Jennifer Aniston continues to bikini-fy John Mayer

May 12th, 2008 // 56 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer spent some time at the pool over the weekend in Miami. After seeing these photos and remembering what I’ve seen of Friends, I have to ask: Is Jennifer Aniston’s turkey always done? And, if so, why has she not been commended for such? I’m not talking anything fancy. Maybe just a Nobel Peace Prize and/or her face chest carved into Mt. Rushmore. I guess I’m a sucker for seeing the fairer sex receive their well-earned recognition. Also, they make better sandwiches when they’re happy. That’s science.


  1. Brad


    Jen did not want kids. Jen is self absorbed and was also worried that having kids would ruin her body. Angelina and I hit it off because we are humanitarians and want a big family. And yes Angelina is hot too and very kinky and I love it. Jen you just laid there and figured your body was hot enough where you did not have to do anything. Angelina is very aggressive and experimental in bed and I love it!

  2. GinaRae

    Sorry but I’m betting it’s a lot closer to:
    1. they both need press. Maybe he’s got a new album on the way and she needs ANY kind of press
    2. JM is trying to play down countless rumors about him liking women and him being a man’s man.
    3. JA is dying for some media attention to keep her relevant.

    I’ll bet JM is sitting at home like, “Yeah let ‘em watch. I can get cute chicks and all they’re gonna do is wonder how? Remember when you called me a dillweed? Yeah well who’s the dillweed now buddy?! I eve toughened up my image and got more tattoos!!!!”


  3. sam-bagao

    WTF?! at the last pic?..

    whats up with grandpa sniffing jenny’s flat lil ass?..dirty old man (DOB)

  4. Christine

    Have some class Jenn and put on a suit with padding!

    My nipples are hard 24-7 for no real reason but I have found ways to hide them. Just like in friends, the only reason people like her is because her nipples are always rock hard. A lot of celebs can have hard nipples showing in their dresses but don’t because it’s actually pretty trashy.

  5. cainusrising

    She is ridiculously hot. Why am I not in Miami, kicking the crap out of John Mayer, and taking his woman?!?

  6. Jennifer Aniston is such a HOTTIE… and she clearly has got one of the hottest bods in hollywood. If you have any doubts, check out my pic / photo gallery of her at:

    Cheers !

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