Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn hate life

June 12th, 2006 // 74 Comments



  1. blueballs

    They are happy being unhappy. Why can’t you just be happy for that?

  2. -= ChebyratoR =-

    AUSTRALIA JAPAN 3 – 1!!!! AUssie aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!! Ha japs suck the weiner!!

    and vince is gay and Jen is totaly hot

    oh and before i forget … first?

  3. -= ChebyratoR =-

    hmm come to think of it she dont look that hot in the foto and im second :(

  4. blueballs

    Btw, I really am not happy that I was first. Now I am linked to all the other losers out there that relish being first on a fucking blog. Maybe Jen or Vince will become happy if they can get to be first in logging a comment on here.

  5. JoBOO


  6. Astriastar

    Yawn. The superficial has old news. They don’t update it as regularly as other sites, and the stuff they post is usually days older than other sites. I realize the people who run this site have a life, but geez! They basically cut and paste all their stuff anyway, and add in a few snarky comments. How long does that take? and has more stuff more often. Okay, enough bitching. I’ve gotten it out of my system.

  7. HollyJ

    Who sits in a hot stadium with a gigantic smile on their face? I think the writer’s making something out of nothing here.

    I know any time I’M forced to go attend a sporting event, I look bitter, too. I guess she just hates sports as much as I do.

    BTW, is he preparing for a role as a garbage man?

  8. Divine_Miss_Stacey

    Well, if I used to be banging Brad Pitt everynight and now had to wake up next to Vince Vaughn’s ugly mug I think I would be looking quite bitter as well.
    Is there anyway I can sue these two to get the money back I wasted paying to see the CrapFest that is “The Break-up?”

  9. mellymel

    They are watching a game, they are concentrated on what is happening in front of them and why does everyone have the same hat?

  10. headlights


  11. RichPort

    It looks like they were argueing over who got to wear that stupid hat. They must have realized the people in front of them had them same one and decided against it.

    Either that or she’s upset that she still has to swallow to keep a man, and she has that nasty spunky taste in her mouth. He on the other hand looks exactly like someone who got head on the ride over.

  12. UCSD

    #6, if this site sucks so much, why read it and take the time to post?

    ps, I know the angle is different, but why is there a hot girl in teal behind vince vaughn in the 2nd shot, but the other two have the old lady in white?

  13. they look like they’re watching tom cruise and brad pitt fighting over who gets to eat baby shiloh’s placenta…

  14. Somnium

    I think they’re cute together. I can’t stand Brad Pity! I’d rather do Vince. Brad can keep Angelina and her stolen babies.

  15. jane's eyre

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. What an idiot. That’s what I call a R-E-A-C-H.

  16. aivilo


    Yeah, definitely. Trading ‘Sexy Man-Hunk Extraordinaire’ for the Pillsbury Dough Boy tends to make one slightly bitter. Or suicidal.

  17. God, they have to be the world’s most boring couple. They lack passion/chemistry, they seem like friends.


    Is this a conspiracy?

    Why are there different people sitting in the seats directly behind as shown in one of the three pictures?

    Secret service? Aliens? Mulder / Scully?

    Trust no one!

  19. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Maybe they’re actually at an outdoor premier of the Breakup, because that’s the face I was making when I saw it, only more vomit was coming out of my mouth. That’s right, I threw up in my mouth a little bit. So what.

  20. ivri

    okay, I think the reason everyone’s got the same damn chapeau is they were selling them at those little stands, even though they’re not exactly team spirit-y, I guess the stadium figured that on a sunny day, people will flock to buy big ugly hats. that’s my guess. man, I know the superficial is slow when the comments section is talking about hats, not skanks or ugly people. siiigh

  21. Dr.Rokter

    I remember when this site was about getting sound medical advice from licensed professionals. Until that asshole “hawtdermatologist36DD” started making cracks about Paris Hilton on a VD thread, and now all we get is herpes jokes. If I was interested in that shit, I’d go to WebMD.

  22. Chicagoboy

    The photos were taken at the French Open, which explains quite a bit. The French make all of the spectators wear those stupid hats so the world will think the Frogs are “classy” and the stupid look on Vaughnifer’s face is because they are watching tennis. As the good doctor will point out, watching tennis makes a person nauseous.

  23. krwlng54

    I’d be that unhappy also if I was forced to be seen with that hat wearing that guy…I mean that guy wearing that hat

  24. Giggles

    Oh come on…..the Cubs are probably losing again.

  25. jane's eyre

    Dr., can you tell me more about Jennifer’s strange vertabrae?

  26. Captain Awesome

    You know what is getting old? People whining in the comments section about this site or any site for that matter feeling old to them.

    Easy solution to your problem: Don’t visit the site. It’s all you have to do.

  27. Captain Awesome

    hawtdermatologist36DD, that sonovabitch!

  28. spatz

    screw you guys, i’d do vaughn over pitt anytime.

  29. Jenners

    Actually I find Vince hot in a scruffy masculine kind of way. Vince stands on his own, doesn’t need to bleach his locks golden to match Jen’s, and I’m guessing he doesn’t paint his toenails like the Bradster.
    Okay I made that last part up, but it’s possible. Brad looks the type.

  30. Well, if someone dragged me in to watch some stupid ball game, I’d be bored, too. Not only that but making strange faces all the time. And asking when is this gonna be over between every two minutes. And whining how it’s either too hot or too cold, I’m hungry or thirsty, I got to go pee, etc. Guys really like that. ;)

  31. Okay, here’s the truth!

    While Brad, Angelina, Vince were shooting “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, one night Jennifer came over to the hotel for drinks. One thing lead to another and Brad paired up with Angelina and Jen with Vince.

    It’s that simply, people! I think their not happy because they got the short end of the stick…Wait, did Angie and Jen make out???


  32. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Tits come a dime a dozen nowadays. Back in my day I had to walk uphill ten miles in the snow for a nice set. Kids these days don’t know how to appeciate a good rack. God damn kids and their cheap titties…

  33. Dr.Rokter

    #25 Her spine is not designed to withstand the impact of human sexual contact, rather, to maximize skind contact in the shni area to exchange genetic information.

    #32 I remember my grandmother telling me how during the Depression she had to knit her own implants out of old Sears catalogues and stuff them with dirt she’d saved over the years from cleaning rich people’s mansions.

  34. Dr.Rokter

    *shin. Shni was my grandmother’s stripper name.

  35. jane's eyre


    I think that was Anakin’s mom’s name.

    *Gasp* You’re related to Darth Vadar? Whooaahh….

  36. troubleinaborrowedsuit

    Who cares if they aren’t happy? They’re higher beings; their happiness is none of our business.

    Why DOES everybody have the same hat?

  37. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    34 – My Grandmother’s stripper name was Huckleberry Harlot. She could make jam upside down with her vagina. Back then they called that a “razzmatazz”.

  38. suzy

    they’re at a tennis tournament.. not a baseball game.

    you’re not suppose to be full of face paint holding up posters and screaming for your favorite player..

    tennis is a totally different sport that takes concentration and stuff… if you’ve ever been to a tennis tournament then you’d know.. maybe they’re being serious… maybe it’s also really hot and lots of people are there..

    who knows….

    (ok bash me now for defending two actors I actually like)

  39. xc0mplicated

    #34 – That would make him Luke Skywalker, actually.

  40. Danielabella

    Okay, Jennifer Aniston is the most boring person on the planet and everyone is wondering why she looks that way? It’s like asking why K-Fed walks like there’s something up his ass ….

  41. jane's eyre


    You’re Luke Skywalker?

    There, is that better, buzzkill?

  42. Pearly

    I saw these pics on a site 3 days ago and she was laughing. He just left out the happy pics so they look miserable. Maybe they were watching the game..just a thought.

  43. Spacedog

    Jen’s not happy because she realizes Friends was the pinnacle of her popularity and self-believed artistic prowess.
    Vince isn’t smiling because he was working his anal sphincter muscle to get it ready for the gangbang later and just sharded his tennis whites.

  44. jane's eyre

    And that would STILL make him related to Darth Vadar. So mleh *sticks out tongue*

  45. Jacq

    For what it’s worth, none of the people in the background seem to be really happy to be alive, either.

  46. Aimtrue

    This one is so easy:

    They both are thinking the same thing-

    I’ld rather be f’ing Brad Pitt than this lump os shi* next to me.

  47. Iambananas

    He’s unhappy becuase her upper lip never moves.

    She’s unhappy because her upper lip never moves.

  48. HollyJ

    @36 I believe they sell those hats at Wimbledon. Prob make a killing too.

    Somewhere in Asia is a small dank sweatshop filled with young school children just one sock away from naked furiously hand-weaving those fugly hats for rich Wimbledon watchers.

  49. herbiefrog

    #1 [i've been busy elsewhere :)]

    do you think they
    the payback

  50. matt2392

    Could it be that they are just at a cubs game in this picture

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