Jennifer Aniston collapses

janiston_collapse.jpgIt seems Brad Pitt’s accompanying of Angelina Jolie to Ethiopia to adopt a child caused Jennifer Aniston to collapse on the set of The Break Up. The official diagnosis is heat stroke, but sources on set insist she passed out because she was overcome with emotion after being revealed the news.

An insider tells British newspaper the Daily Mail: “She’s been walking around with a sad look on her face and has not been her usual self. While her collapse was blamed on heatstroke, everyone thinks it’s more down to stress than anything else. She can’t have escaped all the stories about Brad and Angelina and it looks like the situation has taken its toll on her.”

Poor Jennifer Aniston. As much as everybody wants to feel bad for her, the fact that Angelina Jolie is the other woman makes it impossible. When you’re as gorgeous as Angelina, you can steal any husband you want and it would still be the wife’s fault. Heck, you could probably rob a bank with an AK-47 and then kick George Bush Jr. in the nuts and people would just laugh it off and say, “Oh, Angelina. You’re so pretty.”

Thanks to the magnificent Crista for the tip.