Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn really break up this time

December 6th, 2006 // 64 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have officially broken up after more than a year together. Reps for the couple tell People:

“After Jennifer’s trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today.”

I can’t even pretend to care about this, so instead I’m putting up a random picture from like two years ago of Jennifer leaning in to kiss another woman. Did she break up with Vince Vaughn because she’s a lesbian? Pictures don’t lie, my friends. And I didn’t get this Pulitzer Prize by making stuff up.*

* No, I had to hide in an alley and beat somebody up to get this bad boy.


  1. Binky

    Wedding Planner Crashers Old Story School ?
    Yes – I think that was the film I saw all this play out before

  2. bigsteamyone

    i need sound and video for me to believe this one.

  3. mudspot440

    GREAT, now i can stop thinking of Vince tapping my future one night stand…

    more importantly… why am i bummed i’m #3?

  4. mudspot440

    check that…#4

  5. jrzmommy

    the broad on the left looks dyke if I ever saw one. Nice “sensible” shoes, Marge.

  6. RichPort

    Thanks Mr. Fish, I just tore through another pair of boxers…

  7. HollywoodSnark

    Yeah, I’m surprised she stuck around with that ape just to promote her movie….sheesh who’s she gonna do a movie with next, Al Bundy?

  8. It’s like that movie that not many people saw!

  9. BarbadoSlim

    Good on Mr. Vaughn now he can get back to mending his career after the devastation caused by this succubus.

    Now watch as she milks the whole situation for some pity action.

    You suck Aniston

  10. Tits_McGhee

    And I care because……..????

  11. willers

    how is that girl jen’s kissing still standing? her right leg looks broken in at least 3 places.

  12. crabbie

    She’s smelling that bitch’s breath.

    By the way, did you know Beyonce is 32? The scoop at:

  13. As SOON as she went on Oprah to deny that they broke up I knew this relationship was doomed.

    If you are in a healthy relationship you just laugh off stuff like that, you don’t go on Oprah to make an ANNOUNCEMENT that everything is ok. Lets see, what OTHER couples have made major press releases to announce that all the stories about their relationships being in trouble were untrue?

    1. Nick and Jessica
    2. Reese and Ryan
    3. Aniston and 1st hubby Pitt
    4. Liza and David Guest
    5. Kate Hudson and Chris whatever his name is
    6. Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe

    So basically, any announcement that “Things are great” is usually followed by a “But we’re still great friends” press release within a few months.

  14. Love how celebs are so into themselves that they have to lie about their relationships. Always denying who they are fucking, and insisting they are still a couple when they have been broken up for months. Is it because the entertainment industry has become so jaded as to use couplings to promote films/albums? Perhaps. More than likely it is because these stars are so egocentric they would make Hitler blush.

  15. biatcho

    It’s about goddamn time Vaughn came to his senses. She’s such a worthless piece of diahrrea.

  16. Missy8580

    i love jennifer aniston! she’ll be ok, and vince was lucky to have had her for as long as he did!!

  17. techclerk


    Don’t forget Bill and Hillary

  18. Move relationships always get fucked up and never work. Just ask me. I’m famous.

  19. pixel killya

    She can’t maintain a relationship with anyone it seems – mother, father, husband, boyfriends, photographers…. Well maybe dogs. Hmm, what does that say about her?

  20. McNikki

    That’s her Yoga teacher – they did a spread together in the latest issue of “Self” where Jen blabs about how Yoga changed her life

  21. Brace yourselves for another self-indulgent round of Jennifer Aniston appearing in every single magazine to whine about how “really, I’m okay.” Yuck.

  22. kate

    I actually like Aniston. Can’t bash her. I think the “I’m okay” stuff was largely media driven.

    I’m still open to bashing most other celebs though.

  23. kate

    Although I just saw the Break Up about two weeks ago and boy did that movie suck.

    So there’s that.

  24. nychag

    who cares

  25. frenchtoaststix

    The Break-Up did suck. Vaughn is a shlub and Jennifer is hotness personified, and there is no way they ever would have been a couple if he were not also an actor. I should hate her, my husband has a total jones on for her, but I can’t. I think the media threw her the pity party, not Jen herself. I mean, when your hot hubby leaves you for the world’s sexiest humanitarian, that’s gotta suck.

  26. even kissing broads cant save jennifer aniston’s pancake ass

  27. pop

    i heard they broke up due to her not wanting to move to chicago…that or she still is holding that grudge about the ‘hooker-killing’…sheesh!! let it GO!!

  28. #30!!!!

    Chicago is better than LA

  29. 86

    Q: How did Vaughn & Aniston become drawn together in the first place?

    A: They both suck.

  30. killahcheese

    Its really obvious that Vince was only a rebound for Jennifer.

    They what? AFter two weeks of breaking up with Brad, she started going with Vince?? He was a guy who wanted her, and she hesitated but since she was lonely, she decided to be with him until being with him made her so sick that she couldn’t be with him anymore, therefore, they break up.

    They broke up before they even started dating.

    Am I right or what?
    Yes, I’m right.

  31. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Why doesn’t she spend some money on facial surgery to make herself less ugly? What a stupid bitch.

  32. mbarkr

    God damn she does has one super-hot freacking body, though. Christ.

  33. mbarkr

    God damn she does has one super-hot freacking body, though. Christ.

    Oh, and:


    Heather Locklear & Ritchie Sambora
    Meg Ryan and & What’s his face.

  34. kate

    I do wish I had her body though. Girlfriend is TONED.

  35. kate

    And that is a cheek on cheek kiss btw. I do that with my friends and family all the time.

  36. arden

    She is a beautiful, sweet, and awfully sensitive person for the career she has choses. I like Vince Vaughn, but I’m relieved she didn’t marry the first guy she went out with after the brutal dumping by Brad Pitt-face.

  37. 86

    She peaked as Rachel.

  38. melady2952

    I heard Jen Aniston is into women too-maybe not full fledged lesbian but probably bi. Come to think of it she does have mannish mannerisms. She should get a hot lesbian girlfriend and parade her around the media-that’ll get people’s attention because her acting sure isn’t.

  39. Kristin

    I wonder if they actually broke up this time.

  40. GG 4.33

    Why do celebs (and some regular folk) insist on saying that they’re good friends even though they just broken up? It’s impossible to be friends after a breakup. Too much emotional baggage. But then, in Hollywood, you have to be somewhat congenial after a breakup, in case the other person has a hit. You going to have to kiss their ass again.

  41. killahcheese


    You can still but its conditional, just depends who dumped who. And if the other party is bitter about it or not.

    Of course the two won’t be, “tight” like regular friends, they are still friends.

  42. dreamhypnotique

    “Oh my god, this matters and is so interesting!” said no one.

  43. killahcheese


    “Omg you suck” said Jesus

  44. EJ

    Oh gawd, now Jennifer’s gonna go into her “poor, poor me” routine and we’ll hear ALL ABOUT her biological clock and how Jolie stole Brad to have his child and it should have been Jenn’s and now she’ll never find happiness and why don’t the GODDAMNED fans leave her ALONE!

    I can hardly wait for the teary inevitable Oprah interview.

  45. A POS

    Shit. I can’t rip into Jen due to my nipple fixation, and I can’t rip into Vince Vaughn as i’m a Bears fan too. Plus he gets props for being a dork who boned Jen. Life sucks…..

  46. aurealis

    Wait a sec, didn’t this already happen? Or were they ever really dating in he first place? Either way, why can’t Jenn keep her men?

  47. cayana

    Look at the hand in back of them.. “Stop! Ladies, please, no tongue in public!”

  48. Why is this message the least popular for leaving comments on?

    #48, you go first. Why? No reason.

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