Jennifer Aniston beats Brad Pitt at Christmas box office

Hey, let’s inject relationship drama into the high-stakes world of box office projections. Oh boy! Jennifer Aniston’s Marley & Me opened on Christmas day against her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In spite of all logic and reason, Jennifer’s movie actually had the top B.O. for Jesus’ birthday and went on to take the rest of the holiday weekend, according to Variety:

Twentieth Century Fox’s canine comedy “Marley and Me” was the surprise pick of the litter at the crowded Christmas box office — grossing a hefty $51.8 million for the long weekend — but there was plenty of coin to go around in one of the most prosperous holiday seasons ever for Hollywood.

Somewhere, Brad Pitt is being forced to wear the gimp outfit by Angelina Jolie. “You lost to the dog movie?! I’d close my vagina permanently if there weren’t babies falling out of it. Speaking of – *foosh* MADDOX! Sell your Xbox to buy some diapers for mommy. Now, what we’re we talking about?”

Photos: WENN