Jennifer Aniston: For your bikini viewing pleasure

March 19th, 2008 // 102 Comments

Yesterday it was short shorts, now today it’s Jennifer Aniston in a bikini. Evolution is awesome. Take a gander of Jennifer chilling in Miami where’s she’s filming Marley & Me. Also scope out this pic (Click here as if your life depended on it.) where, if I’m not mistaken, Jennifer Aniston is challenging Kate Hudson to an Ass Off. Of course, the real winner is Owen Wilson that hook-nosed rogue. Time for drastic measures. Hammer, meet nose. *CRUNCH* Yup, it definitely broke right off. Not good. Fluffy, no, bad kitty! Get that out of your mouth. Don’t go outside! Ah, shit. Great, now the neighbors are calling the cops. They think I’m Michael Jackson. It’s all a misunderstanding, folks. Ha ha I hate kids! No, really, bring one over and I’ll kick him into the garage door.


  1. Poor Brad

    Looks better than a woman who’s had a few babies….

  2. ZoomBoy

    What’s Benji Madden doing there?

  3. Drew51

    I would hit that soooo hard!!!

    I’ll have to see when the next fight to Miami is.

  4. Texas Tranny

    Cute bikini………………

    Nice ass…………………

  5. lalaland

    she’s hot!

  6. havoc



    FUCK YES!!!!!

    THANK YOU…….


  7. Sapphire

    I would never be seen with my bathing suit stuffed up my ass like that! WTF.

  8. bakinmycake

    A chick can be hot as hell but when she a dud in bed….

    BP left her
    VV left her…..

    and Owen Wilson will….


  9. TT

    #7 Sapphire,
    You don’t wear a thong?

    I love the way thong (panties or bikinis) tickle my asshole all day long.

  10. Argyle

    Sweet Christmas

  11. lisa

    wow, what a body!

  12. Sapphire

    #8 bakinmycake

    Yeah no kidding! What’s up with her, does she even MOVE in bed?? Then when you look at Angelina Jolie, without even knowing her she looks like she’d be a wild animal in bed.

  13. Mal Gusto

    one more woman hotter than Lindsay

  14. its an ass off!!

    do it hansel!


  15. Braniffer SUCKS

    #12. That’s the problem Sapphire. Looks are decieving. Me thinks you are an Angieaholic and the only negative thing you could say about Jen here was that her bikini was up her ass. I despise them both (althoug I doubt the skeletal tatoo lady would look hot in a bikini these days, pre preggers and now) Have you seen how many tatoos Angie has, her whole back is practically ALL inked and tatoos look fucking HIDEOUS and trashy in the daylight.

    Anyway back to the healthiness of hatred, the only person I despise more than Angelina and jennfer is Brad. He’s the biggest tool on the planet. With Angie wanting him and Jen still wanting him they both conceded that he’s the hottest person alive… how pittiful, men should fight over you ladies not the other way around.

  16. 2for2true

    Trust me, as far as the bedroom goes, she’s just o.k. She didn’t squirt nearly as hard as Kate did. Sheesh, I could’ve filled a 2 liter with that shit. Awesome.

  17. While I think she looks super hot in general, I think bikini tops like that make women’s tits look horrendous. It makes them look saggy and gross.

  18. Ted Mosby

    She looks great. I can’t wait to stalk her next week.

  19. Zaig

    Looks pretty good for a bitter old chick. Too bad she takes care of herself only because she wants to look good on film. I’m sure she’s got a laundry list of things she doesn’t let guys do.

  20. 20/20 vision

    she should cut off her face and get implants

  21. 20/20 vision

    she should cut off her face and get implants

  22. Trover

    She is hawt and MILFy delicious. But my lady is hawter.

  23. please

    just say W (woman?) ILFif thats how you feel… this selfish old jew face will never be a mother.

  24. 2for2true

    #23, nice racial slur. FYI, your cloak and hood are ready to be picked up at the dry cleaners.

  25. Erica.

    She looks great. I do agree that those tops make your boobs looks disgusting. Why do so many people wear them? They’re so unflattering.

  26. Randal

    Beautiful to see Jennifer two days in a row. She was looking great yesterday in her shorts and here she’s looking just as lovely in her bikini.

    The Friends star continues to shine as bright as she always had.


  27. Andy

    In her case, a few pubes sticking out of her bikini bottom would be sexy. Otherwise she’s just too much of an android. If they put out one of those blow up dolls as her, could you really tell the difference? Well, other than the fact that the doll wouldn’t whine and complain all the time, and would off its patented “3 hole love.” Yeah…I’d definitely prefer the doll.

  28. well she does have an ugly face

    not all jewish people have that unattractive jew face ( natalie portman, rachel bilson and more )… it is interesting that aniston is not jewish yet her face resembles a combination of dustin hoffman and barbara streisand…
    she is also interchangeable with sara jessica parker in my opinion… i.e she aint no angel face!

  29. ph7

    Looks like a boring, aging soccer mom.

    She’s in her twilight..

  30. temp

    loooove jennifer aniston. :)

    she looks good! as usual.
    and jeezus christ she’s buff. haha.

  31. Aeich

    If she ever DID anything, she might be interesting. Sure, physically she looks good – FOR HER AGE (in case she’s reading this, haha). If you’ve never seen a physically fit woman in a bikini, this must be a big day for you. Otherwise, who cares? Who exactly has Jennifer Aniston sexual fantasies? Probably just guys who try to avoid getting all the way undressed during sex.

  32. I think Kate has her beat on the ass, but JA has her beat by a mile in the tits category. Not too hard to win that competition. My obese mailman has bigger tits than Kate.

  33. Auntie Kryst

    She looks good in those pictures. But I don’t really give a fuck about that, they are just nice pictures.

    What I want to know is the fucking plot of this Marley & Me movie? I can’t wait to find out what whacky take and new direction Anniston and Wilson are going to take this comedy. I’m sure it’s going to be much different that Zoolander Notices Something About Dupree’s Breakup Between You Me Mary and Polly.

  34. Zid

    She looks pretty good for a dried up old bitch who hates to fuck and never shuts up.

  35. Andrea

    That’s how Jennifer Love Hewitt’s bikini bottom looked. Except in the store it was sold as a “bikini brief.”

  36. Captain-Insano

    Nice boobs….i’d bat those around for a while.

  37. You mean a no-ass off? No thank you.

  38. suckitbitch

    #7 – That’s because your fat ass needs the extra coverage. Don’t even try bragging about how tight your ass is because everyone knows you’re lying.

  39. Barack

    She certainly looks better than her recently pictured evolutionary ancestor (Scary Spice).

  40. MassGrrl

    Dumbasses. It’s a regular string bikini top that she has tied around the back so she doesn’t get tan lines.

    It’s not a tube-style top.

  41. Dumbass

    Wow the lesbians really come out for Aniston. Is it because of her love of women or her hatred of men?

  42. Buffy

    Jen looks great for ANY age, and she DAMN SURE looks better than that slut Kate Hudson.

  43. gaydar

    ^^^ lesbian

  44. Flavio

    Kate Hudson’s ass is way hotter. Jen’s is hot, for sure, but Kate’s in a league of her own. Why did it take you over a day to discover these pictures, and why do you seem to be missing an ass shot or two of the whole bunch?

  45. I can’t STAND Sarah Jessica Parker. ESPECIALLY the way she makes you say all three names!!! My name (my real name) actually consists of 4 names, but I only make you use two..

  46. Aniston fans are ... yikes ...

    “that slut Kate Hudson”

    Shit, I thought it was only “that slut Angelina Jolie” for you psychos? Now it can be anybody else who gets compared to Maniston? Please increase the meds, stat.

  47. Emmyem

    Although I agree with most of what you say, re: Stinky Brad, and Angelina, and that stuck up, no talent Jennifer A, who KNOWS if he left her? We never know. We read stuff. Like this stuff! Mostly, they probably just laugh at people like us and then like their cigarettes with hundred dollar bills and then say “They’d rather be naked than wear fur”. AND THEN, AMY WINEHOUSE POSES NAKED.
    Yeah, I don’t know why I went there…………………

  48. Because I know you’re DYING to know…it’s “Kari Blakcauk Fromastumauth Farrell”

  49. Bill Clinton

    My fellow Americans, let me just say “Gaaaawwwwdddamn!!!” I wonder if she likes cigars?

  50. ATX

    Are they built for speed or comfort?
    What’d you do with them?
    You play the motorboat?
    [makes sputtering motorboat noise]

    You motorboatin son of a bitch! You old sailor you!

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