Jennifer Aniston didn’t know

January 13th, 2006 // 121 Comments

*jennifer wants some taco-flavored keesesAccording to TV show Extra, Brad Pitt did not call Jennifer Aniston to tell her about girlfriend Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy announcement. Aniston’s publicist, Stephen Huvane, cleared up reports that Pitt and former wife Aniston spoke before the announcement on Wednesday.

“All the reports about phone calls between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are all made-up lies,” Huvane said.

Oh great. So now we get to see another 4 million articles about what a martyr Jennifer is and how life is so hard and how she struggled and survived. If self-pity was fat, Jennifer would be Butterbean. Here’s a news flash: shit happens. I’m not sure on what planet it’s harder for people with millions of dollars and millions of fans to deal with life than the rest of us poor shmucks. Oh yes, it’s planet Whiny Bitch. Hopefully it’ll soon be invaded by planet Chlamydia.

Rep: Aniston Wasn’t Alerted to Pregnancy [AP]


  1. tothemax

    OMG, who the fuck cares about any of these people? Any pity I felt for Jennifer evaporated long ago, right after her billionth “I’m totally cool and fine with everything and my life is cool and fine and I wish everybody could be as cool and fine as I am” cover “story”. Go away, all of you!

  2. gossipmonger

    awwww the poor baby..(GO TEAM JOLIE!) So when did it become common for a man to call his EX-WIFE to advise her he’d knocked up his new girlfriend… GET OVER IT, JENN!

  3. ihatecelebs

    B-O-O H-O-O. Jennifer has been milking this divorce for over a year now, all because Brad was her claim to fame. Every movie she makes tanks and every character she plays is a Rachel Green knockoff. Hey Jen, just pull up your big-girl panties and deal with it already!

  4. Can we stop talking about Jennifer Aniston? We’ve been so bombarded with this Bradifer or Pittiston or whatever it is bullshit I can’t even remember what show she was on. (It was Sanford and Son, right?)

  5. SuperSpence

    I think it is terrible Brad didn’t inform Jennifer of this. If it had been me, I’d have done the polite thing and sent my ex-wife a videotape of me schtupping my sexy new girlfriend in every hot tub west of the Mississippi. That way, she wouldn’t be surprised by any forthcoming pregnancies.

    That’s what a sensitive man does and I’m a sensitive man. Brad isn’t. Boo, Brad! Boo!

  6. sammygirl

    Why does her publicist have to report to the world that Aniston didn’t know about the pregnancy ahead of time? I’m willing to give Jen the benefit of the doubt on some things (e.g., Pitt is a weenie), but this is just a ploy for more pity from the public. It’s so transparent. She should stay low and not say anything.

  7. applegirl

    I agree, everyone’s over this saga. Brad Pitt did her wrong. But who in their right mind would not be on set with their husband if he was filming a movie with Angelina Jolie? I don’t even think I would trust myself with that woman. Melanie Griffith knew what she was doing working on the set of Original Sin. People made jokes about her for doing it, but who’s still married to their husband? Poor Jennifer Aniston.

  8. Trish

    Why is everyone acting like Jen is whining about all of this? Her publicist probably only made the comment because a million people keep asking her about it. I’m sure Jen’s hurt that her ex is having a kid with someone else and she has every right to be. But it’s not like she walking around shouting “woe-is-me!!”. The only people making a big deal about this is the media…not Jen!!

  9. martini1275

    BOO FUCKEN HOO! Aniston can go suck a dick! Get over it bitch! You had your chance to stop smokin cigarettes and start eating like a normal person and pop a freaken kid out for Brad! You snooze, you loose! I’m happy for Brangelina!

  10. fanell

    Well maybe her publicist had to report such things because EVERYONE KEEPS ASKING HER. There’s been rumors going around about some certain phonecalls that happened between Jen and Angelina (on Christmas) and they needed to be addresesd. Jennifer Aniston certainly looks fine, she says she’s fine, and oh, obviously she’s fine. Besides, she doesn’t need the fame from Brad, she made it all by herself and she will continue to make it without Brad’s help. Team Aniston all the way!!!

  11. nikki

    i see her pity-party is still in full swing.

    the classy thing to do EVEN IF SHE WAS BEING ASKED, was to say “congrats to the happy couple, i wish them all the best”. NOT “i didn’t know. waaaa. waaa.” what a stupid woman.

  12. Kimbo

    Is there any concievable way to make Jennifer Anniston quit being the most emo “star” in Hollywood? Ya lost your husband to Angelina. Ya lost his offspring to her. Get over it. It was bound to happen to anyone she chose as her beau. Man, if she came by me and was all “Ohhh Kim, I wanna have your sex,” I can’t say I would leave my husband for her…but okay, yeah, I would leave my husband for her,haha.

  13. Tracie

    Remember “Trish” and “fannell”, the publicist WORKS for the celebrity, not the other way around. A publicist DOES NOT give out details or issue press releases unless who they are working for WANTS THEM TO. The only thing Aniston is gaining by this is more press for herself, and every star knows that ANY press is good press, especially when your acting “career” is one as illustrious as Aniston’s.

  14. Dee

    Why would Brad Pitt have to tell an ex what is going on with his current girlfriend? It’s none of Aniston’s business. This crap with the media kissing her ass and feeling sorry for her is really getting played out.

  15. Mallory

    Who said Brad was obligated to call Jennifer and tell her anything? Regardless of the fact that he was a complete dog and obviously cheated on his wife, he’s not responsible for giving her the 411 on his relationship with Skinny McFreaky. I’m sick of ALL of them and it’s only the beginning. We will never hear the end of this pregnancy.

  16. Rikku Markka

    First off, enough about Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie.

    Second, I don’t understand why Brad Pitt needed to call Jennifer to tell her he’s having a kid with his new girlfriend. Does she needs to give her blessing?

  17. ShanDourdan

    I’m so sick of all this ‘Team Aniston’/ ‘Team Jolie’ crap, do people really think the two of them are sitting at home counting out the amount of ‘team whatever’ t shirts they’ve been selling in their name?. I love how Brad Pitt is seemingly coming out of this fine while you get the ‘Angelina’s a whore’ or ‘Jennifer’s a whiny bitch’ comments flying around like dog shit.

    I agree with some that Jennifer( in the beginning) along with her publicist milked this very well, with the interviews in magazines and Oprah and all of sudden posing topless, it made her seem confident from the pictures yet still vulnerable from the interviews but now?. Now it’s just annoying as shit and either it’s her publicist that needs to be told no one gives a shit anymore or Jennifer herself should just shut the hell up. I say lets send them all into space and they can be one big dysfunctional, multicutural happy family together.

  18. Sheva

    Yeah, Brad should have sent video to Aniston of him boinking Jolie. Then she would have a clue to the possibility of procreation.

    What kind of publicist does this to a client?

  19. RedJenny

    “made up lies” I think I talked like that back in the 3rd grade. She must have the same PR person as Tom Cruise.

  20. Queen LaQueefah

    jennifer aniston couldn’t give a shit i’m sure. the media makes it sound like such a big deal but i’m sure she’s done with that bs

  21. Tracie

    Sheva, that kind of publicist is Jennifer’s own Stephen Huvane, the kind that most celebrites would do anything to be represented by. He is the Jedi Master at the art of extreme overexposure and mouthpiece for many of the overexposed “A-list” flashes these last few years. Huvane and Jennifer know EXACTLY what they’re doing, and that is keeping her on the cover of every magazine, the topic of every gossip site, and the discussion at every water cooler…doing EXACTLY what a publicist’s job to do is.

  22. Cheyenne_1

    This site has been renamed “The Brangelina Groupie Drool” among a bunch of people.

    It’s really hilarious how vicious the Branny fans get. Like… get a life, losers.

  23. jennifer11

    see… i think what are are losing here ins the big picture.

    i think jennifer aniston and vince vaughn should have a baby and then we can celebrity baby wrestling. now THAT would be entertainment!

  24. Kelly

    Jen has sour grapes. It is totally unclassy of her to act childish brat. You lost a husband because you wanted a career. It was your choice, mafe your bed lay in it. He wanted children and someone who wasn’t so into her self, superficial. He found that in Angie. He got the total package in her. She is hot, wild and a giving person. Way to go Angelina.

    Hope this makes Jen go away and hide. Maybe she can blame her shitty movies on Brad too. Guess it wan’t worth it after all, crapy movies that not even Jen’s fan would get paid to see. Her next pr move, you all here it first, Sex tape. But sadly for her it will be by herself.

  25. cat

    Right on brother. Fuck her. Shit happens. Get over it.

  26. jennifer11

    boy… i totally honked out on my comment.

    sometimes i type like a drunk Paris Hilton walks.

  27. sammygirl

    Cheyenne_1, crtiticizing Aniston doesn’t necessarily make anyone a fan of Jolie. They can exist independently of each other. We’re all talking about perception here and who we think is looking the most pitiful in the media. And the Aniston fans can be just as vicious, so fuck off.

  28. zena marie

    I would really hate to be Jennifer Aniston… for a lotof reasons, but primarily: she gets hounded by the media about her split from Brad, so she has the choices of pulling a Marlene Dietrich and saying nothing or giving the hounding media what they want and getting her words picked apart.
    I mean, I doubt she’s losing sleep over the fact that some odiots with the emotional maturity of a gnat are trashing her for saying that she is okay — and trying to put off the question by saying she’s fine (‘leave me alone will ya”).
    Branny could’ve handled their end of the whole thing a lot moreintelligently, but, hey, when you’re f*cking each other brains out, smarts ain’t on the front burner.

  29. Team Jolie fans have no clue a/b Anniston. She’s not ACTING like a childish brat. You’re the ones that continue to bring up the whole “Anniston plays the victim” bit. Get a LIFE.

    I’m sure that Anniston would like nothing better than to move on with her life instead of hearing about her ex (the cheating loser) & Angelina (home wrecker). She’s got alot more class than they will ever have. :o)

  30. twodollartricks

    Argh. All this Brangelijennivaughn shortening of names is really getting on my nerves!

  31. Dee

    Not acting like a childish brat?? Having her publicist release a moronic statement like that? Why couldnt her publicist just say ‘no comment’?

    When you pick your career over children after promising someone kids, hey suffer the consequences. She also ran off with a ‘co star’ before the divorce was final, but her ‘fans’ just ignore that little detail.
    Good for brad Pitt. I hope he’s enjoying life right now not having to be married to that cry baby.

  32. illflux

    I think just about everything’s been said that flashed through my head when I first read this article, but I couldn’t help but put in one more vote for “who gives a fuck about Jennifer Aniston?” It’s so refreshing to know that there are plenty of others out there that are just as cynical and hateful towards most celebrities as I am. I hate them, yet there’s no getting away from them, so I return to this site again and again to revel in that hatred with others. I know money’s not everything, but I’d much rather be sad and rich than sad and lower middle-class. Tell Jennifer to go get over it, go buy a yacht, and fuck the millions of guys who seem to think she’s hot.

    But then of course, I despise “Friends” and everyone on it.

  33. ktogarweeno

    If people were following you around going “AHH DID YOU KNOW? DID YOU KNOW? DID HE/SHE CALL YOU!? HUH HUH HUH?!?!?” I’m sure you would rather just say “No” than “No comment” which would leave them to keep hounding you until they get a definate yes or no answer. Sure, it doesn’t make sense that he should have called her or anything, but nowhere up there did it say that she even cared! She’s just answering a question. Jeez, people.

  34. fregescats

    Listen: on quite a few magazine covers this past week is the headline in bold that either angelina called jen to tell her about the pregnancy or that brad did. For a publicist to deny that is totally within reason. Also, none of you have mentioned what the publicist then said. The publicist then said, more or less, that J will not comment on other people’s personal lives. A magazine industry pandering through their headlines to a specific demographic is not j’s doing; well not J’s doing any more than it was Brad and Angelina’s doing through all of THEIR sickening PR last summer. Remember J’s PR was initially a response to Brad and Angelina’s implausible story of a sqeeky clean romance and remember that up until around late summer early fall she repeatedly had no comment to make in reponse to Angelina and Brad’s bullshit blitzkrieg.

  35. Miss Gulch

    She’s using the media to play victim and make her ex look like crap. Brad is so over her.

  36. Miss Gulch

    She’s using the media to play victim and make her ex look like crap because he is so over her. Wouldn’t you be pissed if all you had was a geek like Vince Vaughn and your stash of Twinkies?

  37. WaitWhat?

    I don’t think it’s fair that Jennifer is getting bashed when all she’s doing is responding to people’s inquiries. I think it’s great that she’s not crawling in a hole and trying to hide from all the probing. From what I’ve seen in all of her interviews since her breakup with Brad, she is anything but whiny.

  38. horsecow

    if this stupid sl00t hadn’t been so worried about her sham movie career after friends, and more worried about giving brad pitt the kids he wanted, they’d still be married. i laugh at her and her pitiful life.

  39. Cheyenne_1

    Hey sammygirl, it’s fineif you want to take a post personally and curse me — I’m up for a good debate — but you’re going to have to be a little more imaginative/intelligent then “fuck off”. But then, you’re so busy drooling over Brangelina, your vocabulary has been reduced to the size of an English-to-Pig Latin translation pocket book.

  40. beachgirl53

    The one I feel sorry for is Brad. Pretty soon, Jolie is going to dump his ass and then he’ll be stuck with three kids. Karma rears its ugly head.

  41. Captain Awesome

    “If self-pity was fat, Jennifer would be Butterbean.”


  42. Sheva

    Hey Tracie, thanks for the background on the publicist. I have no qualm with his client getting covers and exposure but I’m not sure if this kind of statement helps image, offers of work, etc.

    But if anyone has a few extra rounds in their gun please shoot the publicist for that Sex in the city bitch, what’s her name Sarah Jessica Snoohza Parker. In NYC, you can’t escape from that overexposed bitch.

  43. I agree with uncommonamerican, it is time to move on. This topic is getting old already.

  44. zena marie

    So move on, Shaun. No one’s holding a gun to your head, forcing you to click on this item and read the posts…

    … or, maybe they ARE and you’re getting bareback ridden while typing. Ew.

  45. ~S.Starr~

    Everything we have read about this whole ordeal has mainly been through rag mags. All you people spouting off saying oh jen stop whining and get over it…I don’t remember hearing her bitch in first place…what you think b/c you read it in a trash mag or on the superficial then it MUST be true. Give me a break…this girl hasn’t been public about the brad/angelina thing in months. So back off and leave her alone…stop puting words in her mouth and thoughts in her head…damn…

  46. tess


  47. tess

    Brangelina have no obligation to call this ugly ducklin and announce their happy ending. I mean, what would they say anyway? Maybe something like “You’ve been punk’d sister”. I guess Jen doesn’t need to hear this. She should save her tears for all the times she’ll get a glimpse of all those magazine covers showing Angie’s growing bump and breasts. That’s gonna hurt Plain Jen, so brace yourself.

  48. thebigdeal

    Ok. I don’t mean to go too much for Team Aniston here, but I have never heard her personally complain about Brad or his slutty gf. I mean shes the one that has had to sit and watch this whole thing take place. I think its also unfair for people to say she didnt want children. Unless she lied to Brad in the beginning(which if he was that hurt he should have divorced her and claimed fraud) he knew what he was getting into. Granted she is with butt ugly costar, but shes not parading around adopting children left and right talking about how shes going to save the world.

  49. chittycatty

    I dont feel sorry for Aniston nor do I think shes milking the divorce. Cmon, the media wants answers and they will continue to nag and make up stories. What can she do? Sure she went on a few talk shows and made the mistake of talking about her divorce but I think its the media and mags that are trying to martyr her and evoke public sympathy. She’s not even batting an eye. Its the media thats thats creating this Aniston vs. Jolie vs. Pitt crap and Im tired of hearing.

  50. tess

    Once upon a time there was an ugly ducklin call Jennifer who dreamed of marrying the Prince Charming. She eventually did but her husband kept asking hismelf why he married this plain and homely girl in the first place. He kept those thought hidden in his head during 5 long years and prayed God everydayto give him an exit out of this disappointing marriage. See,the prince was good-looking, so he secretly wished he had scored a perfect 10 instead of a minus 1. One day, God answered his prayers and made him cross paths with the sexiest woman in the kingdom. So he got rid of his ugly partner and moved on with the new one. He was so glad he finally found a right woman to knock up. As for Jen, she had to realize that ugly ducklins couln’t compete with swans and that they could only mate with frogs. So she decided to lower her standards a little and started to date a fat and fugly actor, knowing that it was her destiny.

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