Jennifer Aniston didn’t know

January 13th, 2006 // 121 Comments

*jennifer wants some taco-flavored keesesAccording to TV show Extra, Brad Pitt did not call Jennifer Aniston to tell her about girlfriend Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy announcement. Aniston’s publicist, Stephen Huvane, cleared up reports that Pitt and former wife Aniston spoke before the announcement on Wednesday.

“All the reports about phone calls between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are all made-up lies,” Huvane said.

Oh great. So now we get to see another 4 million articles about what a martyr Jennifer is and how life is so hard and how she struggled and survived. If self-pity was fat, Jennifer would be Butterbean. Here’s a news flash: shit happens. I’m not sure on what planet it’s harder for people with millions of dollars and millions of fans to deal with life than the rest of us poor shmucks. Oh yes, it’s planet Whiny Bitch. Hopefully it’ll soon be invaded by planet Chlamydia.

Rep: Aniston Wasn’t Alerted to Pregnancy [AP]


  1. kaida

    slinkhard I am very aware that Angelina jolie`s fans can`t dream of matching her either. But at least they don`t show off their insecurity and pure hatred by dissing her. She is an amasing woman and all those who cannot admit that (even to themselfs) are just showing grudge and frustration.
    And benjamin01 … that is not “worship” I put in my post. Just recognition. I don`t have a single picture of Angelina in my room so I am not a “fan”, but I still cannot degny she is extrordinary. On all plans. That`s all.

  2. nikki

    from the minute that Brad and Jen agreed to end their marriage, Brad was free to date whomever he wanted. yeah it was kinda tasteless that he linked up with someone else so quickly. but he was FREE to do so. case closed.

  3. benjamin01

    time for a reality check, kaida. you wrote “she has a perfect face”… even AJ fans, if they’re realistic, know she’s not perfect — no one is. Your worship of her is hilarious.

  4. zena marie

    nikki, fucking grow up. it’s not that black or white and decent people usually manage treat their spouses like something other than last week’s disposable underwear.

  5. kylieer

    I give this whole ‘union’ 6 months. Angelina will be back with her many ‘lovers’ and knife collections in no time….and we will just have yet another f**ked celebrity kid to deal with in 20 years…
    Do any celebrity marriages work these days? nope.

  6. ScottyBitch

    AJ’s boobs are real? Hold on. I am going to google and research that unlikely statement. Back in a min.

  7. zena marie

    Aj’s boobs are not real.
    Scroll down th epage for photos that make it obvious how _not_ real they are.

  8. SMF121490

    There is a reason they call it divorce. You get separate, you get divorced, and you move the f*** on. What is Brad suppose to do, sit and pine away for Jennifer forever. Not to be with another woman as long as he lives? The same goes for Jennifer. Where is reality here?
    My ex husband has 4 other children. I could care less. We are divorced.

  9. zena marie

    SMF did your husband knock someone else up before you were divorced? pitt did. his divorce with chinnifer went through in october. aj is obviously more than 3 months preggers. did you ex move on seamlessly?
    did the end of yur marriage and your ex moving on that way get smeared all over every tabloid and silly web site??
    No? then STFU.

  10. vida

    SMF, did u have the media and the rest of the world in your face recording and analysing each and every emotion you went thru? each and every little thing you did? didn’t think so… not so much the same now, is it?

  11. caf

    i completely agree with so many of these later posts. Its complete human nature that a woman would be hurt and embarrassed that her ex-husband moved on sooooo soon after (or in this case probably before) the divorce. SMF for someone who talks about divorce like its a day in the sun that is true denial. I agree with zena and vida thats just unbelievable and sounds pretty damn bitter for sumone whose supposedly so pro-divorce. Yes, you’ve come to terms with it so good for you, it must be at least 4 years on if he’s had 4 other kids so give yourself a clap and have some sympathy…perhaps some people respect that whole crazy ’till death do we part’ part of marriage.

  12. Mori

    Thanks for the link Zena, now that’s interesting. Suddenly AJ is not looking so hot, she needs to get those bad boys redone. Just a few more groovy scars for Ms. Sexypants…

  13. kaida

    hahahha :))
    Angelina`s boobs are real and those pictures are SO photoshopped the images are from firefox I have seen the movie and her boobs didn`t look like that.

  14. benjamin01

    yean anyone can claim any ppicture was photoshopped but that one wasn’t.

    I saw firefox too and it was obvious she had a boob job.

  15. becca11

    hey jen, dustin hoffman called, he wants his face back.

  16. becca11

    i saw firefox, and taking lives, they are real and big, those pictures were not even her body, you can get fake shit anywhere.

  17. eyekandi

    i feel really sorry for everyone dissing every single thing Jenn does..the only reason u do that is becuz u dont have a life and make urselves feel better by pointing out whatever she does or says! get a freakin life!..i dont give a damn if stuiped brad and witch angelina have 1000 babies ! i dont care if they adopt the whole planet together for all i care!. stop puttin words in jenn’d mouth and life and start gettin ur own pathetic life!


  18. kalbee

    I think this whole media fixation on these 3 people is insane! It is incrediable all of the rotten comments that are made about Jen Aniston. She is far from being ugly, I think she is alot better looking than Jolie, and has more class. While she is not exactly a victim, she was burned and humilated. It is the media who carries on the stories about her. As for PR, Angelina and Brad seem to want it more, c’mon does anyone on the Brananglina team really think it was not a stunt that she made it public she was pregnant while in the Dominican Republic. Of course it was stunt, she knew the media would follow them over to Haiti so more of her so called charity would make it in the news!!! Frankly their so called charity does not impress me at all. She is the spokesperson for third world countries that sell children into the sex trade for christsake. She goes to Eithopia and adopts a baby girl in the middle of the whole divorce saga (good timing), and sleeps with a man while he was still married. Pitt follows his pregnant girlfriend around the world while toting the other 2 with them. If they loved these kids so much then they should give them more stability instead of looking to see where they can get more PR. They seem to forget that it was us, The AMERICAN PEOPLE who made them rich and famous, but I do not see them doing much charity here. Maybe they should starting donating their money that they made from us to the poor here and start adopting american babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Lisamarie

    This is so ridiculous. Firstly Jennifer Aniston is NOT to blame… her husband left her for another woman. Who cares if she didnt want a family? How backwards are you people? Woman are allowed to pursue a career, just because Jen doesnt want to walk around barefoot and pregnant making cookies does not excuse Brad for anything. You forget who is in the wrong here: the cheating husband: NOT his wife. So stop be so sexist, leave Jennifer alone and get a life.

  20. celebshaveissues

    jenifer seroiusly
    hmm i feel so much better

  21. BigE

    Ok Jennifer Aniston is completely all about herself where as Angelina Jolie actually cares a whole lot more then just her career. Angelina and Brad Pitt care about other people that are way less fortunate and are in need of a good home. They also give a lot of time to the unfortunate. I think the U.S. is so fascinated by the “rich and famous” that people get sucked into that people forget about reality. Reality is that there are so so few Hollywood people that actually make it big time. Acting in Hollywood and making it big time is such a small window of opportunity. There are so so so many more people than the very very very small community of the Hollywood type people.

    Yeah I agree that Jennifer lost out for a very good reason. First she is selfish, a whiner, and ONLY CARES ABOUT HERSELF AND wants the world to know how much she is suffering over Brad Pitt because she told Brad she would rather have a career than kids. Good for Brad leaving the Whining little, selfish woman that will never grow up. Jennifer needs to grow up!!! Jennifer has all the money and can afford the “plush life” but yet has the need to whine over her life about losing poor Brad Pitt. Jennifer needs a swift kick in the ass and be pushed off her soapbox pedestal!!! I don’t want to hear or see all the articles about these “rich and famous” complaining about how their lives are so bad. BAD??? There is no bad life if you are a fortunate actor or actress that actually makes it into the big time. Those people need to get real!!! The one that can actually see the realization that there is more to life than just being “Rich and Famous” is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I think those two are decent people because they care much more about other people than themselves and want to help the world by donating their time and money to worthy causes!!

    Another person that bugs me is Paris Hilton!!! All she did is use her Daddy’s name to get on the camera!!! She is a complete spoiled brat that has no talent. People like Paris Hilton that knows they will inherit Millions and Millions of $$ should have to work to earn their money and the inheritance!!! It’s sad to see that the Hilton Dad has spent his life building these hotels around the world and working his ass off and then his daughter shows no respect by never working and takes the easy life. Paris Hilton YOU ARE PATHETIC!!!!

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