Jennifer Aniston cashes in on John Mayer

December 19th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were conveniently spotted together last night in New York City being very affectionate. The couple usually go out of the way to avoid being photographed together, but this time they might as well have started posing. Realizing subtlety wasn’t invited on this date, John Mayer jokingly referenced the 900 gorilla in the room. Us Magazine reports:

While walking, he plugged her new movie Marley & Me.
“I’m happy to report the movie is completely in focus,” he told photographers as Aniston laughed. “I want everyone to know that.”
Then he joked that he and Aniston were walking all the way to Harlem.
“90 more blocks, guys!” he teased photographers. “90 more blocks!”

For his participation, John Mayer was awarded one 30-second trip to second base. (Under the shirt, above the bra.) However, this didn’t exclude him from their nightly ritual of watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith while crying and stabbing tabloid pictures of Angelina Jolie in the face. But they did make S’Mores. Awww yeah!

Photos: Splash News

  1. First Niggahz!!


  2. All cock for hire can be dispose john stop being sooo witty to the tmz photographers/eggingons

  3. Obama the Messiah

    Second base! Not bad at all. I would so go there.

  4. Is this the new Spencer and Heidi? Jen is seriouslly stooping low now. What happend to quiet, reserved, private Jen?

  5. Sport

    wow that dude always looks so fun, jovial and fun to be around.

  6. havoc

    This is great and everything, but we need more pics of Kim Kardashian.


  7. dork

    Hahahahaha!! Completely in focus. Hahahaha! What a funny guy! That’s a good one! Hahahahaha

    Jees, I’ve got to remember that one the next time a chick says she wants someone that makes her laugh. Hahahahaha

  8. Uncle Eccoli

    She just exudes desperation and neediness in these pictures. “Don’t ever leave me, John! You legitimise me!!”

  9. UPTOWN?? John, you’re supposed to take that CHICKDOWNTOWN

  10. Slim

    Could she be any more desperate for attention?

  11. tommy salami

    john looks like he is retarded and jennifer is a desperate possesive greek bitch who no man wants to impregnate…her baby makers’s clock is running out of time…….god i hate greek bitches

  12. tommy salami

    john looks like he is retarded and jennifer is a desperate possesive greek bitch who no man wants to impregnate…her baby makers’s clock is running out of time…….god i hate greek bitches

  13. doomhammer

    Put a huge cock on a geek with no sense of humor and whiney voice and the chicks still fawn all over him. Surely God must hate me.

  14. skipper

    ?? am i the only one who wants this poor woman to be happy???

  15. skipper

    although i will admit…he does look emaciated.

  16. effyeray

    The old scabby cunt must have some awesome dirt on him. I mean why else would anyone go anywhere near the faded fug tranny?

  17. matilda jeffries

    it really freaks me out when couples match like this.

  18. #17

    Hasn’t worked for me thus far.

  19. Leila

    First pic is all “Yes honey! mommy can buy you anything for Christmas!”.

  20. hausfrau

    Reeks of fake.
    His body language is so obvious. He is hating every minute of that walk. She has made an absolute mess of image and her career. She is now truly pathetic.

  21. Sandi

    Oh my – I mistook them for Heidi & Spencer –

  22. Capers

    OK, I get it…..See, first, Pitt gets voted Sexiest Man Alive, then dumps Aniston for Jolie, then Clint Eastwood proclaims Jolie the most beautiful face in the world…So what’s a poor rejected girl with serious self esteem issues to do BUT pose like a skank in a men’s magazine and cling dsperately to a man 8 years younger than her (a guy who will be dumping her for the second time shortly after the holidays)….I SO get you, Aniston…..In the past, i might even have been you once or twice….I smartened up, though, and eventually, so should you……

  23. Kahlee

    I want Jennifer to be happy but John Mayer looks so uncomfortable in these pictures, and he quite possibly LTC.
    Pleeease aim a little higher Jen.

  24. Sam

    I’m not going to see her dog movie. Try another stunt.
    I read this comment some where else but “may be she should make John wear a sign advertising her movie.

  25. Megan

    Well at least Jen dress the douche bag better this time but he is still ugly.

  26. Harry Brown

    She looks happy.

    Go Jen! Fuck everyone else.

  27. tanya

    She’s a desperate loser. Sorry Jen, you will NEVER be Angelina.

  28. Jim

    Mayer is a bad actor he does not really look into it. He must have performance problems. He should get some male inhancement drugs.

  29. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  30. <3's breasts

    John Mayer fucking KILLS it from behind. You can just tell.
    Then he plays a guitar with a capo on it afterward.


  32. Paul

    Awww. Looks like Grandma taking little Johnny Mayer out for ice cream! Adorable!

  33. Sonya

    Jennifer’s got the crazy eyes going on!

  34. vivian

    I work hard in the industry and hear all the juice. Jen and John are the real deal, however, you would faint dead away if I told you who isn’t.

  35. iknowwhatiknow

    Remember kids “just because a media couple have children (in many cases several or more) doesn’t mean they aren’t a “staged” relationship. There really isn’t any length some will go to keep the light on them as long as possible.

  36. Lydon

    Sick of her, so sick of her, so sick of her and her pathetic boy toy. The funny thing is I used to like her and respect her a lot, but lately she just fucked it all up.

  37. Detmolders

    Jen should just stay in movies and leave real life alone.

  38. sapphire eyes

    I want Jen to be happy too …

    Angelina Jolie is disgusting and Brad Pitt is a lying sack of shit — Brangelina deserve to be miserable together. Too bad they had to drag an sackful of innocent children into their publicity stunt of a relationship. If their relationship is so “complete” why wouldn’t those assholes get married?

  39. blue

    As for John looking uncomfotable – remember Jen is an actress but John is not an actor. He can’t fake it.

  40. Ryan the Canadian

    Oh Vivian, I am dying to know…who isn’t?!!?? Don’t keep us in suspense…if you know it ain’t true. If you did know, you would not lower yourself to be on this fucking site. Drive off a cliff in your Chevy Cobalt. Fucking Hair Stylists……

  41. Maritza

    She looks so in love and he, not so much. I hope he doesn’t break her heart, she deserves happiness.

  42. zagge

    why are you so much haters in Us, i think she look happy, he too. leave them alone. if you don´t what to look go to a onter we side love you john and jen

  43. zagge

    why are you so much haters in Us, i think she look happy, he too. leave them alone. if you don´t what to look go to a onter we side love you john and jen

  44. Matt

    Man…I bet he tears her shit up! Look at the size of him compared to her! I can see her screaming for her fucking life while getting pounded but what is probably a huge ass wang.

  45. Clee Clee

    She’s annoying, so is he, it works out kind of well

  46. Just think about how stupid your theory is..she is dating a guy with a huge cock who is popular, rich, and hot just to sell a movie..even though she is one of the most famous women in the world, 3 times richer than him, and is still desired by millions of men …she has to date him to sell tickets? So now that the movie is over and it has made tons of money off of it , why is she still with him? You guys just decided that Jen would be the punching bag for all your stories to help get traffic to your whacked site. She is single, doesn’t sleep around and hasn’t popped out any kids to please a man, so because she has made it difficult for you to get gossip, you guys just bash her non stop, no matter who she dates, you always assume it’s fake. I think you can find something more credible on her to gossip about, you just have to do some actual journalism, and we know not a single person who works on this site is an actual journalist. Your just making this shit up and you know it.

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