Jennifer Aniston dissed by Angelina Jolie

February 27th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were supposed to have a little sit down to ease the tension between the two and bring some closure to the fact that Brad ditched Jen to repopulate the planet with Angelina. The sit down was scheduled before the Night Before party in Beverly Hills on Saturday, but Angie bailed at the last minute. Author Robert Greene of “The 48 Laws of Power” gives Us Weekly his analysis:

“If Angelina is trying to get under Jen’s skin – push her buttons – this is a clever way to do it,” Greene adds.
“Imagine you’re in Jen’s shoes,” he says. “You’re worried about Angelina showing up. And she never does. It’s infuriating. If intentional, it’s definitely a power move.”

Maybe Angelina Jolie, being the humanitarian that she is, didn’t want to rub in the fact that she has a fully functioning reproductive system and Jennifer Aniston will die barren and alone. I mean, that sounds considerate. Or Angelina could just be a total bitch and wanted to screw with Jen’s head. Then she went home and wrote about her in her slambook while Brad braided her hair. Yeah, all that stuff.


  1. sla

    #34 — and why is this 40 year old dress like she is 12 with hair like she is 20.

    What are you, 15? Forty is not too old to have cute hair and wear a sundress. Is there an age when a woman is supposed to get June Cleaver hair? She’s got good knees and looks great in pink. Rock on, Jen.

  2. wow

    42 – I came here to write the same thing… those books kicked so much ass.

    I doubt she’ll die “barren and alone”… more likely barren with 40 cats.

  3. LL

    Sadat did not know who he was fucking with…

  4. aja

    Angelina is almost ten years younger than Jen, but looks ten years older than her.

  5. Angelina Jolie is sooooooo insanely HOT

    Ugly Aniston and her Jolie-hating fans should get over themselves.
    C’mon, it’s Angelina MOTHERFUCKING Jolie, the most beautiful woman in the world. There’s no way any man she wants is gonna resist. Jennifer Aniston looks like a rotten watery dog turd next to Angelina, both on the outside and on the inside.
    And the one who broke up with his wife was Brad Pitt, not Angelina Jolie. It’s not like if Angelina had put a gun on Brad’s head and told him to do it. He did it because he wanted to, don’t blame insanely stunning Angelina, blame him. Angelina was single.

  6. Jen > Skeletor

    –#47 You are seriously my hero. Not that I particularly love Aniston, but I HATE Jolie. All this ambassador shit is just leading to her trying to take over the world.

  7. ph7

    She’s old.

    Everyone blows off old chicks. They are irrelevant.

  8. LK

    54- EXACTLY.

  9. Hannah T

    Ok, well, I don’t care either way, and I totally don’t believe this Angelina/Jennifer rivalry crap, I’m sure they have better things to do with their lives. Also, I love Jennifer, she will always be Rachel in Friends to me…..but she is living proof right there in those photos that not even celebrities can wear what they like and still look good…….very, very, very bad dress.

  10. ipanema_schuyler

    but to imagine that brad went from juliette lewis via gwyneth and aniston to jolie .. man. please compare juliette lewis – AJ. that was a long, long and winding road ….

  11. Pixie

    Yeah I used to think Angelina was pretty, but the more I look at her face, the more it annoys me. I just want to punch her lenolike chin. I like her humanitarian work though.
    Anyhow, I think Jen looks pretty in these pictures. She seems much more lovely in movies though when she’s in motion.

  12. Chris

    There has got to be a way to automatically ban someone from commenting when the douchebag says “FIRST”…..he probably pops his collar, that cocksucker!


  13. Brandy

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  14. Auntie Kryst

    @63 No one asked for links you filthy paid blogging whore. Fucking “Brandy” nice slut name you stealth marketing pig. Your worse than the scamming date sites. You are utter trash and you sicken me.

  15. Jamie's Uterus

    I find it hard to believe that either one of these women would care what the other is doing, thinking or saying? Both are self absorbed egomaniacs. Why would they even care???????? More ways to sell tabloids !

  16. adoe

    Oh I think it’s all a bunch of BS…I seriously doubt Jen wants to meet with her or even cares at this point. Without even knowing her in the least, I will safely assume she’s moved on. The mags are only carrying this fictional drama on b/c she’s not married with kids. Why do people believe EVERYTHING they read?

  17. Jen

    Angelina IS gorgeous, granted, but Jennifer A is fucking smokin’, and I really find it hard to believe that she could give a shit about AJ and BP. Really. Why would she want to sit down with the woman who relentlessly pursued her husband? Just gossip, and not even creative — as it was rumored months ago that they were going to have a meeting.

  18. L

    Seems like Angie was the one afraid of Jen…no slam for Jen, Angie is a coward.

  19. kitty_kat


  20. Neybirt

    Poor jenny. I feel for her. She must regret for not “being ready” to start a family with Brad back in the days. Still i have to say i was suprised when Angelina ja Brad first got together. Jennifer seems more sweet and cuddly than Angelina. I kinda see Angelina as a freak. She’s kinda odd and weird. Never liked her looks either. But this Aennifer Aniston girl is a sweetheart. Good to know there is another woman who’s hot and all that but will still end up abeing alone forever. I blame men.

  21. AliCat

    Jolie is a succubus. Viles of blood and kissing her brother like that? No amount of charity work can cover up her history of skankdom. I can only imagine the things Brad must have to put up with behind closed doors since she doesn’t act like a total sexual freakshow in public anymore.

  22. Eirin

    Jennifer still looks HOT!
    Angelina and Brad, not so much anymore.

  23. Optimisticate

    Nice… insulting people who can’t, or haven’t had kids yet just because the ex is with someone who gets pregnant faster than Britney Spears when she visits the trailer park.

  24. jn hutchin

    Angelina is a homewrecking whore and Brad is a nitwit. They deserve each other.

  25. Fornification

    Jennifer Aniston is the most over-rated actress on TV i have ever seen. She’s fuckkin annoying as shit and has no talent to back that shit up. She was cute back in her younger days but that was about it. This bitch needs her to learn from her mistakes and move the fuck on, instead of feeding the tabloids with more horseshit that comes off her fuckkin ugly ass chin. Divorcing from one of the hottest actors (who was not even known as a playboy), must really make many of us wonder just how THE FUCK did she screw that up?? Bitch can’t hack it. SIMPLE. AS. THAT.

  26. so now this story has went from hosting a party (which has anyone ever bothered to find out how many of the “hosts” did not show up) to they were going to have a “sit down”. I find it all ridiculous and just think it is a way tabloids/blogs can keep breathing air in this tired story in hopes of increasing page hits and magazine sales.

    I see they even dragged some author who clearly wants to pimp his book to comment on the story

  27. Tee

    Women seem to love Jennifer Aniston way more than guys do. I’ve never understood Aniston’s appeal. The only thing I can think of is that she makes even ordinary women feel beautiful. Women seem to hate Angelina she blows us all out of the water, looks-wise.

    Jen looks like Zera the ape from “Planet of the Apes”.

    Aniston is very plain. As for the guys who love her, they must be afraid of real women because she has no chest, has the figure of a teenage boy, and looks like a guy in drag.

    And has anyone noticed her most recent nose job? It has more of a ski slope shape to it now.

    Aniston is the pathetic, plain Jane girl next door who spends her days doing pilates, getting her nose done and having her face sand-blasted: Angelina is a goddess who gets slagged by losers for trying to improve the world and drawing attention to the plight of third world countries.

  28. yawn

    Jen the man has no life or career, she is a shitty actress, so she has all the time in the world to think about losing Brad and crying over it, watching him have it all with Angelina. Bitch is bitter and it’s her own fault, well maybe not hers, but her parents for making her look so ugly.

  29. Mrs.A2B

    I agree with Tee. Only ugly insecure women who can’t keep a man or have been cheated on like Aniston. They call Angelina names like whore, homewrecker etc. as if she stole their own husband. Ordinary women can definitely relate more to Aniston and are jealous of Angelina because her beauty is very rare and not many women are on her level of beauty..

  30. forget jolie

    i really think that angelina is one giant fraud. everything she does is to garner attention. there is no beauty to getting involved with someone else’s husband, or to taking on the responsibility of several children only to move them to another part of the globe every few months. her soul is starting to show itself in her appearance: shriveled and wretched.

  31. magickal

    Angelina Jolie is a homewrecking cunt. I hate that coy look she always has when her and Fagboy hit the red carpet. Their photos together are more staged than that god awful Heidi MontDOG and her schmuck of a boyfriend. Brad has never been uglier or more gay looking in his life. His new hair cut makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I hate them both. Jennifer Aniston is definitely the winner in this situation since she doesn’t have to deal with his shit anymore. Cheating loser! Skeletor! Hahahahaha! So true! Jennifer is beautiful, natural, has nothing to prove, is not going to burn in hell, etc., everything Angelina is not.

  32. Neybirt

    magickal, pls stop. you’re killing me! :´´´´DD

    argee totally.

  33. Gotta say, with all that baby-making, Angie’s cooch must be damn loose. Damn loose.

  34. #84, she only had one kid herself so far…

  35. lani

    she looks amazing in that dress

  36. Ted from LA

    Kids, kids, kids… relax. The chick with the Billy Bob tattoo is beautiful in the face and that’s about it. She is obviously a complete nut. Jen-Jen is cute as a bug and annoying as 2000 cockroaches in a bathtub. If I were Bradley, I’d throw them both overboard, reattach my testicles, and change out of my leisure suit and into a busines causal look and move to Wisconsin or Ohio and start over. As it stands, they all deserve each other and the horrible lives they have created for themselves for the next “photo op” on some color of carpet. Fuck it all I say. Life is way to short to chase this hollow dream. Ted from LA has, at one point in his life, been an autograph signer. I enjoyed it with those 10 years-old and younger, but wanted to run like a fucken deer whenever an adult got in line. Hint to adults: there is no lower form of life than an adult autograph seeker. My tooth is killing me. The only pain med I have is Maker’s Mark.

  37. Hannah

    Jennifer Aniston is the most beautiful, and funniest person in the world!

  38. Mi

    Jennifer Aniston was never good enough for brad pitt and you all know it. She was lucky to have him for as long as she did. She insisted on a wedding that cost 1 million dollars complete with fireworks.

    Angelina on the other hand adopts children, is a UN embassador and gives a reported 1/3 of her income to charity. And you need to question who is the better person here? jennifer never had babies because she wanted to further her career. Don’t fool yourselves!

  39. FRT

    I heard she is signed up to play ” Babs”…Barbara Striesand in a bio pick.
    Put on the big fucking fake nose…maybe a pint or two of cologen pumped into the lips…and fucking viola…you have “Babs”…!

    Can’t you see it…???

  40. Jennifer is much more beautiful than Angelina, more like Devilina. Angelina is ugly she has trout lips and evil eyes, I really don’t get why people think she is so great, she is a morbid blood vile wearing freak. Poor Jen.

  41. Blondamnation

    I don’t know why, but I completely believe you, Ted from LA.

    I bet when someone little does it it’s OK, but a grown up? What the f do you do with an autograph, anyway? It’s like a Celine Dion album-you know it exists but who the hell do you actually know that would have that?
    (maybe #28 would-he seems to have serious issues-maybe anger management? And reading/spelling is not a strong point either..)

  42. mw

    Jen’s face is average but her body is so much better than Angelina’s. She’s perfectly proportioned and in great shape. Jolie is always accused of being anorexic, but because of her apple-shaped body she needs to stay very thin, or else she gains weight on her face and around her midsection, while her arms, legs, and ass remain scrawny. That’s what she was like when she was younger and she looked worse than she does now.

  43. Lexatron

    “raising humble and unspoiled kids”

    Are you kidding me? There is a photo somewhere on here of her daugher Zahara [or whatever ridiculous name it is] with a Chanel handbag! A child with a handbag is stupid enough…but a chanel handbag?? How is that unspoiled?

    Also did no one else read the interview where she said she loved her adopted kids more than her biological kids, because the adopted ones have had harder lives and have had to struggle? Yes, Angelina, because your biological children *asked* to be born into a rich, famou family. And of course they wont read this article when older and be fucked up for life.

    She’s a complete nutter and bitch.

  44. If this was anyone other than Jennifer Aniston I would’ve said Jolie was a spiteful bitch.

    Because it’s Aniston I applaud and cry “Bravo!”

  45. Lynn

    Jennifer Aniston is so hot,i love her from “FRIENDS”.=============== I saw her profile and lots of hot photos on a dating site called Is she dating with sugar daddy?

  46. alex oz

    hot jen !!
    fuck angelina shes too skinny and her arms is like my erection !!!
    i love that sexy jen so classy!

  47. Karen

    What goes around …..comes around…….Jolie’s just a man snatchin BITCH!!

  48. Karen

    and Pitts’ fuckin pussy whipped!!

  49. bears

    I don’t know who to feel more sorry for! Angelina: for having such an ugly and washed up husband or Brad: ‘the bitch’
    Since I’m a woman, i’ll take Angelina’s side, it can’t be THAT bad. I bet the reason she’s holding him is because she won’t find another slave like that. Lol

  50. bears

    and ManJolie, MAniston. Brad sure likes masculine faced women.

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