Jennifer Aniston doesn’t lock doors

janiston_dog.jpgSome guy named David Hesterbey was arrested yesterday when he entered Jennifer Aniston’s home through an unlocked door and told one of her employees that he was “looking for Jennifer.” When another employee confronted him, he got scared and left the house, jumping a fence and running toward the beach where he was eventually arrested. I think this should serve as a reminder to all sex offenders of just how easy it is to enter a celebrity’s home and have totally illegal sex with them. You’d think with the millions of dollars they have, they could at least hire an official ‘door locker’ or pay the maid an extra $5 a month to do it. There’s really no reason for it be that easy to get inside Jennifer Aniston’s house. I can understand it if you’re a ninja or Vince Vaughn’s penis, but not some idiot off the street named David Hesterbey.