Jennifer Aniston dares show her face near the Brangelina

Despite skipping the red carpet, Jennifer Aniston decided to face her demons and made an appearance at last night’s Oscars to present an award with Jack Black – while Brad and Angelina looked at her general direction! GASP! What transpired is a series of events that pretty much put my penis to sleep. True story. Us Magazine reports:

When Black made a joke about how all Pixar films win Oscars, Aniston said, “I apologize Mr. Katzenberg [Jeffrey Katzenberg is the co-founder of Dreamworks], I don’t know why we let him out of the house.”
The camera then panned to Jolie, who laughed.
When Aniston announced the nominees, she moved to the center of the stage, right in front of Jolie and Pitt. When the lights were down, Aniston smiled directly at Pitt, but not at Jolie.
Aniston then presented Best Short Film; both Pitt and Jolie kept huge smiles on their faces the entire time.
As Aniston walked off stage, Jolie and Pitt both clapped.

Oh, no, clapping?! Quick, call the National Guard. We’ve got clapping, people. Clapping. May God have mercy on us all…

Photos: Getty, WENN