Jennifer Aniston dissed by Angelina Jolie

February 27th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were supposed to have a little sit down to ease the tension between the two and bring some closure to the fact that Brad ditched Jen to repopulate the planet with Angelina. The sit down was scheduled before the Night Before party in Beverly Hills on Saturday, but Angie bailed at the last minute. Author Robert Greene of “The 48 Laws of Power” gives Us Weekly his analysis:

“If Angelina is trying to get under Jen’s skin – push her buttons – this is a clever way to do it,” Greene adds.
“Imagine you’re in Jen’s shoes,” he says. “You’re worried about Angelina showing up. And she never does. It’s infuriating. If intentional, it’s definitely a power move.”

Maybe Angelina Jolie, being the humanitarian that she is, didn’t want to rub in the fact that she has a fully functioning reproductive system and Jennifer Aniston will die barren and alone. I mean, that sounds considerate. Or Angelina could just be a total bitch and wanted to screw with Jen’s head. Then she went home and wrote about her in her slambook while Brad braided her hair. Yeah, all that stuff.


  1. Vicente


  2. Sugreev

    Jen’s still looks as gorgeous as ever,while Angelina Jolie is not aging well at all.So Jen’s a far better catch than Jolie at this stage,plus she’s desperate for some lovin’ too…and what does that tell you ?

  3. Jackie Blue

    There is something stunning about Angelina. Perhaps it is a combination of her exotic looks,humanitarian efforts, honesty with the media, and her talent as an actor.

  4. blah

    jolie sucks. jen is wayyyyyyyyyy hotter.

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  6. whatever

    I won’t comment on who’s hotter–they’re both hot in different ways, though Jen has a better body. What does make me laugh is how the “estrogen” girl keeps posting as though somehow Angelina’s looks equate to her own. Listen honey, if you’re at a computer defending the honor of some actress you aspire to look like, you definitely ain’t too estrogen-y and bratz-doll like in the face yourself. And I can guaran-damn-tee you that Jennifer Aniston is better looking than you are. When was the last time you built a multi-million dollar career on the shapely state of your ass? Didn’t think so…

  7. #Hittin the swtiches bitches, relax while I get my poppa swerve on, mobbin like a maafucka but I ain’t lynchin# ~ Dr.Drew on Loveline 1997

  8. Jackson Wallace

    I’m so amused by what Pitt dumping Aniston did to all the bitchy little suburban American blonde beotches out there. Jolie has got some ugly to her, but they;re both pretty old, cmon, neither one is that hott anymore. I do think Jolie is a way better actress, and prob has a much more vivacious brain. Friends doesnt cut it, I’m amazed Pitt was with her as long as he was. Him being with Jolie makes him look far more intelligent in my eyes. Besides, hez banged em both now.
    he prob just woke up one day and said I need more out of life. Plus, any man knows what most women cant admit. Jolie has amouth you could park your whole sac in – that chick has major bj powers, I am 100% sure.
    Aniston meeting her was pathetic, and Jolie not showing up was a slap, but its the kind of thing you could see someone bowing out of.

  9. Rose

    Jennifer Aniston had nose surgery fair enough, but she’s still naturally very beautiful and wears natural make up colours etc, where as Jolie has had nose surgery, cheek implants, breast implants and she also got her upper lip done to make it the same size as her bottom one – She also wears very bold makeup – she has nice features post surgery and after make up but when they come together they aren’t even GREAT. That’s my opinion. Most people however, think that Jolie is very pretty, although, is the world, now so superficial, that people like her just for her beauty.
    I think Jennifer Aniston is naturally GORGEOUS but I like her because she’s a stong women who’s been a victim of the papparazi. Angelina seems to love the attention she gets and everything she does seems FAKE to me. I don’t think she broke brad’s marriage but I believe that she certainly encouraged it. To me she’s not a nice person and never will be no matter what she does – think about it, she earns so much money and donates some to charity but still uses so much money for her luxury, like buying houses for 13 million or whateverr – why can’t she live in an average home which isn’t WAY bigger than required.
    Yeah she does more than a lot of celebs but most celebs don’t act like perfect angels whereas she does and she’s not.
    I never understood the appeal with Brad Pitt, he’s a pretty boy but a little girly to me to be honest.
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can fly to Mars and live there and noone will care. I think they shouldn’t be given media attention at all.
    Jennifer you rock on!

  10. chuck

    You are all sick .

  11. guru

    jennifer and angelina areawesome! i don’t give a rats ass what you say.

  12. PEE


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