Jennifer Aniston dissed by Angelina Jolie

February 27th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were supposed to have a little sit down to ease the tension between the two and bring some closure to the fact that Brad ditched Jen to repopulate the planet with Angelina. The sit down was scheduled before the Night Before party in Beverly Hills on Saturday, but Angie bailed at the last minute. Author Robert Greene of “The 48 Laws of Power” gives Us Weekly his analysis:

“If Angelina is trying to get under Jen’s skin – push her buttons – this is a clever way to do it,” Greene adds.
“Imagine you’re in Jen’s shoes,” he says. “You’re worried about Angelina showing up. And she never does. It’s infuriating. If intentional, it’s definitely a power move.”

Maybe Angelina Jolie, being the humanitarian that she is, didn’t want to rub in the fact that she has a fully functioning reproductive system and Jennifer Aniston will die barren and alone. I mean, that sounds considerate. Or Angelina could just be a total bitch and wanted to screw with Jen’s head. Then she went home and wrote about her in her slambook while Brad braided her hair. Yeah, all that stuff.


  1. yes

    fav comments =
    28, 34, 37,44,78,79,89,90

    and 98 –
    exactly, all of the jolie-pitt’s charity and good doing will def pay off even more for them.. although I don’t see how they could do any better… already having found passionate love with each other, widely being considered the most beautiful couple in the world, having a large lovely family, millions, respect of their peers ( although perhaps not lower individuals like ugly housewives and plain looking females).

    I could never dumb myself down enough to watch Friends. That woman looks just like Dustin Hoffman in the face though, decent figure.

  2. bear you are silly.

    bears, you sound like jealous fat troll.

    brad pitt = sexiest man alive ( according to about 20 different songs, billions of people, magazines, the general )

    angelina jolie = extreme estrogen features ( big lips, large wide set eyes, small nose, high cheek bones ) most physically perfect face according to plastic surgeons, most desired woman by general public

    ( you saying poor angelina has to put up with ugly brad because he is the only man that will have her is like saying mother teresa was the biggest whore alive )

    on and

    jen aniston – uglyish face, but nice figure and hair for about 40…. better looking than average woman over 35…

  3. Becky

    He married Jen… He is just screwing Angelina.

  4. UCrawford

    Jesus, she’s still fixating on her ex-husband and needs “closure” from her divorce three years later? You were divorced, Aniston…your relationship is already closed. Move on. If you’re so obsessive and self-absorbed that you can’t realize that then no wonder Pitt dumped your neurotic ass for one of the hottest women on the planet.

    So much for the idea that Jolie was the crazy one…

  5. Grow Up

    Weak men & Feminist women pull for Angelina. Everyone knows that since Angelina & Brad have hooked up she’s stripped him of his pants & put him in a servant’s uniform. Angelina has to be with a man she can speak for & Brad is the “man” for the job. I would imagine Jennifer probably couldn’t care less about what goes on with the two of them. I hope she can feel glad to be free of the ball-less adulterer. God knows any woman deserves better than that. What woman can truly respect Angelina? A woman who sleeps with another woman’s husband deserves every bit of disrespect & disapproval that comes her way whether she’s the one who cheated or not. Women (and men) should have that respect for each other. She’s a sorry low-class excuse for a woman & tries to cover it up with makeup & fancy clothes. Frankly, since Jolie & Pitt have gotten together they both look like hell. Jennifer may be more of a Plain-Jane, but she doesn’t have to hide behind her hair & make up to look classy. She’s more of a woman than Angelina has ever been or could ever be. I also saw the article where she admitted to loving her adopted children more than her biological child, so why is she having another one? She’s a fucking freak show, and Brad is her little gopher monkey wearing the pink tutu that she whips to make people smile & clap.

  6. Auntie Kryst

    Ok I called the game at midnight. Despite a hard charging offense and innovatively written offense by Team Jolie, Team Aniston never relinquished their lead and took it home. By my count it’s TA 26 and TJ 17.

    TA just had a bigger defense both in size and numbers. Regardless, it was great play all around, there really are no losers here. The winners, naturally its the fans. They witnessed a great game today. Despite the loss the Collins Trophy H8ter of the Game is awarded to TJ captain #28.

    I’m making my way to the TA locker room. The locker room is draped in plastic to keep everyone’s Lane Bryant clothes dry. I can hear the boxes of merlot being ripped open and Snackwell cookies are being thrown around like hockey pucks. “Ladies ladies great game! Any comments for the fans? Please don’t talk with your mouths full.”

  7. toolboy

    nice lateral thinking, the visual alone warranted a helmet pinch to stop the leakage….

    Oh, and Jen, if you are reading..Only I can stop the hurt (Adnan gave me that one). I am your density (G.McFly’s money move). Call me?

  8. Grow Up

    #103 – Really??? So Brad Pitt is the sexiest man alive because other people said so? It’s great to know people are strong enough to think for themselves.

  9. Whitman

    I want to dislike Jen, (self absorbed massive insecure egomaniac) but I got a boner looking at the pictures of her- and boners do not lie.

  10. LOL

    I love how the same one person keeps posting under different names how hot and estrogeny and Brat Doll-like Angelina is. It speaks for itself…

    And #106, I fail to see how feminists would root for Angelina. Feminists are all about supporting their fellow woman, aren’t they? And Angelina represents that how? By being a friendless, homewrecking scooze who clearly has no respect for her fellow women, not to mention the pathetic “look at me I am soooo horny and sexual” persona she has shoved down everyone’s throats? Any feminist worth her salt can see this gutter trash for what she is.

  11. Grow Up

    # 111 – I apologize. Perhaps it’s my own interpretation, but in my mind a respectable woman is supportive of their fellow woman. A feminist is a woman all about the woman, and has the attitude that there’s no need for a man.

  12. karie0731

    Jennifer Aniston is too hot to give a crap what Angelina Jolie has to say. Who cares? Jennifer got rid of that loser cheater Brad Pitt and it was the best move she ever made. Angelina just wishes she had Jennifer’s grace. Even all of her charity and missionary work will never make her a person with character because that is something earned not bought.

  13. SAK

    Angelina is a dirty home-wrecking whore and a FREAK… Jen is twice the woman she could ever be!! Adopting kids from another country doesn’t make you a “good person”. What comes around goes around though and Angie will get “hers” I’m pretty sure. Brad Pitt is a friggin LOSER and Jen is better off without him. Notice how ugly/dirty he looks since he hooked up with “the trash”? Not the handsome and classy guy he used to be… How bout adopting a homeless child FROM THIS COUNTRY?

  14. to103idiot

    are you kidding me? hes a washed up piece of shit. too bad that some people still let some magazine editors decide whos sexiest and whos not.
    and are you blind? i never doubled Jolies beauty, i said Brad likes masculine faced women. hes a soft man

  15. bears

    and ‘Grow Up’ has put it together perfectly

  16. sweet mama

    oh she will have zillion of kids now making sure that Brad never leaves her and i bet she works on his conscious big time

  17. Cam

    AMEN to 106!

  18. rocklobster

    Peppermint Patty! Dustin Hoffman! I won’t be able to look at Aniston w/o thinking that now. Jolie as the Crypt Keeper! Bhwaaaawaaawa! You guys are killing me today.

  19. Just Sweet

    OMG, D. Richards…you’re too funny.
    I think Angelina should just move far, far away…She should stop bringing all the kids from over seas to live over here. If she’s so in love with adopting, why not adopt American? There are so many children here suffering also…and she has to travel to find one? Then she degrades Shiloh for being born priviledged, that she feels so much more for Zaharah and Maddox because they are survivors…Bullshit. Stop trying for babies of your own then. What’s going to happen when shiloh is older and she reads that crap? All this do-gooder stuff she does doesn’t fool me…she may have only slept with 4 men in her whole life, but she still a damn weirdo. She was much more believable when she was with Billy Bob.

  20. Humanitarian Efforts Are a Good Thing

    #120 Just Sweet:

    If you were given a choice of what country to be poor in; would you answer Africa? No because the poor do not have it as good as in America. Africa does not have welfare like America. All families are dysfunctional to some extent. I admire Angelina for all her humanitarian efforts. She could easily be out dancing and drinking and having a nanny raise her children like a lot of the other famous people. I knew Angelina would make it big after seeing her in the movie Gia.

  21. Grow Up

    4 men??? The way she kisses her brother, I don’t believe it for a minute….unless the women she “experimented” with took the place of men for a time. She’s too screwed up. She shouldn’t be allowed to have babies…adopted or not. She wouldn’t let her dad see Shiloh because he wasn’t around when Angelina was a child??? GROW UP and GET OVER YOURSELF! The world is NOT all about Angelina Jolie. She really feels that’s reason enough not to let her children have a relationship with their grandfather? That’s some kind of humanitarian. She loves children in other countries but not children in her own country? She’s just pissed because he wants to be around her children but he couldn’t stand to be around her & her nasty bad attitude. Seriously, I’ve never seen a person scowl as much as she does. She acts like her face will break if she smiles or even gives a hint of feeling joy. Can you imagine what their sex must be like? She holds Brad up against a wall with his legs wrapped around her waist & pink lipstick on his lips & she stares at him with a scowl on her face expecting him to please her with his dick tucked back between his legs…

  22. heather

    never has it been more appropriate to say: GET OVER IT. so u were married to brad pitt for a couple years….you’re not anymore so let’s find some other yokel to get hitched to and leave brad and angie a fucking lone.

  23. Grow Up

    Yes, let’s leave the sideshow alone, let them raise their babies (the ones they love AND the ones they don’t love) to have group sex and procreate with one another (since they’re not biologically related…however related or not doesn’t seem to be an issue with good ‘ole Angie) so they may create an awkwardly foul & repulsive Jolie-Pitt commune which people will feel obligated to accept because she calls herself a humanitarian, and so that they ( and by “they” I mean she) may one day rule the world in all of their sick & twisted glory.

    Come on now people…let’s leave the poor people a fucking lone!

  24. heather

    BTW lexatron, zahara’s little bag was a fendi, not chanel.


  25. heather

    seeing as how u live with them and all, u know exactly what goes on in their house.

    i think it’s you who needs to grow up

  26. Grow Up

    I don’t see where anyone mentioned living with them. Most people know a lot about what goes on with celebrities simply because they advertise their lives in the spotlight. For instance, when Angie & Brad go overseas to adopt a child (because foreign children are apparently more loveable than American children) they make an announcement. It usually fits in the story somewhere around where she preens…again…on being a humanitarian. She kissed her brother like a red-light district hooker. That’s a fact. Anyone can see the pictures. She’s miserable. That’s easy to see. She uses her children and no-balls Brad to appear to be a family woman. Were it not for being in the spotlight and having people look at her and talk about her she’d have no use for any of them. It doesn’t take living with them to know these things about them. Don’t be sad. I have nothing against you. Why are you taking things so personally???

  27. "Grow Up" Is Experiencing Side Effects of Steroid

    To Jennifer Aniston, a.k.a. “Grow Up”:

    1. Angelina can scowl all she wants because she still looks hotter doing it than most women smiling from ear to ear.

    2. She wouldn’t have had every man who had fucked her wanting to marry her if she had been so boring in bed. The fact that you think she is a weirdo only makes her more likely to be more interesting in bed than most women. If “[s]he kissed her brother like a red-light district hooker,” imagine how she kisses a guy she wants to have sex with.

    3. Sweetie, from how bitterly passionate you wrote about Angelina Jolie, it is obvious that you are the one who is all about obsessing against her. I hope you don’t raise any children because it will be bad for kids growing up with anyone with so much resentment, especially towards a person she doesn’t even know in person.

  28. nodonuts

    Jolie is a fugly baby machine, nothing more.
    Seriously Brad Pitt ain’t worth all this fuss.

  29. Grow Up

    What can I say? I have issues whether it be with the Jolie-Pitt “family” or any other parents who put themselves before their children. Angelina doesn’t look “hot”. She looks like orange beams will shoot out of her eyes & disintigrate anything they hit if Bradley even acts as though he might try to speak for himself. I suppose everyone has their opinion on what’s “hot”. In my opinion, miserable does not equal hot. As far as men wanting to marry her, they stay with her until they can’t stand her anymore. That’s why she’s not married now. And as for the way she kisses a man she wants to have sex with, I wouldn’t shy away from putting her brother in that category. I’m not passionate about Angelina Jolie. I do have strong opinions on the fact that she’s fucked up in the head & that she’s bringing children (some that she loves & others that she doesn’t love) into her miserable situation and trynig to appear to be some kind of humanitarian God. Why is she having biological children if she’s doesn’t love them as much as children she buys from other countries? (That’s a rhetorical question). I can tell you why. It’s because she’s selfish & inconsiderate of those children & does it for the sake of appearing to be a great woman. Everyone should have a problem with that, as poor & selfish parenting creates problems in our country….regardless of how much money you may have. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan…both raised by parents who are more concerned with what people think of them than their children. Perhaps it’s you who needs to look at the real problems and stop trying to smooth them over with who looks “hot”.

  30. Kate

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  31. Yes Generation Parents

    Angelina grew up with parents from the Yes generation like me. She grew up in a dysfunctional family and this is where she gets her weirdness. I like the way she carries herself and speaks freely about her life. She is a great actor too. I hope the best for her and her family.

  32. Grow Up

    Growing up in a dysfunctional family doesn’t make it okay to create another dysfunctional family. To use that as an excuse for her being a bad parent isn’t right. She’s a grown adult & should be able to accept responsibility for the choices she makes. It’s a cop-out for her to blame her parents. To love one of your children more than another one of your children, for any reason, is wrong, but for it to be because the adopted child came from a poor country??? That is ALL wrong. If she can’t hold the same love for her biological children she shouldn’t be having them.

  33. Yes Generation Parents

    #133 Grow Up

    I said she has weirdness because she is from a dysfunctional family. Your comment on her liking her adopted children better than her biological child sounds sad. Is there an article I can read about it on the Internet? From experience, most parents do have a favorite. Some are better at hiding it than others. My mom told me that she wishes she only had 1 child which is my oldest brother when I was a child.

  34. Dumpee Needs to Grow Up


    Get your facts straight: Angeline dumps men, not the other way around. There was a lot of news saying Brad wanted to get married before they had a child but she did not want to.

    Just because you usually get dumped doesn’t mean someone you hate from the bottom of your heart has the same problem.

    As with hotness, of course it is subjective. But apparently most men do think she’s hot or otherwise she wouldn’t have made millions (and FYI BTW, donated half of them to charity).

  35. Yes Generation Parents

    #135 Grow Up

    Thank you for the link.

    I read the article and it sounds like Angelina is being totally honest. She gave this interview when her new born had no personality yet. She could have lied and said she loved them equally, but she chose to be honest. She loves her adopted children differently because they are survivors and her new born was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. This is one of the qualities I like about Angelina; she will be totally honest with her life and this leaves her open for criticism. Imagine if more rich and famous people did humanitarian work; how better this world would be. Angelina is the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency.

  36. Terry

    I remember watching a talk show with Brad Pitt and they asked him if he wants children and he said yes with teary eyes. It was probably because Jennifer did not want children. She was probably worried about losing her figure and her freedom. And then Brad and Angelina do a movie together called Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad and Angelina had a lot in common like wanting to have a family. So now Jennifer is alone with her nice figure and freedom.

  37. your mom

    #137- how do you think shiloh will feel when she grows up and reads this? no loving mother would give a public interview saying she loved some of her children more than others! that’s not honesty! that’s angelina talking out of her ass like she does in every ackward, pretentious, narcissistic interview she gives.

  38. Yes Generation Parents


    Shiloh will be fine because she will be raised with love and an understanding about her sibblings. Children do quite well when living in a loving and nurturing home with 2 parents. You are twisting her words just like the media likes to do. Angelina said she loves her children differently because of their situation, not more than the other. The bottom line is she is being honest and this is rare in Hollywood.

  39. sala

    When will this Brad, Angelina and Jennifer nonsense cease?.

    The tabloids-online and print are making a fortune on this old triangle story. If Jennifer Aniston really thought Brad Pitt was all of that she would have done anything and everything to keep him.

    I think people need to realize that she don’t give a S#!7 about him. He is obviously not that important to her because she gone on with her sex life with ohther men. She still vacations in exlcusive resorts with her friends and family. She still has her career. She still has her money.

    So, why is it that people still force themselves to believe that she wants Brad?.
    If Brad was so great she would have still been with him. When you don’t give a shit about someone you don’t meet them halfway. To fool yourself into thinking that Aniston is grieving for Brad is naive.

    Jennifer Aniston is long over Brad. Sure she was hurt initially. She was embarrassed by the worldwide coverage and the seemingly instantaneous way that Brad coupled with Angelina. So what, anyone would be even if the whole world didn’t know about it. It’s embarrassing.

    I’m glad Jennifer didn’t go out and try to compete with Jolie-having kids, adopting kids, volunteering on behalf of the U.N. I’m glad Brad found happiness that he thought he was missing. I’m glad Angelina has the life she has always wanted- she’s no longer haunted by her troubled childhood.

    Let’s be happy for them all. It’s the adult thing to do. They are three talented individuals in their own right. They each have fans that adore their work. Can’t we just stop this nonsense. They have all stated in various interviews that they don’t understand this constant fan attention.

    Can’t we their fans just stop this nonsense. Enough already!!. Let’s just enjoy their movies, regardless of who you like.

  40. serena

    #34 you ass.

    She is dressed like that for the movie “He’s just not that into you”. This pic was taken on the set of that movie late last year.

    Why is it that some people who like movies don’t realize that the clothes an actor or actress wears is not their own. Wardrobe dept. takes care of that. They work in tandem with the Director to dress the characters.

    Maybe in the Anistons’ movie there’s an 80′s flashback. Who knows. Are you so desperate to provide a negative comment?. Use your mind retard.

  41. she z a gorgeous girl and her nice pics r seen at ~~ ~~ ~. a dating site for lesbians, and she z hot there..

  42. amber

    you ppl are fucking retarded! Jennifer Aniston wouldnt let that bitch get to her…and that’s all angelina is!!! fuck her and brad! jennifer doesnt need either of them!

  43. sorry but..

    111-why are you laughing out loud?

    i am looking at these comments for the first time and i too think that angelina looks like a hot brat doll…
    i think that is a common perception.

  44. brit

    # 114 -i agree completely why do people insist on adopting foreign kids how but helping out children from your own damn country too!

  45. Jennifer Blew it Big Time!


    Jennifer was stupid not to start a family with Brad. But Jennifer is full of herself and thought that having a baby would ruin her figure and take away her freedom. Now Jennifer has her figure, freedom, and is lonely.

  46. Phunmunky

    Jennifer’s big mistake is she kept putting off wanting to start a family. Can you really put the blame of Brad for getting tired of waiting and finding someone who did want to have a family and find more out of life than movies and sitcoms? Granted both Brad and Angelina still make movies to pay for all those mouths to feed and live the lifestyle they do, but Jennifer was not interested moving out of her own self-absorbed bubble to realize that family was important to Brad.

  47. jennifer aniston is way more prettier than angelina jolie … jolie can get stuffed!

  48. duff

    this soundsl ike BS. why would aniston care anymore? didn’t she and brad break up years ago?

  49. Love Hurts


    It still must hurt to see your ex husband living the American dream; having a family and being successful and seeing their every move captured in the media.

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