Jennifer Aniston calls Angelina Jolie ‘uncool’ (GASP!)

November 11th, 2008 // 149 Comments

Jennifer Aniston has finally broken the silence on Brad Pitt ditching her for Angelina Jolie. In the latest issue of Vogue, she tells Jonathan Van Meter what it was like hearing Angelina talk about nailing Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith while he was still married:

She asks me if I ever saw a cartoon that appeared in the New York Post a couple of years ago that depicts Aniston talking on the phone in her kitchen. The bubble over her head says, HI ANGELINA…I DECIDED TO TAKE YOU UP ON YOUR OFFER OF A “SIT-DOWN TALK.”…In the drawing, Aniston is loading a shotgun, and there is a copy of Vogue sitting next to her. (The cartoon was inspired by an interview I did with Jolie for this magazine in January 2007 in which she said she would welcome the opportunity to “sit down” with Aniston.) Someone sent Aniston the cartoon (“the funniest thing I’ve ever seen,” she says), and afterward, she could not resist the urge to buy a copy of Vogue to see what the fuss was about. What really rankled Aniston about the piece was that Jolie felt the need to recount a detailed timeline of exactly how her relationship developed on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, while Aniston was still married to and living with Pitt. “There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening,” says Aniston. “I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss.” Aniston, still galled, shakes her head in disbelief. “That stuff about how she couldn’t wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.”

Jennifer Aniston said Angelina Jolie is “uncool.” OH SNAP! Cancel the prom. But, no, seriously, like most people I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear Jennifer’s take on the whole Angelina scenario. Sadly, it didn’t involve any of the words I had hoped such as “me,” “her,” “bare-knuckle boxing,” “breasts a flailin’,” “that guy who writes The Superficial,” “video camera,” “sexual jujitsu,” and “midget covered in steak sauce.” Eh, we play the hands we’re dealt I guess – which in Jennifer Aniston’s case is John Mayer. – - She should probably avoid casinos.

Photos: Vogue

  1. Sport

    I would take her over scrawny Angelina any day of the week.
    As long as neither of them opened their mouths. Except to, ya’ know. MMffMMpphhhff….

  2. roshaa

    Did any of you stop to think that she was simply answering the questions she was being asked?

  3. Joanna

    She must be TERRIBLE in bed. It’s the only explanation. She is gorgeous, amazing body, seems down to earth, doesn’t take herself to seriously. But she cannot keep a man to save her life. It’s the only option, she is a dead fish.

  4. listrapist

    She is stunning, great body, lovely to watch on film, great hair and lots of money.

    There are only a few reasons why anyone would pack her in:

    1. Doesn’t open her mouth durings sex
    2. Doesn’t open her arse.
    3. A snob, obsessed with appearance.
    4. Doesn’t open the legs except under special circumstances.
    5. Doesn’t open her heart, too formal and businesslike.

    In spite of the above, she is still number 2 on my people-i-want-to-rape list.

  5. Michelle

    Isn’t she too old to use a word like uncool?

  6. mikesh

    jennifer > angelina = pitt is an t!

  7. mikesh

    jennifer > angelina = pitt is an idiot!

  8. mikesh


  9. haha

    jen aniston? why do we care? why is she on vogue? why do we give attention to nobodies? why am i posting?

  10. Bree

    Maniston is a bitter crone. Team Jolie all the way.

  11. HankTheDwarf

    I would love to sniff her butthole! :)

  12. Debbie31

    Is it just me on does Jennifer appear to be an average, uninspiring and boring person? Seriously, with all of her “fame”, what has she done or given back to her community? Does she have a worldly cause that she is passionate about? All I ever see Jennifer in is a magazine or movie hocking her next project. She is about as deep as a glass of water, no soul, no depth.

    It’s really not that hard to see why Brad left her……he was approaching 40, wanted children, was hugely successful in his career and probably wanted “more” out of life. Then he met Angelina – okay, so she is physically beautiful, but really people, look at her life. She’s a UN Ambassador and travels to places in the world we probably cannot fathom how messed up they are. She uses her fame to help eliminate poverty and promote in the world. She’s adopted orphans to give them a better life then they would have probably not had the opportunity otherwise. She’s definitely put her money were her mouth is. She is walking the walk.

    Really, Jennifer, are you really that surprised that Brad left you? He and Angelina compliment each other is every way possible. Granted, it may have been *uncool* that they met when he was married, but maybe she was simply the reason for him to see exactly what he was missing and truly wanted out of life. It was a matter of time before he left you……

    I applaud Angie and Brad -they may never get married, but you can totally bet that they will be like Sarandon and Robbins and live a committed life and love each other forever. Keep complaining Jen, you sound like a whiny high school loser who just got dumped at the Prom. Get over yourself Jen, you’re obviously not that interesting.

  13. Astrid

    Uncool? How about home-wrecking gutter slut?

  14. tc

    #62 “Is it just me on does Jennifer appear to be an average, uninspiring and boring person?”

    It’s just you.

    You can chomp on a dog grumpy when they split up.

  15. Sandy

    They fell in love. Get over it. Both maintain they didn’t screw around with each other until after the official separation. And why shouldn’t Jolie recount how she and the father of her children met and how much she admired him. I don’t get Hollywood. Paul Newman left his wife for Joanne Woodward and they’re held up as the Hollywood ideal. Newman and Woodward also fell in love via a job and got remarried the DAY of the divorce being finalized…living together before then and happily (years later) recounting their steamy relationship during the filming of Long Hot Summer…while he was still officially married but separated. But Jolie is a homewrecker because she’s not the girl next door? Whatever.

  16. she looks old and disorganized.

  17. Sauron

    That’s definitely a cup c what i’m seeing there.What happened to this flat chested broad?

  18. Shut this Prune Up

    what a pathetic loser. she should just shoot herself. ugly manface, no talent washed up nobody from the 90s, whining and bitching and moaning about something that happened four years ago. she cant act and her movies are flops, she can only keep herself in memory by drama with some loser she’s dating and trying to step to angelina jolie. if i were married to this braindead hag i would have fallen in love with a dumpster in the parking lot. they have both said they didnt cheat until after they were seperated anyway.

    Angelina – gorgeous, talented, kind, intelligent humanitarian who helps people around the world
    Jennifer – vapid, brainless, dried up, shrieking banshee who sits next to a pool every day of her life groaning about how she’s too old ot have a baby. nasty.

  19. obama yo mama

    jennifer should have realized that brad pitt was a gazillion years out of her league and had all the babies he wanted. at least then she would have been able to keep him after he strayed with angie (which he would have cause that’s what men do). he would have just had a fling and they could work it out for the kids.

    seriously, that was the only way she was going to keep brad. trust me, with that chin and man face, brad would have eventually got tired of banging bing crosby. if it weren’t for her tight body he would have never gotten within a mile of her.

  20. ummm...yeah

    I agree with #41 & #62,
    God, will this bitch EVER shut up about that motherfucker leaving her?
    If the bitch were truely happy she wouldn’t give a shit.
    Obviously she is still in love with Brad.
    She is just like her fucking char on Friends always whining,bitching,and moaning, “why me, why me?”
    The answer is simple bitch,
    YOU FUCKING SUCK!!!!! Any fucking tramp is better than you! GOT THAT??!!!
    mimi, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  21. Sauron

    I’m glad they quit this bimbo sitcom some time ago.

  22. scabbeus

    The cover photo reminds me of an old National Geographic cover.

  23. Jenn is pretty “HOT” these day’s.

  24. Dirk Diggler

    Does anybody else think she kinda looks like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2? Not that its a bad thing (if you like manly women).

  25. I prefer Angelina Jolie compare to Jennifer Aniston.
    Angeline Jolie is hot!!

  26. sgshbs

    Pic 2 is truly hot. Love the striped swimsuit and the pointy tit. Love the calf with the knee up to the chin.

    Brad left cause he wanted to do something else, like play zoo keeper.

  27. morga

    That pic with the dog is basically the ideal of what every guy wants, just somebody sane to chill out with (and boink).

  28. whitebear

    bloke in a dress ! bloke in a dress!!

    but all jokes aside, men aren’t that easy to steal, I mean they’re not like car stereos or ipods, I misplaced one once I thought someoe must have stole him but he was just in the sofa counting pennies.

  29. whitebear

    bloke in a dress ! bloke in a dress!!

    but all jokes aside, men aren’t that easy to steal, I mean they’re not like car stereos or ipods, I misplaced one once I thought someoe must have stole him but he was just in the sofa counting pennies.

  30. Enough of her already…..

  31. My ass

    You’re all saying Jen should let it go and move on and stop whining. When the hell did she ever whine about this bullshit? It was nothing more than the tabloids who created story after story about her calling Brad and hating that whore fish-lipped skank. Never has this woman ONCE said anything directly about the situation. Now 4 years later, she gives an interview and never once went out of line and called that worthless beast anything out of her name.
    Put yourself in this woman’s shoes and for once try and and feel how she feels. It’s obvious those 2 were messing around while filming and Brad cheated on Jen. And you’re right she has every right to be mre upset at Brad that Angie, but it’s Angie who’s flaunting things around. Talking about how they have hot sex (hard to believe because Brad most likey has a tiny dick) and saying what drew them together was the fact that they both wanted kids. That’s a direct diss to Jen. Yet Jen has never retaliated and said anything out of pocked. It was all the media and tabloids that never let the shit go.
    Jen is rich beyond imagination and is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. In my book, she’s a million times better than Angie, who’s nothing but a skeletal immoral whore, who’s known for stealing other people’s partners, being a fake lesbian, using drugs and cutting herself and having sex with Billy Bob in the car. There’s no amount of kids she can pop out of her saggy bony twat or how many kids she buys from other countries, that’ll make her anything more than what she is. She’s out alot of people in pain and now that she actually has 3 biological kids of her own, not only is she going to pay for what she did, so are her kids.
    None of you even stopped to notice that it was around the time she started cheating with Brad was the same time she started her so-called “good deeds” of going to other countries to bring awareness to the poor and displaced. If this bitch and her pussy whipped fool took all that money their wasting buying house after house in different countries, and gave it to just ONE of those poor coutries, they could feed them all for the rest of their lives. It’s all bullshit and to be honest, no one really gives a fuck. Brad & Angie, you will reap what you sow… And so will your kids. But mostly Angie will be the one to suffer this.

  32. Bet

    4 years and she still did not move on with her life. What do she think Brad is going to come walking in the house after 4 years. She is pathetic.
    This is all to cover up her shameful walk through the Ivy after alerting the paps.
    I think Angie had a right to talk about her love for her man and her kids.
    Jen is mentally ill.

  33. So Right

    Jennifer Aniston is a real person. That’s why we care about her. Angelina is just some man-stealing, Borderline Personality Disorder, boundary-less, woman-hating, attention-seeking ho.

  34. Uncle Eccoli

    You’ve nailed it. Perfect.

    Been jilted, eh?

  35. yup

    Amen, 81 & 83.

  36. Lola

    She is a loser and sees herself as a victim, people have a right to change their mind and decide they no longer want to be with a certain person, she can’t get over it because she’s weak and immature. Dozens of insecure housewives feel a connection to her because they feel a happy marriage is a contract their husband can never break and not something that involves love, work and dedication.

    Aniston is plain boring, there’s nothing that makes her special and was lucky to get a job that made her rich and famous but instead of being thankful for what she has she keeps talking about what she doesn’t.

    No amount of “happy down to earth” photoshoots is going to land her a man who wants to stay with her.

  37. kerri

    why does everyone keep saying that jen is still going on about it? the magazine is asking HER questions. if she said “no comment” they would have printed that as well and you would be tearing into her. i think it’s about time she said something. and the only reason it IS coming out four years later is because Angelina Slut Jolie just admitted RECENTLY that they had a full on affair during the movie making. i don’t think it’s Jen that can’t get over it. I think it’s Angelina that keeps having to rub it in her face because Angelina is an insecure bitch. she keeps brad on a tight leash and she’s the one that snaps in interviews if someone says something about what SHE did to jennifer aniston. she’s a whore. she did this to laura dern before jen and look at who laura dern is with now – Ben Harper. who is a HUNDRED times cooler and sexier than brad the cheater pitt. jennifer will find someone eventually who is also better. who cares if she’s taking her time? look at her! you don’t think she could have just about anyone she wants? give me a break. and if she really was in love with brad pitt of COURSE this is still going to hurt. any of us that have been burned by someone in the past – do any of us have to see your ex with his or her new SLUT on covers or magazines and their baby pictures everywhere? it gets rubbed in her face all the time. i am team aniston 100% and always will be. i have never liked angelina jolie. she’s a psycho bitch. does she have ANY female friends? that tells you something right there. she keeps brad in this little bubble with their kids. anyway – enough. leave jen alone. if that were me i would have said a lot worse than ‘uncool’. and i think a lot of you would have too. good day.

  38. kerri

    #81 – bang on. i second all of that. angelina will get hers someday and i for one cannot wait. : )

  39. Pink

    Jen deserves much better! She’s hot, sexy, amazing!!!! She needs to turn lesbian!–I’m here for you Jennifer!

  40. Pink

    Jen deserves much better! She’s hot, sexy, amazing!!!! She needs to turn lesbian!–I’m here for you Jennifer!

  41. Jamie's Uterus

    This sour faced bitch just can’t move on, enough already.

    Remember when she went on the Oprah show and whined about her divorce to Oprah and her audience, and they drank champagne. Oh please, she wanted a pity party from Oprah, and she got one. I suspect she will appear on that show again, to whine some more.

  42. mmm

    jen is FUGLY & boring who cares.

    angelina is hitting the wall

    i hate both of these bitches

  43. B

    Good for her to finally speak up..Everybody knows what Jolie did. even Jolie knows the truth as well thats why she cant get her storys straight after 4 yrs…No one believes her wholesome persona that she trys to pull off..
    Shes Stupid!

  44. JustMyOpinion

    Everybody knows this but I’m saying it anywhere. The true shit here is Brad Pitt.
    Sure Angenlina made an “uncool” pass at the the man. But Brad had options and he chose cheating on his wife. It happens he is an ass. She’s better off without him. More women in bikini’s acting like they’ll have sex with me please.

  45. so what

    “UNCOOL” ?!?!

    What a snob word to use when you’re talking seriously!

    It only shows that Jennifer is a snob one and fake.

    YOu don’t use that kind of words when you are serious. Poor woman!

  46. Anistonisnotcool

    If she was doing so well she would just answer something like “I’m happy and wish them the same / It’s in the past and I think it was a blessing in disguise, bla, bla, bla” she’s not the first person to get cheated on, it happened to me too and sure magazines don’t ask me about it because I’m not famous but people close to me don’t ever mention it because I moved on.

  47. Right Fury

    I remember when they had only just gotten divorced and there were lots of pics in the tabloids of pitt/jolie. What he did was pretty insensitive to someone he promised to love ’till death.

    That being said, I understand why pitt did what he did because evidently jen is a horror to be with. (just ask the 20+ dudes shes been with since).

    Plus AJ says she loves shooting guns. That’s hot

  48. K.K

    Jennifer kept on delaying having babies and they were already married for 7 years and Jennifer’s career had already taken off. The bottom line is Jennifer did not want kids and now all of a sudden she wants kids because Brad has kids. It is easy to say I always wanted kids but this is not the case or else she would have had kids with Brad after being married for 7 years. Jennifer blew it and thought she was enough for Brad, but Brad found a woman who wants to have a family just like Brad. I see it happen all the time. The female does not want kids and ends up getting dumped for a woman that does.

  49. missywissy

    Her and Brad seemed like an Uncool couple. It was like Gap being paired with Versace. Jen reminds me of a chick that likes to go shopping at the mall and watch tv. Brad seems like the kind of guy that sees a bigger world and has a lot to offer to it. However, I think Angelina Jolie is the biggest man-eater in Hollywood. People like her and Britney don’t give a shit about other women and their feelings and hearts. With that said, I think it’s funny watching John Mayer trying to act like Brad Pitt. That guy was so down to earth before her, and now he’s trying to act like something he’s not. Fun to watch. I think it’s really funny they’re back together. I can see Jen calling John
    Jen: “I really like you”
    John thinking to himself: I could be awesome like Brad Pitt. “What time should I pick you up, and what would Brad have worn?”
    Jen: “You’re way hotter than him, but I can make you just as famous as long as you agree to my terms and everything is my way.”
    john thinking to himself: This could be a ticket out of doucheville “I’m there!”

  50. wow!

    Jen = 1,000 times hotter (and cooler) than Angelina!

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