between weighing 11 pounds or being pregnant, she’s lost it. Having 12 kids is not hot, okay? And Angie’s face is looking pretty haggard these days. Ultimately, Jen wins. And that is a sad day. Because Jen is “okay” but just okay. Boo hoo.

  28. Kost2Kost

    All right Jenn. Its about time

  29. YouLookBlahhh

    Chinnifer, get yourself some new bikinis; a thong is not made by hiking up your panties to form a wedgie!!!! Your boobs are looking old and sad, and I see a belly blubber, and its time to hit the gym and do some squats to shape your fat ass……..all in all, Angelina preggers is still way, way hotter than you!!!!

  30. whatever

    I love her bikini… and I think the bottom is like a lot of Vic’s Secret underwear that gathers in the back in a really cute way… but she happens to have a wedgey.

    Or maybe it’s a regular bikini bottom and she treated it like her top…. positioning to lessen the amount of tan lines. What’s it matter? She’s trying to have a private time… which we all know, including her, that that will never happen on the beach and your name is Jennifer Aniston. But I think the bikini is so pretty, that she just wanted to wear the damn thing… if she wanted to wear a thong the whole time, then she’d go freaking buy one.

    I’m not even a Jennifer Aniston fan.

  31. Christina K

    I wonder what all the fuss is about with Jennifer.. she is one of the most average looking women in Hollywood. She’s cute…but nothing particularly special about her.

  32. King Wang

    Wow! If you were to line Aniston, Sausage Lips Jolie, Sausage Wallet Paris Hilton, and any of the other Grade C bench warmers that are the “ambulance” chasers of your generation, I STILL could not get a Grade B- Boner (or receive any shade if they stood in front of me). Cheeseburger anyone?

    Hmmmmm………methinks the Crank Whore Amy Winehouse couldn’t be MUCH worse………..except for the Hep-C and TB> (You know, like Baywatch reject Pamela “I have the Clap” Anderson)

    They make stuff for that now, you know.

    Damn Brad Pitt, at least you hit them when they are still decent looking.
    You should have hit Dolly Parton. Now THAT puts you up there in “WTF?!” territory ALL MEN dream of………….

  33. hfgh

    I want to tongue fuck her butthole.

  34. wowwww…so hot

  35. someone can help me to fuck this bitch????

  36. Mark

    Large sexy.I saw her in millonaire dating site””.Is really has a new baby?Is she really single now?

  37. Mawaad

    she has got such hot and sexy body..and looks great too
    but the bikini really sucks ,looks like its 2 sizes more than her

  38. ScottL

    Now that’s what I’m talking about, more Jennifer, less Amy Winehouse

  39. NY Ted

    I’d pound that sweet ass 7 ways to sunday…!!!

  40. LV

    It looks like she purposely tucked the back of her shirt in so you photogs could get a shot of her ass. it doesn’t matter how cute her ass is it won’t make up for that face or that personality.

  41. Mobby

    someone said: credit card advert:

    new home: $130,000
    new car: $30,000
    new spoon and fork set: $100
    her bikini: $25


  42. cortney

    for all of you who are saying that those “tops are ugly and make boobs look horrendous…” ….. thats not a style of bikini top…. all they did was tie the neck strap around their backs to that they could get an even shoulder and neck tan… no tan lines… duhhhhh


  44. emaa

    Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman. I have seen many nude pictures of her. I like her butt and her shaved pussy. I would like to lick her pussy for long time and put my tongue into her vagina. I want to lift her and kiss her lips. Then I wish that she will agree to suck my cock and swallow my semen. After that I well fuck her softly.

  45. Teknid

    Never knew what all the poop was about. Still don’t. No brains, no bod. Who gives a $#!T?

  46. El prieto

    dickslap that ass all day long.For those who say she cant move on bed,maybe bratt couldnt make her do it

  47. Brian

    a drop dead stunning,georgous heartpounding,jawdropping beauty


    905. 799-8229. TS.

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