Jennifer Aniston dissed by Angelina Jolie

February 27th, 2008 // 162 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were supposed to have a little sit down to ease the tension between the two and bring some closure to the fact that Brad ditched Jen to repopulate the planet with Angelina. The sit down was scheduled before the Night Before party in Beverly Hills on Saturday, but Angie bailed at the last minute. Author Robert Greene of “The 48 Laws of Power” gives Us Weekly his analysis:

“If Angelina is trying to get under Jen’s skin – push her buttons – this is a clever way to do it,” Greene adds.
“Imagine you’re in Jen’s shoes,” he says. “You’re worried about Angelina showing up. And she never does. It’s infuriating. If intentional, it’s definitely a power move.”

Maybe Angelina Jolie, being the humanitarian that she is, didn’t want to rub in the fact that she has a fully functioning reproductive system and Jennifer Aniston will die barren and alone. I mean, that sounds considerate. Or Angelina could just be a total bitch and wanted to screw with Jen’s head. Then she went home and wrote about her in her slambook while Brad braided her hair. Yeah, all that stuff.


  1. kush


  2. The Laughing God

    Or she stayed home and Brad made she he impregnated her good.

  3. Anonymous

    Who the fuck cares about Jolie? She’s a useless fucking hag. Fuck her. Just a piece of shit, nothing more.

  4. morga

    Jen’s still way cuter than Angelina. Angelina is not going to age well.

  5. The Laughing God

    “Or she stayed home and Brad made sure he impregnated her good.”

    The pressure of being a single digit number poster was too great….


  6. kristin

    do you losers sit at your computer all day waiting for something to be posted.. just to write FIRSTTT??!?!?! so lame. please get a life you’re just as bad as the rest of them on here

  7. stardust

    wow, she really is quite pitiful now, i remember when i was young and i used to hate her because she acted so innocent but i knew she was a slut just like racheal in friends, but now i just feel bad for her, because the real slut (AJ) is shagging the best thing that ever happened to her (BP) and her only retaliation was fat dufus vince vaughn. Ah well.

  8. C

    I dont care what you guys say, Jennifer is smokin hot in these pictures!

  9. Vince Lombardi

    She should fuck Matt Damon. He has Olympic swimmers.

  10. oh, you know

    that is the tiniest bridesmaid dress i’ve ever seen

  11. Ross Gellar

    Guys, I want to hit thattttt!!

  12. Natascha

    Jen was just probably going to show Angelina pictures of when Brad used to be hot.

  13. D. Richards (Neo-Racist.)

    No balls. There’s no balls in making up; people are supposed to hate for life.

    If Dick was Jennifer Aniston — and thank mercy he’s not (he loves his cock) — he would forget Angelina’s name and start fucking everything that moves: Men, women, children, dogs, horses, felines, lepers, hobos, the retarded, and hell, even blacks. No, not that far. Blacks are where Dick draws the line, sexually. Gross!

  14. leeza

    #8 – what kind of loser trolls a gossip web site just to call people losers? please re-read your post, you are talking to yourself.

    people like to be first, so fucking what

  15. SaxW

    Jesus, who the fuck cares? Are we really expected to believe that Angie and Jennifer trip about each other and actually feel the need to meet and “talk about it”? Just more fake media douchebaggery. Leave poor Jen alone.

  16. Des

    # 14 Natascha..sooooo true!!

  17. lipper

    Ummm why is Angelina sweating Jennifer anyhow? Seems to me if you are going out of your way to play head games, Angela must be concerned about something. Seems rather childish. And Jennifer should just laugh it off, she is MUCH better off without Brad anyhow.

    Being single seems to agree with her. She has HER choice of grade A beef.

  18. Superevil

    You’ve been divorced for how many years? Move the fuck on or kill yourself, either way I don’t care.

  19. Jennifer is so much hotter than Angelina it isn’t even funny.

    Oh, you 3 at the top – all losers.

  20. D. Richards (1/4 of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

    As is your penchant for being correct one or twice a year you are so right this time. Like how I hate you for life and stuff.
    Oh, for the black man thing. Just apply liberal doses of K-Y and it won’t hurt so much. Bro.

    X O ? X O ? X O ?

  21. lipper

    Jennifer at least has some womanly curves to her. Angela is like the crypt keeper, though back in the day when Angelina had some meat on her she was smokin.

  22. gethighwithme

    #6 and u think aniston is going to age well? u should see her pics without makeup on.

  23. RatRat

    Jen is so much hotter than that skanky syphilis infested jolie.

  24. julia bella

    You are on here!!! hahaha!!!

  25. julia bella

    sorry #6
    that was for number 8

  26. calm down uglies, no one that matters agrees with you

    I see all the ugly jilted plain janes have come out to support their queen, peppermint patty of charlie brown


    just because she has hooker hair and is in the shadows doesn’t mean she looks better than angelina
    dustin hoffman face = ugly

    brat doll face and UN ambassador = hot

    no one that matters thinks that jen is hotter,
    she is 40 and has an entirely ugly face , no good features to speak of and will die alone and childless…
    and she can’t act.

    p.s she is too hold to have beach hair… but she better keep it up or even suburban housewives will realize how ugly she is.

  27. FCS

    At least Jen doesn’t have those fucking Cruella deVille arms like AJ. Those fucking things creep me the fuck out.

  28. D. Richards (Anti-Christ.)

    #22. No, man, it’s not even like that — I have an exceptionally loose ass; I’m just afraid I might scuff. It’s hard to get a stain out of pretty suade.

  29. havoc

    Jennifer Aniston is so fucking hot, there aren’t any words……

    I’d plow that like a Nebraska corn field.


  30. oh and

    24 -
    jen with minimal makeup and her hair pulled back so you can actually see her face is ugly enough thank you.

    she is a cokehead.

  31. your mom

    angelina is a disgusting and narcissistic bitch. everything she does is so the public will adore her. seriously. how many super rich humanitarians shop at wall-mart? is it so she can rub in her kids’ faces what they would be doing if she hadn’t descended from the heavens to save them? what. a. bitch.

  32. i can not stand the sound of her nasal whining thick with mucous voice!


    you must be blind,
    she looks like a thin babs streissand with beach bum hair…

    i would hate to see you in the light.

    and why is this 40 year old dress like she is 12 with hair like she is 20.


  33. Auntie Kryst

    This whole thing reminds me so much of the Egyptian/Israeli peace accord. Menachim Begin was supposed to meet Anwar Sadat at Starbucks, and then the two were going to go handbag shopping. Anwar bailed at the last minute (didn’t even text). Begin was all “oh no he di-in’t” *snap*. Anwar later dissed, “I ain’t your bitch, bitch!” Troops were mobilized on their respective borders, but for appearances sake they patched things up. BFFs or so we thought! Sadat was later assassinated. Lesson? Jolie, watch your back.

  34. i hate her voice!


    you must be blind,
    she looks like a thin babs streissand with beach bum hair…

    i would hate to see you in the light.

    and why is this 40 year old dress like she is 12 with hair like she is 20.


  35. ughhhh

    hey mom,

    yes, an adored humanitarian , with the face of a beautiful estrogen featured goddess, and mother with millions attempts raising humble and unspoiled children, she is quite the witch..

    lets worship instead a troll faced selfish talentless woman a prime example of mediocrity and milquetoast.

  36. Champ

    Jen > Skeletor Jolie

  37. Grunion

    #35 Sadat always was a catty bitch.

  38. Yourfairytale

    That’s pretty funny. I’d love to be able to do that to Maniston. She’s so needy and annoying.

  39. locoinOR

    wow…you wrote “slambook”. thats f’n AMAZING…haven’t heard that shiz since i read a sweet valley high book in 88…..

  40. Jade

    How much time has passed, and Aniston *still* needs closure? That isn’t Jolie’s problem. Aniston’s time would be better spent in counselling. Jolie owes her nothing, and I’m amazed she would even give Aniston the time of day to ponder doing a meeting like that.

  41. yes this is quite a competition

    humanitarian ,oscar winner 15 times sexiest woman alive creamy sexy voice, thin yet chesty, dsls, mother, un ambassador, laura croft

    big ratty hair, jew face, no talent, whiny voice, selfish old hag

  42. ipanema_schuyler

    and all this haterade between them because of … Pitt? So sad.

  43. Janine

    They need to end this bullshit, who cares? Hopefully Jen will remarry so we don’t have to hear this crap all the time.

  44. sla

    Even if this is a complete lie, it still confirms the fact that Angie is a card-carrying, hell-on-wheels bitch of the highest magnitude.

    That’s why Brad always looks pussy-whipped.

    And I’d take Vince over Brad. Forget looks, a man who can make you laugh beats pretty boy any day of the week.

    Same for women. Argue all you want about who is hotter. Who would you rather play quarters with? I doubt there is enough booze on the planet to get Angie to unclench her butt cheeks.

  45. Auntie Kryst

    At the halftime it’s Team Aniston with 12. Team Jolie is close behind at 9. I’m actually suprised here. Team Jolie is issuing a strong, on target and well worded offense. Team Aniston is able to counter with a very servicable defense. Lot of bench strength there. Frankly it’s anyone’s game.

    I’m setting the over/under on this at 30 and I’m also giving Jolie 5 points. Any takers?

  46. ipanema_schuyler

    although I’ve totally never seen the appeal of Pitt even back in the day, Vince is NOT an option, either.

  47. Auntie Kryst

    Holy shit, in the time it took me to misspell serviceable, Team Jolie narrows the lead to 1. Do you believe in miracles!!!!!!!!

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