Jennifer Aniston continues to battle Tom Cruise for ‘Most Overexposed Star of The Week’

Jennifer Aniston, in her epic quest to be goddamn everywhere I look, stopped by Letterman last night where she bestowed upon Dave the conveniently placed tie from her nude GQ photo shoot. (Have you heard about that? I mean today – for the hundredth time.) Anyway, here’s a short transcript of the exchange:

JENNIFER: This is an early Christmas present.
DAVE: Oh, my. Get a close-up on this, will ya? That is the tie.
JENNIFER: Well, put it on. *claps*
DAVE: I would, but it seems to be giving off an overpowering scent of vinegar and water.
JENNIFER: What? The last person who had it – JOHN!
JOHN MAYER: *sings offstage* I magically play the guitar, let me put my penis in you…
JENNIFER: Yes, master.
DAVE: Yes, master.
JOHN: Damn, overshot that one. *sings* David Letterman, put your pants back on…

Photos: Splash News