Jennifer Aniston continues to bikini-fy John Mayer

May 12th, 2008 // 56 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer spent some time at the pool over the weekend in Miami. After seeing these photos and remembering what I’ve seen of Friends, I have to ask: Is Jennifer Aniston’s turkey always done? And, if so, why has she not been commended for such? I’m not talking anything fancy. Maybe just a Nobel Peace Prize and/or her face chest carved into Mt. Rushmore. I guess I’m a sucker for seeing the fairer sex receive their well-earned recognition. Also, they make better sandwiches when they’re happy. That’s science.


  1. mike

    gross! Too bad there are not more pictures of his rear end.

  2. cltsig

    I wonder if the guy in the last picture smells sweet tarts?

  3. andie

    They look like they’re having fun.
    You guys may think that those nips are great, but they’re a pain in the ass when you have them. They’re practically impossible to hide even with padding and no one looks you in the eye.
    They’re so obvious it’s embarrassing.

  4. Sorry my comment was not relevant to the post except I couldn’t think of anything other than hey, remember the show Married With Children? Christina Applegate had pokey nipples in every single scene. Coincidence? I think not, yeah I don’t know what my point is (get it? Point???)

    I hate Mondays..

  5. eh

    i remember when my nipples first went hard in front of my guys friends at the beach, man that was embarrassing. but now i embrace it lol

    she looks good in these pics much better then some other shots

  6. FRIST, I get the point.. There is not much you can say about girl in a bikini with her head lights on.

    How was the dollor menu at BK??

  7. Brey

    Aniston is cute, classy, sexy… and seems pretty down to earth considering she’s a celebrity. Pitt is a total douchebag. He leaves Aniston for a blood vile wearing, inked up, strung out looking, adopting addicted she-man??

  8. mike

    My goat has 8 nipples. You should see her when all 8 are hard. hubba hubba

  9. Tissot

    Wow Aniston is a desperate slut. Must be embarrassing to be around families with your cow nipples protruding like that. She must be packing STD’s like a suitcase these days too.

  10. She has the best nipples in Hollyweird hands down… and ass up.

    And what’s with that dude smelling her ass?

  11. restingonlaurels

    ugh, i WISH i had this problem… i also wish i had john mayer’s undying adoration. could not agree with #9 more!

  12. lola

    what is gross #2?! seriously. i think you may be a little vroom vroom.

  13. Ted Mosby

    Mayer is so hardcore with the Tats. He looks mad cool when singing “Your Body is a Wonderland”.

    I want to lactate Jen’s mammaries.

  14. havoc

    Oh, that last pic make Havoc very happy……


  15. Dazz

    what’s great is that his head doesn’t look so big next to the size of her nipples.

  16. Dare I Say It?

    Does anyone out there really think that Angelina looks better than Jennifer in a two-piece? Not likely.

  17. sanlogrl

    WOW. More pictures of them doing nothing….how exciting.

  18. Randal

    Great to see Jennifer again and even better that she’s moving on after the entire Brad Pitt thing, we know how much it crushed her in the end. Thankfully though, Jennifer has a strong heart, which she continues to share with the rest of us through the re-runs of Friends and her new upcoming movie.

    Loving you lots girlfriend! xoxo

    Hope all is well with you and John, you’re a cute couple.


  19. I got a Whopper Jr and a side salad. Wait, why am I telling you this on the comment board?? It has nothing to do with Jennifer or John or Amy Britney Lindsay Jessica Marsha Jan Cindy the Skipper Maryanne or Ginger.
    I will email you..

  20. nipolian

    Wasn’t she like 30 when he was running through the halls of his high school and breaking down the double doors?

  21. ph7

    We really don’t need to see amy more pics of this aging, sad old sitcom star.

    Funny, she looks and acts like a boring, plain mom- and yet, she’s never had a kid.

  22. Julian

    @2 *Slap!* that’s for saying “rear end” and I should eat your face for saying her dirty pillows are gross. they’re close to perfect, a lot closer to perfect than my girl friend’s her boobs actually talk all damn night “Quaid, start the reactor”. aside from the eyes, disfigured face and messed up teeth, her boobs are disproportional and uneven

  23. restingonlaurels

    23 you’re crazy! she looks fantastic. who cares if she’s boring?

  24. mike

    @24 Promises promises. Why don’t you show me your dirty pillows.

  25. VG

    man sniffing ass in last picture. hillarity.

  26. lipper

    I find it very odd that she never looks at him. She looks PAST him and looks like she would rather be elsewhere. Who can blame her, especially when he starts singing, your nipples are a wonderland. Lame!

  27. Gia

    Jennifer made sure she wore a bikini top that shows her brown spots too. Always a nice touch when you want to look sexy for a man but not recommended at family gatherings. They looks like they are having fun in the sun!

  28. Erect Nipples

    My nipples are always hard like Jennifer. My boyfriend thinks I’m turned on all the time and I tell him it’s because of him. I have to wear padded bras or else I get too much unwanted attention over erect nipples.

  29. B-rad

    In every episode of Friends, Jennifer Aniston is sporting pebbles/pokies/whatever you want to call her hard nipples. I’ve done extensive research, and have statistics to prove it.

  30. Julian

    @26 If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were coming onto me. I don’t know if you can handle the heft of these A cups. *lifts shirt* woooo! guys gone wild!

    I do agree with you that there should be more pictures of her “rear end” as you called it. I’m actually quiet the fan of women’s backyard love tunnels and their voluptuous surroundings.

  31. Auntie Kryst

    Isn’t Miami Beach supposed to be really nice? Why the hell does she always hang out at swimming pools? Oh wait, now I get it…”MARCO!!”

  32. ???

    #30 LOL. Your poor boyfriend. Keep feeding him the lie though that it’s all him. Men eat up that crap and they’re dumb enough to believe it.

  33. Joyce Brothes


    Brad wanted to start a family and Jennifer did not. Angelina and Brad want the same things in life; family, humanitarian work, and acting. Jennifer and John want the same things in life; no kids and basically being able to dwell on themselves. So now Jennifer can date a lot and have romances that lead to nothing.

  34. Arden

    Telephoto lense . . . you guys are so creepy.

  35. Arden

    Telephoto lense . . . you guys are so creepy.

  36. nipolian

    #35 And Vince just wanted to say “Yeah – I had me a piece of that ass.”

  37. Julian

    @34 wow, thats pretty mean . . . but that means . . . my wife isn’t coming home from church at 3 in the morning sweaty and smelling of vodka because she loves me . . . its all starting to make sense . . . I bet there is no 2 am mass.

  38. Danklin24

    Wtf i dont get the turkey comment.

  39. Danklin24

    Wtf i dont get the turkey comment.

  40. Danklin24

    Also is john Mayer trying to be one of those emo guys now by getting the sleeve tats? Way to keep it classy John.

  41. Danklin24

    Also is john Mayer trying to be one of those emo guys now by getting the sleeve tats? Way to keep it classy John.

  42. mike

    @32 It sounds like we could have a lot of fun together.

  43. restingonlaurels

    i thought jen DID want kids and brad DIDN’T until he left her for angelina…

  44. B-rad

    @40-41 You know the little thing on a turkey that pops out when it’s done?

  45. Pixie


    When Brad was with Jen; an interviewer asked Brad if he wanted kids and Brad with tears in his eyes replied yes. I suspect that by Brad’s response that Jen did not want kids. It was only after Brad left Angelina that Jen ever mentioned wanting to have kids. Now Jen can continue to live her self absorbed life without kids and without Brad.

  46. Jennifer is one of the best looking women in Hollywood and had the greatest hard nipples in history! Bravo! It is just her taste in men that sucks!

  47. Jennifer is one of the best looking women in Hollywood and had the greatest hard nipples in history! Bravo! It is just her taste in men that sucks!

  48. Jen

    Angelina Jolie fans are so fucking pathetic. Seriously, she DOESN’T care about you. Brad has even said it wasn’t about kids. He was nailing Jolie, and broke up with his wife because of it. It’s not rocket science, it’s just a cheating man.

    As for Jen’s nipples, I like them. What’s not to like? But John Mayer = fail.

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