Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn cozy up

May 25th, 2006 // 71 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn showed up to the afterparty for the premiere of The Break Up trying to act like they weren’t together. However, they arrived just minutes apart and were spotted emerging from restrooms at almost the same time and running into each other in the small hallway where they hugged.

According to a witness,


  1. TrannyGranny

    Happy “Bradly, the Sublime Dude is Fucking Dead Day”, bitches!

  2. TrannyGranny


    I think Rosies dick is bigger

  3. FunctionalDrunk

    Superficial, you’ve yet to read of a monkey murdering someone? Dude, “Murders in the Rue Morgue” — that monkey tore some shit up! And it was written by some famous guy, so it’s got to be true.

  4. Fa Cube Itches

    51: If only he hadn’t had the kid, that would have been the greatest Darwin Award of all time.

    “Hmmm, let’s see. Our band isn’t really getting as big as I’d hoped. What to do, what to do. EUREKA! I know, I’ll shoot smack for a year, just a year, so I can write some deeper songs, then quit. That should make us huge!!!”

    Fucktardus Magnus, he was.

  5. Fa Cube Itches

    We just need to get Police Squad on this…

    Lt. Drebbin: “Ms. Aniston, are you currently seeing Mr. Vaughn? Signal yes by shooting yourself in the head twice.”

    Vince Vaughn: “No, wait! It’s a trick!”

  6. TrannyGranny


    And they blew goats live. Sublime or Aniston, take your pick

  7. Fa Cube Itches

    Tranny: Gee thanks. That’s like Paris offering me Clap or Syph.

  8. daria405

    #39, I also heard that story about her playing the beard for him – don’t remember where, though. But I also read yesterday that they broke up and Oprah was “worried about Jen.” Who the hell knows. Who the hell cares?

  9. nikki

    given how hurt Maniston was being dumped by Brad, there is only ONE reason for this charade with Vince — she is banking on this movie. Vince is caught up in the stupid-ass act bec he is the producer and his $$ are on the line. so they will maintain their coy game which NO-ONE cares about, until the movie bombs, and then they will “break up”. right.

    in the meantime, am I the only one that noticed that it was Maniston who brought up Brad’s name last night during her stint on Letterman? Dave did not bring up her break-up with Brad — but she made sure that she did. truth be told, marrying Brad is the best thing that ever happened to that bitch. and she continues to milk it for all it’s worth. including by acting in this stupid-ass movie. which will bomb. mark my words.

  10. Star Maker Machinery

    It’s an established Hollywood rumor that Vince is gay and overcompensates with a beer guzzling, Joe Blow image. Nice try Vince, but too many people have seen you at the bath house.

  11. jackspratling

    * Vince Vaughn must have gained about 80 pounds since he was in swingers. (Ohhh, an original comment!)

    * If Manniston hadn’t shacked up with Pitt, she’d be as unknown as Matt LeBlanc.

    * Let’s hope both Vaughn and Manniston come to Chicago and everybody forgets about them. Meanwhile, Jeremy Piven will be molesting Vince Vaughn in the coatroom.

  12. antiguy

    I just thought you guys should know, that guy standing behind them is wearing the same camo shorts I’m wearing right now. How crazy is that?

  13. Sheva

    Let’s be real. One Speaker City, no big deal.
    But multiple Speaker City’s, way cool.

    You get the Greek girl with the redone beak.

  14. DaNiGuRl

    Well, i think it’s good that she’s moving on! F*ck Brad and Angelina. The only thing hot on Angie is her lips and that’s about it! Brad went downhill since he’s been with her. Let the two of them go live in Cambodia with the two adopted and one biological kids they have that way they can adopt all the kids there and stop making movies here! Yeah, that’d be GREAT! But were not that lucky…oh well, when Angelina dumps him at least he’ll have a nasty incurable disease he can take as a memeory of her :)

  15. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    They’re together, they just don’t want to draw attention or give any photographers a million dollar shot by showing affection in public. They’re pretty much both said that they’re together, but they’re just not gonna talk about it.

  16. Hot in Houston

    I think that humor goes a long way. My husband of over 12 years is (by other accounts) not as hot as me, yet we are perfect together. He is without a doubt the funniest person I have ever met. He makes me laugh all the time…just not in bed. Totally serious and attentive. Amazing man. Laugh all you want. Some people actually find true happiness.

  17. she looked like a right slut on letterman

  18. sita

    oh barf…

  19. redsonja1313

    HE is just SO MONEY !!! I hope they are pretending cuz if she don’t want him I DO !!!!

  20. URalllosers

    Dear superficial,
    Why not rip into these two? This take is almost, nice. These two have been romantically linked for months. I am freaking bored by it. Why can’t they just admit they are together so we can watch their love melt under the hot lights. That’s the whole payoff for investing the time in paying attention to them. Thanks again. Oh and keep finding those nip slip picks! You’re the best.

  21. They are not a couple. They are friends. That is why they never said they were lovers. They weren’t. Jen has something going on and it isn’t VV.

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