Jennifer Aniston calls Angelina Jolie ‘uncool’ (GASP!)

November 11th, 2008 // 149 Comments

Jennifer Aniston has finally broken the silence on Brad Pitt ditching her for Angelina Jolie. In the latest issue of Vogue, she tells Jonathan Van Meter what it was like hearing Angelina talk about nailing Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith while he was still married:

She asks me if I ever saw a cartoon that appeared in the New York Post a couple of years ago that depicts Aniston talking on the phone in her kitchen. The bubble over her head says, HI ANGELINA…I DECIDED TO TAKE YOU UP ON YOUR OFFER OF A “SIT-DOWN TALK.”…In the drawing, Aniston is loading a shotgun, and there is a copy of Vogue sitting next to her. (The cartoon was inspired by an interview I did with Jolie for this magazine in January 2007 in which she said she would welcome the opportunity to “sit down” with Aniston.) Someone sent Aniston the cartoon (“the funniest thing I’ve ever seen,” she says), and afterward, she could not resist the urge to buy a copy of Vogue to see what the fuss was about. What really rankled Aniston about the piece was that Jolie felt the need to recount a detailed timeline of exactly how her relationship developed on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, while Aniston was still married to and living with Pitt. “There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening,” says Aniston. “I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss.” Aniston, still galled, shakes her head in disbelief. “That stuff about how she couldn’t wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.”

Jennifer Aniston said Angelina Jolie is “uncool.” OH SNAP! Cancel the prom. But, no, seriously, like most people I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear Jennifer’s take on the whole Angelina scenario. Sadly, it didn’t involve any of the words I had hoped such as “me,” “her,” “bare-knuckle boxing,” “breasts a flailin’,” “that guy who writes The Superficial,” “video camera,” “sexual jujitsu,” and “midget covered in steak sauce.” Eh, we play the hands we’re dealt I guess – which in Jennifer Aniston’s case is John Mayer. – - She should probably avoid casinos.

Photos: Vogue

  1. Laura


  2. Tracey

    They all three suck. And I could giove a damn. Jen is the best of them.

  3. Lori

    If she was TRULY in love with Jon Mayer she wouldn’t be whining about this. She is clearly a PATHETIC LOSER. Get over it, bitch.

  4. Sick of Big Mouth

    Jen was lucky, she got rid of Brad and got a cute, little puppy, so she doesn’t need him anymore. What did Brad get – Oh yes, that’s right, he got a new job as a Manny and a new name – Mr. Bradgelinea or whatever. Jen has no idea how lucky she is. You just know that Big Mouth is stinking thinking how can she dump Brad for Bono, 24/7.

  5. me

    Angelina might be uncool for Jennifer, but not for me. Angelina is cool, we all make. mistakes… Brad, Jen and Angie have made mistakes… and so we all cause we’re humans.

    I prefer a “Mary Magdalene” than a “Pharisee”

  6. m

    I am too wondering about the pertinance of this… if Aniston really wants to make us believe she’s soooo over this, maybe she should never mention Angelina Jolie’s name in an interview. I’m actually on Team Aniston on this one but, yeah, Jen you shouldn’t have had this big Angelina-centered talk with Vogue.

  7. Fernando Narcos

    She should have talked some shit about Angie’s bubble of a forehead,or her novelty shop rubber lips,or her vein riddled claws,or the fact she needs to eat a sammich or fifty.That woulda been awesome.

  8. Evil Cat

    well, it IS uncool to steal someone’s husband. just sayin’

  9. Ted from LA

    Stick with the dog. You’re a whiney bitch who deserves a bitch as a partner. Your ex is obviously a prick who deserves what he got.

  10. Ted from LA

    Karma is a bitch named Angelina.

  11. Ted from LA

    Let’s have a Superficial members masterbation contest. If you masterbate, you’re out. Last man or woman standing is master of his or her domain.

  12. Ted from LA

    I’m out.

  13. Binky

    I’m out. It was an inside job.

  14. Mimi

    I’m out. I was “praying” for Amy.

  15. Mike

    I’m out. I didn’t stand a chance. I got a new goat today and I can’t stop thinking about her.

  16. jesus

    i bet her pussy juice is sweet on my meat

  17. Frist

    I’m out.

  18. Jesus

    I’m out. Sweet juice on my meat.

  19. Dr. Phil

    I’m out. You know, as much as I’d like to bitch slap Jen and my wife, I’ve decided it preferable to choke my chicken. You can put lipstick on a penis, but it’s still a penis.

  20. Jimbo

    I’m out. One two many at happy hour and I started looking good to me.

  21. Feces

    I’m in…your ass!

  22. whatever


    seriously who gives a crap? publicly complaining just makes her sound pathetic now thats its been YEARS.

  23. i don't get it

    umm.. was jen married to angie at the time?? no. so she should be pissed at.. brad. that’s right.

  24. Anytime a man and women stands in front of their l loved ones and promises a lifetime of love and then cheats, no matter who you are, you are a dirty rotten dog! Everybody’s pissed at people like Clinton, but because these are beautiful people(outside not inside) we turn the other cheek. Jennifer deserves to be pissed, he broke his promise…PERIOD! If we can’t trust than what do we have????

  25. Jimbo

    I’m out. It was a slendid moment I will not soon forget. I with myself, Barry White in the background, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with the scent of fresh roses in the foreground. My sperm delicately danced into a soft and absorbent 2-ply facial tissue. I was gentle and it was my one moment in time.


  26. Randal

    I’m out. It was a slendid moment I will not soon forget. I with myself, Barry White in the background, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with the scent of fresh roses in the foreground. My sperm delicately danced into a soft and absorbent 2-ply facial tissue. I was gentle and it was my one moment in time.


  27. Zukyia

    I wish she would get over it and shut up already because she is so annoying. Why didn’t she talk crap about her ex-husband instead of talking about how Jolie banged Brad during filming.

  28. Aniston called Angelina’s actions uncool… not Angelina herself.

  29. Deva

    Someone should pass on to Jennifer that she shohuld get over it. What’s it been? 7 years now?
    I know in her heart of hearts that she thinks she matters. Well, she doesn’t. Go and have 4 sets of twins with Mayer. She still won’t matter. How long do you think it will be before she gets dumped again?
    Let me give you some advice: don’t make marriage a condition of getting back together. Especially when your man gets much hotter and younger girls on a nightly basis.
    But oh that’s right, you’re Jennifer Anniston. Everyone wants you. Except for Brad Pitt.

  30. britboysarehot

    Her poses are so pathetic. She’s probably thinking “If I mention something about Angelina, it might peak Brad’s interest.” She’s really trying too hard in her pics. I guess it’s her way of trying to show what Brad lost. I still think she looks like a man, baby! She really needs to move on and cut the friggin cord.

  31. Jen

    how pathetic…all this crap happened four years ago! Nobody cares about her meaningless life- funny how she comes out with all this just when she has some shitty movie about to come out and this is the only way she can get attention for it— why does this ugly woman feel the need to always be photographed half nude- she may have a decent body but she will always have that weird looking face no matter how many nose jobs she has.That loser John must like a butterface. Angelina won- get over it freak

  32. kitty_kat

    Honestly, she’s looking SO much better than Angelina these days!

  33. Jade

    Aniston really got screwed over.


    How many years is she going to drag this whole thing out?

    Her guy cheated on her and ditched her. She obviously still loves him. She hates Jolie. But move on woman, and quit whining about it publicly. It makes an already pathetic situation seem so much worse when she has to go white about it all over Vogue this many years later.

  34. The Real Dr. Phil

    Alright, listen up you bunch of pathetic jackoff losers! Number 24 is correct. Brad Pitt is the lowlife because he made the promises and broke the promises. At the same time, Angelina is also a slut dog since she knew the boy was married.

    Which brings up…who in the fuck do some of these Hollywood creeps think they are?

    Jennifer is much better looking than AJ and bottom line is BP got what a douche like him deserved; a skanky, nasty, toothpick body, Jezebel, brother fucking, nasty dog faced bitch with big lips. He doesn’t need her money and that is obviously one thing she was concerned about.

    Summary…Brad and Angie are douchebag extraordinaires and Jen seems to be desperate by her actions with Mayer, a douchebag outdone only by BP and AJ. She’s asking for more of the same douchebaggery.

  35. kitty_kat

    Oh, and guys: Maybe she can’t “get over it” because Angelina can’t get over telling everyone what a great daddy and boyfriend Brad is. Would YOU be able to get over it if YOUR spouse cheated on you and the person they cheated with went around telling everyone about how great he/she was? Whatever.

  36. Truth doctor

    They’re both nasty whoreish bitches. Rot in hell.

  37. Diogenes

    I like to see a cat fight between the two!

  38. Team Jolie

    For goodness sakes stop playing the victim card Anniston.
    How many guys have you been with since Brad? About 10!! Stop commenting on Brad & Ange’s 7 year realtionship.

    If Anniston was a selfish vacuous thing she might have stayed married to Brad and perhaps have had a few kids of her own.

    At least Jolie has a career, adopts kids, is a UN ambassador and doesn’t sit around complaining like Anniston

  39. 1moreidiotintheworld

    I long for the glorious day when the whole fucking world will stop giving a shit about Jennifer Aniston. I am so sick of hearing about her fucked up life and seeing her fucked up face, WHAT is the fascination with her??? When will society move forward and abandon her entirely to the rest of her miserable goddamn existance where even SHE will stop giving a fuck about herself… WHEN??????

  40. veirs

    It’s like Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher, and Elizabeth Taylor all over again…………….Oh, wait, but Debbie Reynolds had talent.

  41. ryn

    I can’t wait till Angelina dumps Brad’s boring clingy washcloth ass in the 90s.

  42. ryn

    It’s so funny that Jennifer gets on the cover of Vogue when last issue someone remarked in the Letters to the Editor that they were happy an actual model was on the cover because, and I quote, “I don’t care if Jennifer Anniston has ‘issues’ with her mother.”

  43. James

    Anniston has a nice body..but seriously, she looks like a dude.

  44. Binky

    {Humm….this ‘domain’ troll seems like a real whack (off) job.}

  45. nancy

    i’m glad jen took the high road and didn’t say anything that could cause an unnecessary feud. kudos, rachel!

  46. Ted from LA

    Hi Binky!
    I’d fuck her. Out of her life savings that is… It would be an inside job.

  47. lattygirl

    Good for her.

  48. Binky

    Hi Ted. Sounds like a good plan – the way the market’s going.

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