Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn hate life

June 12th, 2006 // 74 Comments



  1. herbiefrog

    #22 well spotted :)

  2. andrewthezeppo

    she’s a harpy, plain and simple. I’d rather spend the day with Hillary Clinton that this witch. And I’m annoyed at their fake relationship. Brad dated a co-star last summer and the movie was a hit, so Jen just pretends to do the same thing…irritating.

  3. 86

    Everyone knows Jen hates being photographed. That’s why she has that look on her face.

    We are talking about a woman who wore the same cargo pants and wifebeater for five years because she didn’t want to give the Paparazzi anything to photograph. She frowns to make a bad picture hoping everyone will leave her alone.

  4. Courtney

    So, okay, how come when Tom and Katie are running around being fake about how much they love each other, that’s not cool, but when two people look like, you know, two normal people it’s “Oh my god, what a bitch”. I know we’re all supposed to be superficial and what not, but come on people. Let’s have standards for our flippancy.

  5. ChickenScratch

    Okay, I rush home for lunch because I can’t get on this website at work (assholes), and this is what they wrote?
    Good Lord, I was expecting something new and huge (no pun intended pervs), but all we got is Vince and Jen at a tennis match.
    Wait…I’ll be back, I’m going to see what else is new on here.

  6. this union seems completely artificial, unreal, to be made to counter the Brangelina history. Jennifer was much more smiling with Brad, now, with Vince Vaughn she seems to be with a good buddy…

  7. erik

    Vince has a horrible hairpiece on.

  8. ChickenScratch

    ….nothing :(

  9. Ali

    She looks like she is being satisfied with the rebound “seconds” of Vince Vaughn. She just never looks as happy as she always did with Brad.

    Maybe she realized also that she looks exactly like Dustin Hoffman in “Tootsie.”

  10. Jacq

    #37 – SOMROFL!! You’re the funniest, bitch!!

    For the record, I did not like The Break-up. It was like looking into a crystal ball and seeing into the future about 6 months after my boyfriend and I buy a house together. Except, I can say with a good deal of confidence, we’re better looking.

  11. DonLes91

    Damn, Osh (37). How do you do that?! I just got back cause I SOM too. You should write for You’re waaay funnier than 99% of the stuff I’ve read over there.


    I (heart) Free Hat Day.

  13. TrannyGranny

    I just scrolled through this as fast as I could, the words Darth Vader, flippancy, Damn Osh, stripper, alien, hand weaving and medical advice popped out of the blur. I have no need to read this post at all, there is no way it could be any better with more words.

  14. JolieIsADiseaseRiddenBloodsuckingWhore

    Fake? I’ve got to give them some credit. They’re not the most beautiful people in the world, but they’re not flaunting a relationship, scheduling news conferences, or somehow dragging attention to themselves. When these two say they want to be left alone, I actually believe them. Because they make an effort to never comment on any reationship and there isn’t any of that sickeningly overexposed PDA like with Tom and Katie.

  15. HughJorganthethird

    Crazy kids. She obviously just needs to be violently sodomized. Always puts a smile on my girlfriends face.

  16. HughJorganthethird

    Remember they ARE in France, so why the fuck would they be smilling? Probably stepped in tons of dog shit on the way to the stadium then they had to pay 10 bucks for some shitty over- baked croissant served by a surly, stinky guy and then try to enjoy the tennis surrounded by a thousand morons yapping in French. I’m surprised they did’t just commit suicide right there.

  17. WTF?????

    Personally I think they’re both hot and I’d do em both….hell why not invite Brad and Angie and have a little party….damn freaks!!! All of you’s.

  18. WTF?????

    Personally I think they’re both hot and I’d do em both…hey let’s invite Brad and Angie too….have a little party…..damn freaks…all of ya’s!

  19. Nan

    These two are so ugly, Chinnifer with her potato nose and man chin, and Vince with his gross looks, and he always looks drunk and smelly too. I think if they were nicer to people, like smile more often , people wouldn’t hate them so much. Not that Brad and Angelina are saints. Brad with his pock scars, and Angelina with her 99 year old looking vein arms….I mean come on, who the hell do these people think they are, just a bunch of lucky rich losers!!!

  20. slinkhard

    Their movie’s number one. People clearly don’t hate them too much.

  21. nat

    She’s probably just bitter because Brad and Angelina look so happy together

  22. random

    i dont get why you guys are hating on aniston anways, its not like she did anything bad, she just wanted to set things right. i dont think anybody hated reese witherspoon when she sued that tabloid for reporting that she was pregnant. it’s all just false reporting, now lets get back to the paris hilton/lindsay lohan hating, they deserve it for sure.

  23. ghost_rider

    jen looks like an anorexic miss piggy. oink.

  24. sexybaby

    y’all should get lives and live the poor girl alone. after all she is a spoiled advise for you Jen and hoep you get this, if you really want to move on with your life, try to ignor your ex though it is hard but trust me once you do that you will find your own tale what ever it turns out to be.

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