Jennifer Aniston didn’t know

January 13th, 2006 // 121 Comments

*jennifer wants some taco-flavored keesesAccording to TV show Extra, Brad Pitt did not call Jennifer Aniston to tell her about girlfriend Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy announcement. Aniston’s publicist, Stephen Huvane, cleared up reports that Pitt and former wife Aniston spoke before the announcement on Wednesday.

“All the reports about phone calls between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are all made-up lies,” Huvane said.

Oh great. So now we get to see another 4 million articles about what a martyr Jennifer is and how life is so hard and how she struggled and survived. If self-pity was fat, Jennifer would be Butterbean. Here’s a news flash: shit happens. I’m not sure on what planet it’s harder for people with millions of dollars and millions of fans to deal with life than the rest of us poor shmucks. Oh yes, it’s planet Whiny Bitch. Hopefully it’ll soon be invaded by planet Chlamydia.

Rep: Aniston Wasn’t Alerted to Pregnancy [AP]


  1. SugaryCherry

    Ugh, more filler and tired/overdone snarky commentary, and random shots about female infections.

  2. GrappleHooks

    I hope she really is over Brad because she seems to have a history of bearing grudges. I mean, this is a woman who didn’t speak to her own mother for years because her mom criticized her looks. And I haven’t read anywhere that she didn’t want a family; she told Allure that following “Friends” she wanted to focus on her movie career before starting a family.

  3. vida

    Personally, I wouldn’t appreciate having a camera in my face then asked how I felt about my ex’s current’s pregnancy. Brad’s not obligated to inform her, just would be nice, that’s all.

    I think it’s just the media’s twist on the whole thing making Jennifer look like a pity-monger. I mean, if this was another “Bruce, Demi & Ashton get-along just fine” thing, then they’d have to find something else to talk about, don’t ya think?

  4. benjamin01

    I’m not a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s, particularly, but I think Brangie has shown about as much class as a a pair of puppies in heat.
    If I had been married to someone for six years and left them “not for this other woman” who I kncocked up a month after the divorce went through, I think I would have a little chat with my ex, just to avoid being a total jerkoff. But that’s being adult, and most of us aren’t.
    If Anniston’s publicist answered honestly “no” when asked whether Brangie had spoken with the large-jawed one, I don’t have a problem with that.

    That’s between Brangie and Aniston, though… I think the people who have said this is just a big media creation have got it right.

  5. Kelly


  6. Kelly


  7. TJ

    Hmm perhaps if Brangelina didn’t go planting BS stories to begin with to make them look like the innocent party (yet again) Jen wouldn’t need to clear up the lies in the first place. All too convenient that the story suddenly broke after all the establishment of Brad and Angelina doing the “honourable thing” and pre-warning Jen… a complete load of crap!

  8. zena marie

    LOL! Kelly’s has watched too much bad t.v. LOL!
    Jennifer “got owned” because Angelina got kncoked up by that narcissitic wannabe Backstreet Boy, and is gonna have the hemmorhoids and edema and flab, with diarrhea caked diapers to follow. *whew* what a hoot.

  9. derekd

    Can someone please tell me why he is obligated to tell her anything about his personal life? THEY ARE NO LONGER MARRIED!! Do you think she called Brad up and let him know that Vince Vaughn blew a load all over her belly? I don’t think so.

  10. nikki

    from the minute Maniston filed for divorce, Brad became a free man. if he chose to go knock up Angelina the following day, he was FREE to do so. if Jen wasn’t ready for a divorce, she did not have to file for one. no-one put a gun to her head. look at Valerie Bertinelli — it took her 4 years to come to terms with the end of her marriage to Van Halen and file for a divorce. Jen instead goes with Brad to the Caribbean, says “i’m scared`of putting back on all the weight if i get pregnant, and besides, i want a real movie career just like you”, and files for a divorce. that set Bradley FREE. what he does from that moment onwards is none of his ex-wife’s damn business. instead of running to Oprah and Vanity Fair to conduct her belated pity-party, she should have gievn her husband what he was asking for. it’s that simple.

  11. diamondprynzez

    Okay first of all.. I’m no particularly huge fan of Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie is pretty freakin awesome.. but wth is up with you stupid mofos talking like you really know what was up with why they ended the marriage in respect to J refusing to have a baby… all you know is this crap you read in tabloids, and then you act as though you know them personally.. YOU WISH! Secondly the way most of you brangelina fans are acting as though kissing their asses on some website is gonna earn you some kind of acknowledgement from either of them. Get a life… J was never whiny about anything… she just acknowledged to the media that the stuff that was happening to her really affected her.. not like those other celebrities who divorce every second tuesday. And sheesh.. nobody screams at nick lachey for being whiney even though he interviewed with people magazine and revealed some of their private crap.. and not to mention he desperately tried to put out a singles ad by stating his criteria for a new girl.. J never did any of that childish shit.. GOSH.. some people can be so STUPID

  12. slinkhard

    ‘I’m so sick of all this ‘Team Aniston’/'Team Jolie’ crap, do people really think the two of them are sitting at home counting out the amount of ‘team whatever’ t shirts they’ve been selling in their name?
    I love how Brad Pitt is seemingly coming out of this fine while you get the ‘Angelina’s a whore’ or ‘Jennifer’s a whiny bitch’ comments flying around like dog shit.’

    Thank you!
    God, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston wouldn’t spit on any of us if we were on fire. They’re all rich and could pretty much have whoever they want (which will never be you, no matter how much you defend any of them), and it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’re all self-absorbed assholes, what with being actors and famous.

    And also, a tip for posters? Enough with the fucking ‘OMG, it’s a woman’s job to be barefoot and pregnant on her husband’s say-so’, please.

  13. slinkhard

    ‘nobody screams at nick lachey for being whiney even though he interviewed with people magazine and revealed some of their private crap.’

    Misogyny is apparently live and well over here. How…superficial.

  14. Isa

    Brad seems like scum to me, to break poor Gwyneth Paltrow’s heart and to do it again with poor Jennifer. Both of those women were too good for him, he is the lowest of the low to run off with Angelina the vampire and wife-stealer. To call Jennifer about it? I wouldn’t be surprised.. what is that for anyway? To provoke more pain? What an a**.

    Angelina and Brad were once beautiful people to me, in fact, Angelina was once the most beautiful woman in the world to me.. but after what they’ve both done, and the way they’ve acted, they are ugly low people both inside and out.

  15. Nurse Kellie

    In the real world who does call up their ex and say by the way, I wanted you to hear from me instead of everyone else. My new gf is pregnant. Even if your not famous things like that just get told in the circle of friends anyways. I agree with post #11 say congrats wish them the best and then cry in private. Enough is enough.

  16. HelpingOutTheMorons

    I would feel a little bit bad for Chin if she was wasn’t having so much fun playing the victim. The truth has finally dawned on her – without Brad she is nothing. Her movies tank, her sitcom is well over and obviously her rabid fans don’t amount to much at the end of the weekend when the box office totals coming rolling in.

  17. nzjane

    Who cares if the selfish woman didn’t know about Angelina’s pregnancy?? She was the self-centred whore that didn’t give Brad the children he wanted in the first place and now that he is in a happy, wonderful relationship with someone on the same page as him, Jennifer seems to be milking the ‘sympathy’ story for all its worth, it makes me sick! She should get over herself, make better movies, and go ruin someone else’s life, leave Brad alone! He is happy and enjoying life and if its possible Jennifer, try do the same.

  18. Elle1971

    For all you team ANISTON fans aka as Isa, Chinnifer Maniston has DERAILED. It’s quite tiring to listen to Chinnifer Maniston’s constant whining. She had her chance with Brad and blew it. In early 2003(This was a YEAR BEFORE Brad met Angelina!!!) Chinnifer told W magazine in an interview that Brad Pitt was NOT the love of her life.
    HOW about the MARITAL VOWS MANISTON BROKE by saying

  19. HelpingOutTheMorons

    ^ I agree. I hear her bleeting on and on about wanting kids. Well, what’s stopping her? Either do it or shut up about it!

  20. Jaded

    It’s really sad how people have turned this whole thing around to make it Jenn’s fault. Brad was the one who left her for another woman. I think she deserves a little sympathy.

    Where was all the meanness when Brad was with her for 7 1/2 years? Everyone loved “The Golden Couple!” Now all of a sudden she’s Maniston, Chin Aniston. You all seems to forget that this is a woman that Brad loved too. He didn’t think that she was ugly. If you have ever seen Brad in real life you’d know that he isn’t that great looking with his pock-marked face. Brad is the jerk in this situation. He should have spoke out and squashed all this stuff in the first place. Better yet, he should have been a real man and waited for Jenn to be ready to have a baby, if that’s what he wanted so much. That is what a marriage is. Compromise! But Angie, being the man stealing bitch that she is gave him an out. So the first time things went wrong with Jenn he bailed. If Angie didn’t let him know that she was interested he would probably still be with Jenn.

    I actually feel sorry for those two. Running around the world like they have souls. She’s a hypocrit. She told the world that she didn’t want her own children bc there were too many unwanted children in the world. She also told the world that she couldn’t look at herself if she slept with or stole a married man. I guess that means she has no mirrors in her house! Karma is gonna come knocking. I just hope they recognize it when it does!

  21. Jill

    If I had to choose a side between Angelina/Brad and Jennifer, I’d choose Jennifer. Let’s recall what each party had done.

    Angelina: Stole someone’s husband.
    Brad: Left wife for another woman.
    Jen: Is sad.

    I’m not sure if it’s obvious already, but the fact that Jen is upset about her husband leaving her for someone else is neither childish nor bitchy. It’s human emotion. Telling her to “Get over it” is childish and bitchy.

    I’m not a huge fan of Jen, I’m simply stating what is logical. Like others have said before me, Jen isn’t whining and bitching like some of you are saying she is. I’m assuming those who are condeming Jen are just stubborn people who don’t like her. Problem with that is, it’s moronic and childish and isn’t an effective way of getting people to agree with you. I’ve read all the comments here and haven’t heard one good, convincing argument from people who support Brad and Angelina. But I’m still open for them.

    Oh, and stop telling celebrities to “Get a life.” This should be self-explanatory, but I’ll elaborate. Celebrities are loaded, traveling the world, meeting interesting people, and are admired by millions. You are sitting on your ass at a computer, thinking up stupid names like Chinnifer Maniston, calling people you don’t even know whores and bitches and assholes. FYI, that is what we call hypocrisy.

  22. tess

    FYI: 2 good looking parents doesn’t necessarily mean a beautiful kid. Look at Demi & Bruce daughters: the two eldest look like sh.. and the youngest is so so. As for Jen, her movie and dating career is disastrous (two recent flops + a fugly boyfriend). If she knew back then that her life was going to be a “Derailed” mess like this, maybe she would have let Brad fertilize her aging eggs instead of behaving like a selfish/career first/greedy piece of sh..She must be so bitter right now!!!

  23. PennyLane

    I don’t know any of these people and NEITHER DO ANY OF YOU. BUT, let’s look at this without naming the celebs involved. Let’s look at it as though it were real people, so to speak. A husband works with a woman. They get together. We all agree that this relationship started a long time ago. Let’s forget the lies to the media. Then, husband basically leaves wife or vice versa. Husband is with new girlfriend whom he gets pregnant while he is STILL MARRIED! Have you seen the photos? She is at least 5 months pregnant. His divorce was in October. Do the math!

    Now, I think the fact that he did something so fucked up warrants him calling his ex-wife. Yes, it does. All he has to do is to say, “I’m going to publicily humiliate you once more because my mistress is now pregnant.”

    This shit is like a saga on Maury Povich or Jerry Springer. It’s gross and I don’t care how much you may like or dislike anyone. I guess it doesn’t fucking matter what anyone does as long as you like them. If this were anyone else, you’d be calling both Pitt and Jolie pigs. Which they are.

  24. PennyLane

    By the way, Aniston has been very “adult” about all of this. If this were me, I’d be bitching to every media outlet known to man. It’s beyond fucked up. Karma’s a bitch!

  25. Bo_Smith

    I think he dumped Aniston when Friends finished because she wouldn’t be as famous any more I saw a preview of “Rumour Has It” and in that one seen her acting was worse than shitty. But he can get away with it because he is Brad – he hasn’t had any criticism, nothing like Julia Roberts got when she started with Danny.

  26. Bo_Smith

    God the people that criticise Jennifer for not having babies – she spent like 10 years struggling to get to the top and she’s going to chuck it for Brad? (Who is not even good looking by the way). Like what other A-list actress had babies at the peak of their career – Gwyneth and Julia, waited until their careers were past their prime before having one – maybe she is infertile -how do you know?

  27. Captain_Pugwash

    I think Brad is the Pitts. No point blaming AJ….takes two to tangle, although she does seem to make a habit of having affairs with other people’s partners (she married Billy Bob Thornton while he was still engaged to Laura Dern). Integrity? Nottalot.

    Also, please note that if a husband cheats people seem to automatically assume it was his wife’s fault (she musta been lacking in some way, failed to satisfy her man/have his baby on demand/was self-involved/ SOMETHING). On the other hand, if a wife cheats….once again it is the woman’s fault….she is a “slut” or a “whore”. That’s our misogynistic society for ya!

    One more point that seems to have been skated over since this sorry sad saga started…if Jolie was so fabulous up close and personal dahling, why did Billy Bob Thornton dump her? Jolie said he was not ready to have babies….but then she lies a lot it seems. Unless I am mistaken didn’t he immediately start to have them with his new lady?

    ps: I think “Tess” is Jolie incognito…and judging by her/his stunningly vitiolic posts that should get a reaction!

  28. ScottyBitch

    No 68: Aniston is 37 with no kids, and no husband? So what? Are you naive enough to think that having a husband and/or kids is the key to happiness? You must be hanging with a different crowd than me! Half the people I know are DESPERATE (housewives) who would give their eye teeth and go back to being single and free.

    She is rich. She is famous (double edged sword). She is dating. She is working. She is beautiful. She has it all….INCLUDING time to have children if she so wishes. PITTed-face turned out to be a jerk….so what. That’s life….and she is getting on with hers.

  29. happy_bunny

    I just want to take a moment out of my day to be the eleventy-gajillionth person here to say that I don’t care and am tired of hearing about it.

  30. happy_bunny

    I just want to take a moment out of my day to be the eleventy-gajillionth person here to say that I don’t care and I’m tired of hearing about it.

  31. happy_bunny

    I just want to take a moment out of my day to be the seventy-gajillionth person here to say I don’t care and I’m tird of hearing about this.

  32. Amorena

    Two words: Mid-life Crisis. It’s a simple as that. Pitt is doing what all guys who haven’t managed to grow up or/and deal with their narcissism yet do when they clear the big Four-Oh.

    Looks like what triggered it was Troy — Brad’s big movie bombed, even thought Brad was all buffed out and doing his damndest to act. He was fast on the way to being a has-been… Publicist says “Time to cjange the image, Brad… being 50% of the Golden Couple isn’t any good for your career”. Add to that the effects of the years taking their toll on the questionably high calibre looks that he’s traded on for most of his life, and you’ve got a set up for infidelity… or mass murder.
    Along comes a woman known for falling for her co-stars and who has no scruples about chomping her fangs into married men — and she’s apparently glad to be Brad’s “instant image change-o presto”.
    Guy’s with more substance and heart handle mid-life crisises without trashing their wives. Brad’s just one bloke among the percentage who go for porking another, younger female who, in this case, happens to be part of an attempt to boost a sagging career.

  33. BeverlyO

    Tell me something. Why is it when someone screws around on their wife during filming with someone who obviously has serious issues herself (can’t keep relationships/marriages, necks with her brother, has problems with her father (oh yea because of the fact that he screwed around on her mother). Oh I forgot, maybe it was because his wife wouldn’t just drop her movie career (which by the way was just being established after FRIENDS) to have a baby when he said it was time to have a baby. Suddenly, the ex-wife becomes the whiny bitch – why is that? Jennifer has shown nothing but class in all of this brad/angelina bullshit. That’s fine Brad wanted to screw around with Miss BIG lips but have the balls to admit to it rather than the 2 of them hiding in a secluded cabin in Canada. So what happens now, Brad, Angelina, the 2 adopted kids and the new baby all live happily ever after??? Are you kidding, when the next one comes along be it male or female, she’s going to drop him like a ton of bricks. Will Brad deserve it, you bet he will and Jennifer will be laughing her ass off.

  34. Bloody_Knows


  35. cleopatrajones

    I just knew that the Chin’s pity me/boo hoo/PR strategy was going to backfire. Its called overexposure. Its called you’re not the only freakin woman to be left for a younger model. Its called your lack of talent keeps even your “fans” away from your lame dumb-ass movies. By the time Chin Chin the Talking Chimp realizes that she will never be an A-list movie star, no one’s going to even want to watch her ass on t.v. What a dumb bitch?!

  36. zena marie

    Tell me what drink/drug you’re on cleopatrajones because I don’t want to ingest any…ever. Anything that makes someone as irrational and fugly and full of hate as you sound like you are is like ANTI-joy juice and to be avoided. And by avoided I mean swallowed only if I get shipped to Iraq and have to muster the fugliness to shoot someone.

  37. CheepShoos

    #85 Cleopatrajones.

    Can anyone spell J-E-A-L-O-U-S?

  38. cleopatrajones

    1.looks like Jay Leno
    2.sitting at home alone eating cheetos
    3.ex-husband having child with Angelina Jolie
    4.last 2 movies tanked
    5.pretend boyfriend a bloated drunk

    I’m not jealous of the Chin but I am jealous of Angelina Jolie. beyond compare
    3.husband & father of her children=Brad Pitt
    4.had a #1 movie in 2005
    5.having hot deviant sex with Brad Pitt

  39. caf

    As always i’m defending Jennifer Aniston, but i am really tired at the moment so im prob going to make no sense….cleopatrajones your posts are completely useless. The list for “maniston”? the only one thats true is that “ex-husband having a child with Angelina Jolie”….the rest are just from your overeactive imagination…eating cheetos? what the?? ….ohhhh you mean that shes alone, and therefore must have had no sort of a life except for Brad?…ok…right if you say so, although she seems busy enough to me and is prob hanging around with her ‘real’ bf atm (theres photo proof that they are a couple so im just astounded as to why u even wrote some of these points?).

    Why on earth do you think shes so ugly can u honestly say that Angelina is THAT much more beautiful?

    Humanitarian…oh right…so she couldn’t be at least a tad kind to another woman and wait even 5 minutes for the divorce proceedings to finish? and i can assure you that having hot sex with Brad Pitt would not be on my pro list either. Eww…mid-life crises and cheating men just don’t do it for me sorry.

    They deserve each other…and if anyone thinks it will last they are pretty crazy…i can see Jolie packing up and leaving once shes over the initial thrill. I also agree with everyone saying its not up to a woman to drop everything the minute their husband wants a baby…out of all of this the most appalling thing is how people are saying that Aniston deserved it cos she wouldn’t give Brad the kids he wanted…this is absolutely crazy she doesnt have to do any such thing, not only do we not know the circumstances but she has the right to change her mind about things, and also to try and have a damn career just like the one i bet he wouldnt have given up 4 her. She should be glad they didnt have kids because i have no doubt he would’ve run off with Angelina either way.

  40. Michael1

    cleopatrajones, you’ve already established that you’re an angelina jolie groupie, ya didn’t really need to flog that horse.

    I’m not particularly fond on jennifer aniston, so I’m not going to defend her, but your list for jolie is hilarious … looks like the checkpoints you run through while you’re frantically rubbing your clam while ogling her photograph.

    “” beyond compare”" eh, that’s subjective and you mistake your opinion for objective truth. my persocnal opinion (not that anyone gives a f*ck) is that she is among the top 20 actress in looks or at least in being photgenic… but that’s among hollywood people. ’nuff said.
    “”2.humanitarian”" ummmm so she is flying to developing countries now and then, adopts two toys er kids, and the U.N. tagged her with a label. doesn’t seep into your brilliant mind that her work choices support part os the system that causes the famines and a violence that she is supposedly trying to stop… or that her humanitarianism is awfully selective (can you say “New Orleans”?).
    “”3.husband & father of her children=Brad Pitt”" again, that’s subjective. if think Pitt is awesome, that’s your business. lots of people woudl feel sorry fo rher or just _not_ care_.
    “”4.had a #1 movie in 2005″” that’s like saying Kelly Osborn sang a song well. most of jolie’s movies bomb. she’s a celebrity who tries to keep on acting not an actress (or, rather, and actor, to be pc), who happens to be a celebrity.
    “”5.having hot deviant sex with Brad Pitt”" projecting your imagination onto brnagenlina. hilarious. narcissists tend to have serious problems connecting and really feeling another person … so if she doesn’t get out the knives and kinks, it’s a probability that their great sex is only in your head.

  41. nikki

    i remember an interview that Maniston did in 2002 in which she described her the husband as “sensitive” and commended him for putting up with her constant crying, insecurities, and self-doubts. it’s amazing that this same man is now described as lacking a sensitivity chip.

    i think that people on BOTH sides of this issue are missing a basic point. even IF Brad did not cheat on his wife (and neither of them have said that he did), and even if they had BOTH agreed that the marriage was over — there isn’t a woman on this PLANET that would not feel hurt that her husband moved on seamlessly and easily into life with another woman. most women expect their husband to stay uncommitted for a decent period of time as a way of validating their relationship. Brad validated their relationship for like a week — by saying that he did not perceive their marriage to have been a failure. and then he moved INSTANTLY into a COMMITTED relationship with another woman. THAT is what ANY woman on this planet would find hurtful.

    i am no Maniston fan — in fact i can’t stand her whiny self-pity — but i can understand her hurt. what she is doing that is wrong IMO is trying to build a career based on self-pity. and these same raving fans that are in here protecting hers self-honor, apparemtly dont care enuf to put their money where their mouths are and go see her movies. what’s up with that huh?

  42. Michael1


    Maybe they’re the only ones who did go, nikki.

    your point about the universality of feeling hurt by a husband moving on so semlessly was made by several other people, in different words than yours, but, hey, IMHO you said it really well, and I agree with you and teh others: that essentially where any valid beefs are.

  43. MonkeyWithTOES

    Ceopatra Jones…..are you ugly? Usually people who feel good about themselves are not quite so hateful.

  44. tess

    What happened to Jawnifer Chiniston is any girl’s worst nightmare. I mean, she got punk’d big time. I wonder how she keeps on going. Some women would have shot themselves by now.

  45. kaida

    I can really understand all those who diss brangelina. I can. You have good reasons for hating Angelina:

    - she is naturally thin AND has REAL, big boobs wich must be killin` 90% of the women because they either are working really hard not to get fat, or have a thin body but no boobs. Slim figure with big boobs. Yeah, you must hate her guts :)

    - she has a perfect face : no big chin, no big nose, full lips, big eyes … perfect . Beautifull. Ouch!

    - she is a talented, OSCAR-WINNING actress. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

    - she is RICH! And donates millions. And adopts. WHY CAN`T SHE JUST BE EVIL ??? OR AT LEAST STUPID ??? WHY GOD WHY ???

    - she goes home to Brad Pitt.

    Jennifer Aniston is the “not so pretty” girl next door who diet and exercise herself to death so she can look decent, has NO acting skills and just GOT LUCKY with a tv show. ofcourse you love her. You COULD BE HER. Anybody could be her. Just with a bit of luck. But that DAMN Angelina !!! Hate her ! You could never even DREAM of matching her. So HATE HER !!

    Oh and by the way, the Jennifer-Brad divorce started in January and Brad started dating Angelina in Aprin so … do the math yourself.


  46. slinkhard

    ‘You could never even DREAM of matching her.’

    Kaida…reality flash. Brangelina fans can’t DREAM of matching Ms. Jolie either. You realise that, don’t you? Please tell me you do, it’s too pathetic to even be funny if you don’t.

  47. benjamin01

    kaida, I’m a straight male and I think your worship of AJ is silly. Sure she’s hot and I never in a million years would expect her to expect her to take a second look at me, or any of the other ‘earthlings’ I know, but a lot of hollywood people are hot.

    if AJ is so great, why do you have to hype her and turn her into a saint? I mean, your post sounds like a Teen Beat fan post. The sad thing is that you let your goggling worship of her blind you to some home truths. if you’re as young as you sound like you are, you’ll her’s and pitt’s moronic behavior is just fine, adn you’ll be a another wannabe skank whore let loose on teh earth.

  48. benjamin01


    yeah, i’m at work and got distracted from this MUCH more important activity… thus the typos. (edit) “…you’ll _think_ her’s and pitt’s moronic behavior is… etc, etc.”

    why the shit do I care, anyway___I’m going to go drown myself with this cup of coffee now.

  49. Xena

    I like both Jen & Ange, & think they r both great actresses, although I have to admit, in the past few months, I’ve been leaning more towards Jen. If she had so little talent, how come millions of you out there watched her constantly for TEN YEARS on friends. Fine you don’t like her, but grow up & stop dissing her career, even though you know its not warranted. As for Ange, I was a bit ‘ticked off’ with the whole Brad saga, but at the end of the day, how come shes getting so much grief and Brads getting nearly noe. Afterall, HE was the one that left his wife and ‘allegedly’ cheated (dont know if it really happened) so if Ange is a slut(not saying that she isnt), then Brad is one too, dont u think.
    As for this whole kids talk, years earlier(from what I heared) Jen wanted kids but Brad wasn’t ready, so if he now decided that the time was right, was Jen supposed to drop everything & get pregnant just like that. Unless ofcourse he expects his women to be at his every beck and call.

  50. Xena

    I feel sorry for all three of them ‘cuz:

    In the same year:
    1.Rumours of ‘hmm-hmm’ btw hubby & co-star
    2. Hubby left, under impression that they wiil try to work things out & atleast stay single for 6 months
    3. Pics of hubby with new squeeze & kids on beach appear in mags.
    4.Jen feels embarrassed & files for divorce
    5. Hubby & new squeez pose for pics with little tots around, all playing happy family
    6. Accused that she is the sole cause of her marriage demise as she refused to have his kids.
    7. Divorces hubby as he proposes to new squeeze
    8. New squeeze pregnant.
    Now, if I had to go through all this in one year, I would be rather miserable.

    1.Falls for married co-star
    2. Accused of breaking up marriage(kinda true though)
    3. Public enemy No.7(a few r hated a bit more)
    4.After denying relationship with married bf, pics appear of them playing ‘happy families’
    5.Bf proposes, she says no(& bf family not too keen)
    6. Gets ultimatum from bf:marry me or we’re over.
    7.Discovers she’s pregnant months after she just adopted new baby.
    Might not want to admit it, but Ange’s had a ‘not so good’ year as well.

    1.Hits mid-life crisis.
    2. Gets attention from beautiful younger woman so leaves beautiful not-as-young wife
    3.Feels guilty & plays em off each other.
    4.Soon-to-be ex-wife finds out & files for divorce
    5.Proposes and new squeeze says no.
    6.Gives ultimatum
    7.Becomes ‘humanitarian’ to endear the public
    8.Fools new squeeze into believing he’s ‘the one’
    9.Gets her pregnant when shes still supposed to be nursing new baby.
    10. Still has mid-life crisis.
    So you see, they’ve all had kind of a tough time but Brad knows that hes getting older, so his career might be going down as he no longer has his best asset: looks!

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