Jennifer Aniston cashes in on John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer were conveniently spotted together last night in New York City being very affectionate. The couple usually go out of the way to avoid being photographed together, but this time they might as well have started posing. Realizing subtlety wasn’t invited on this date, John Mayer jokingly referenced the 900 gorilla in the room. Us Magazine reports:

While walking, he plugged her new movie Marley & Me.
“I’m happy to report the movie is completely in focus,” he told photographers as Aniston laughed. “I want everyone to know that.”
Then he joked that he and Aniston were walking all the way to Harlem.
“90 more blocks, guys!” he teased photographers. “90 more blocks!”

For his participation, John Mayer was awarded one 30-second trip to second base. (Under the shirt, above the bra.) However, this didn’t exclude him from their nightly ritual of watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith while crying and stabbing tabloid pictures of Angelina Jolie in the face. But they did make S’Mores. Awww yeah!

Photos: Splash News