Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn really break up this time

December 6th, 2006 // 64 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have officially broken up after more than a year together. Reps for the couple tell People:

“After Jennifer’s trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today.”

I can’t even pretend to care about this, so instead I’m putting up a random picture from like two years ago of Jennifer leaning in to kiss another woman. Did she break up with Vince Vaughn because she’s a lesbian? Pictures don’t lie, my friends. And I didn’t get this Pulitzer Prize by making stuff up.*

* No, I had to hide in an alley and beat somebody up to get this bad boy.


  1. Discordia

    I wouldn’t want to be around her smug looking ass-face all the time either.

  2. If Aniston were a lesbian, she’d be the one of the penis.


    … ;X

  3. If Aniston were a lesbian, she’d be the one with the penis.


    … ;X

  4. HELLpenis

    #12 ….

    Seriously…what the hell is going on with that other girl’s leg? Legs don’t do that naturally…

  5. Dcrew220

    I don’t think anyone cares anymore … next stop movies with talking dogs or children

    1000′s of cheats for Wii, PS3 and Xbox360

  6. EJ

    I would assume that she can’t keep men because she’s one of the most priveleged people on earth, yet anytime she gets a hangnail she goes into a pity party. It’s whiny, manipulative, and immature to put on the “frowny face” and act like everything that happens to you is some sort of cosmic evil joke intended to grind you down into depression.

    Plus, I’ve never seen her smile in public. That would get old.

    I don’t care how “hot” she is or isn’t – guys don’t want girls who are downers all the time. Or girls who think the world owes them. Or girls who think that they are some long-suffering hybrid cross between Mother Teresa and Little Women’s Marmie.

  7. there’s a college sorority girl involve in Jen and Vince’s split.

  8. They aren’t kissing they are a few feet apart. The pic was just taken from an angle that makes the ladies look like they are face to face.

    Jen is not gay and is a very nice girl. Vince and Jen just had their fun and it didn’t last, No big deal, happens to everyone.

    Hey Jen, Call me sometime


  9. renee

    Well…. at least they were classier than Brangelina throughout the dating…although that’s not saying much….


    Well, I must be missing a sensitivity Chip, Cause, she deserves just what she got/gets, she is a media HO, a Liar, a manipulator, and Karma is bitting her in the Azz.

  11. Luv2rant

    That sorostitute is heinous.

    Always thought Vince must be a lot like his character in Swingers.

    Jen – you’re a down girl – need to keep exorcising the Rachel demon, but you’ll be a decent actress one day.

  12. it was a publicity stunt anyways…


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