Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn may or may not be engaged

August 10th, 2006 // 62 Comments

Us Weekly is reporting that Vince Vaughn proposed to Jennifer Aniston but Jennifer’s rep has issued a statement saying it’s not true. Aniston reportedly accepted the proposal as they returned from a nine-day vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on their private jet. A friend of the couple says Vaughn intended to propose on the beach, but decided at the last minute to do it on the plane before they landed.

“He was going to propose on the beach during the trip, but he chickened out because he wasn�t sure if she would accept,” said “friend” gabbed. “But he knew he was leaving town for awhile, so he just felt he had to ask her before they landed.”

And apparently Jennifer’s rep has a habit of denying things which turn out to be true.

For example, in November 1999, when Aniston was spotting wearing a diamond sparkler on her left ring finger, Huvane denied that she was engaged to Brad Pitt, claiming the bauble was “not an engagement ring,” and he continued to deny that the pair planned to marry up until their June 29, 2000 wedding.

In December 2004, two weeks before Pitt and Aniston announced their split, Huvane maintained that all was well in their union. “They are looking forward to spending the holidays with each other. There is no split. They are fine,” he told Us Weekly.

In February 2005, Huvane denied reports that Aniston planned to move back into her former Hollywood Hills home, claiming it had been leased out to Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher. Lo and behold, the couple was asked to move out that month so that Aniston could move back in later that year.

Finally, when rumors that Aniston and Vaughn were dating first surfaced in July 2005, Huvane denied there was any romantic interest. “Vince is a good friend of Jennifer’s. I think the tabloids are so eager to see her with someone romantically that they just make these false assumptions,” he told the New York Post.

So basically they’re probably engaged and Jennifer’s rep is a lying bastard. Although Life & Style also reported they were engaged a month ago, but with a different story. So really everybody’s just making stuff up. Except for me. I only report the truth. Especially when it comes to the size of my humongous penis. Except sometimes I downplay it just to be modest.


  1. Penis size… yes, downplay is good… tends to make other men feel insecure. God knows I get asked how men can enlarge their penis at least once a day-

  2. RichPort

    I’ll only believe they’re engaged if I see some photos of her topless or of Vinnie going downtown for a little Greek salad. I realize that has nothing to do with anything, I just thought I’d throw it out there because I could load up on Metamucil and stool softener after a spicy Mexican meal and still not give a shit…

    I hear Greek girls in Europe smell like pungent (though not virgin) olive oil… is that true?

  3. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    PLain Jane Aniston is the lamest fuck in Hollywood. After I finally finished after 35 grueling minutes in the missionary position and came on her belly she exclaimed, “EWWWWWW! You got “it” on me!!!” Not that I am a Vince Vaughn fan but dude you can do better that tasting Brad’s cock everytime you eat that snatch. Get a grip man you’ve made it!

  4. Peaches2133

    Chinnifer is an ugly twat with a nose and boob job. That selfish attention hungry whore can’t act and all she does is whine and cry to anyone who’ll listen about her stupid divorce and life. Most of her movies bombed and I’m sick of seeing her playing Rachel in every role she’s in.

    Vince on the hand is funny and can do waaaaay better than that boring and talentless bitch.

  5. ImSuicidal

    biatcho – Hopeless_ ask me to invite you to a party over at: . He’s got a new name “cock”- something or other
    He’ll want you to bring a gift!

    PS He’s in the witness protection program so keep it hush, hush.

  6. ffordegroupie

    Yawn. Not interested.

    Vince Vaughn is funny but not terribly interesting, and Jennifer Aniston does nothing but whine and moan about how insensitive her ex-husband is for daring to move on with his life and have a family. And I’m tired of this one-note actress groaning about how much she wants a big movie career, when she isn’t talented or charismatic enough for one.

    (Yo, Jen, you’re 37, you’re whiny, you’re very plain-looking, you never have anything interesting to say, and your only movie hit is due to your boyfriend being funny. The only reason you haven’t been relegated to “sitcom has-been” is that you were once married to Brad, who is now shagging a sexy mom o’ three with an Oscar — in other words, you should just give up gracefully while you’re ahead)

  7. Vinnifer or Jince? Which one is better?

  8. Sassy

    Fakest ‘couple’ ever. The Break Up about to come out on DVD in the US is it?

  9. sita

    … the public may or may not care…

  10. I think these two made a boring movie together and part of the promotion for the boring movie was that they appear to be having a real relationship but of course they weren’t and the movie was a bomb and now they’ve gone their seperate ways. Can we drop it now?

  11. charo2000

    Jennifer Aniston is boring but Brad is worse;he’s only with Angelina because he thinks she will make his life more interesting than spending his time decorating his house with tiffany lamps and meeting with architects and making fun of Oprah’s gay boyfriend dancing. I can’t wait til Jolie gets tired of her new sperm donor on her way to martyrdom a la Mia Farrow. Maybe she’ll go the Brigette Bardot route and start a wild extinct animal farm on her estate.

  12. JolieIsADiseaseRiddenBloodsuckingWhore

    I don’t like either one of these two but they are much more classy than the bloodsucker and her man bitch, that’s for sure. Rumor has it that Pitt’s dick actually fell off after sleeping with the disease ridden blood sucking whore. Well deserved, and let’s face it, we’ve seen the Playgirl photos, not much of a loss.

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