Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn cozy up

May 25th, 2006 // 71 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn showed up to the afterparty for the premiere of The Break Up trying to act like they weren’t together. However, they arrived just minutes apart and were spotted emerging from restrooms at almost the same time and running into each other in the small hallway where they hugged.

According to a witness,


  1. I used to like Vince, but Aniston is just fugly. Granted Vince is no prize, but chicks keep talking about how they like guys that make them laugh. So what does he get out of the relationship?

  2. Steph

    I feel kind of bad for her. I like Vince Vaughn but maybe she could find someone a little more in Brad Pitt category of looks

  3. Burner27

    For a 36 year old, Aniston is pretty hot.

  4. Sheva

    Nice picture and he’s the cool dude. Sorry she gets to hang around a cool dude who actually bathes on a regular basis and he gets head.

    Nothing wrong with that.

  5. M@ce

    “So what does he get out of the relationship?”

    He gets to wipe Brad Pitt’s left over, “pan drippings” on his scalp to try and halt that rapidly receeding hairline. Pitt’s man-gunk regrows hair…it’s true. Both Jen and Angelina now have shag carpeted uteruses.

  6. leahdeadly

    Brad is sort of good looking…he’s got wicked gross skin. I mean, I’d do him but it would just be so he’d buy me things.
    Vince is a giant, probably has marfans and I’ll always think of him hating on Rudy saying “he’s just a showboat, that’s all he is” and such.

  7. IFuckingHateYou

    I’d take Jen with her sweet ass and 3″ nipples any day over Skangelina.
    Stupid Brad Pitt.
    Lucky Vince.
    Cock-loving Tom Cruise.

  8. boobiezmagee

    Why don’t they just come out with their relationship already? They’re not fooling anyone.

  9. IFuckingHateYou

    A friend of mine is a paparazzi & he has a secret recording of the first time Vince & Jennifer were together, here’s the text:
    Jen: Yes, give me that huge cock Vince.
    Vince: YEAH, I’m busting my nut baby. By the way,it’s not really a huge cock, just average, about 6″.
    J: Brad always told me his was average and it’s 2″
    V: Whatever, I’m going to shower.
    J: Why are you showering, it’s only the 13th of the month, nowhere close to the 1st?
    V: What the fuck are you talking about bitch?
    J: Brad told me he could only shower on the first of the month to help save the world’s water supply.
    V: That goofy fucker belongs with that skanky whore Angie.
    J: Vince, you’re making my cry, why did you have to bring that up?
    V: Shut up and blow me bitch.

    Then the tape cut out and all you could hear were some slurping sounds mixed in with whimpers.

  10. songofkali

    First thing I noticed is that Vince looks huge in that picture. Second thing I noticed is the tan line on Jennifer’s breast. What I’ve learned from my two observations is -

    a) Vince probably has a huge penis.
    b) Jennifer doesn’t suntan nude. And she has nice breasts.

  11. Geno

    Jennifer has seen better days. She looks weird lately.

  12. sweetcheeks

    Why does anyone find it strange that they would PRETEND to be broken up, but meet in the restroom for cuddles? Lots of people do that.

    When my husband and I go to parent-teacher conferences, I pretend like I’ve never seen him before, and then in the middle of the conference we “sneak away” to the cubbies and fuck like rabbits. Of course, by “sneak away,” I mean walk eight feet to the back of the room while the teacher goes and gets security.

  13. Italian Stallion

    The guy in the commando shorts looks like he wants a blowjob from Vince……

    You know what they say, 9 out of 10 guys prefer women with big breast and the tenth guy prefers the other nine men……

  14. Dr.Rokter

    “Most mind-numbingly vanilla bitch on planet pretends not to be having bad touch with strange-looking comedic actor. Congressional leaders vow immediate action.”

    “Thousands of moviegoers complain of suffering narcoleptic fits after veiwing latest Aniston vehicle.”

    “Aniston travels to Iraq; cures nervous disorders, wins hearts/minds of Iraqi middle class.”

  15. YoMamma

    Next thing you know…she is pregnant and moving to, i dunno…Africa.
    The all to familiar tale of true love.

  16. They have to be the world’s most nobody-cares-about couple.

  17. PapaHotNuts

    The dude owns Speaker City. Enough said.

  18. Spacedog

    I remember when Vince Vaughn was cool. Swingers-era. He played a guy that was always looking to bag chicks, and was smooth, funny, a guy’s guy.
    Now he has a gash, is typecast and is settling for stinky Brad’s leftovers, someone who was cool for like, the first 3 seasons of Friends. To some people.
    Nice moves, jerky.

  19. 86

    They’re both bad actors, but I’m glad they have each other. They seem to balance each other out. Cuz they’re both crazy but in complimentary ways.

  20. krisdylee

    Vince strikes me as the kind of guy that could balloon up to a 400 pound bag of fat.

  21. blueballs

    Some of you are so pathetic that you actually have comment about their relationship and who they should really be dating. Who gives a fuck what you think? If Vince and Jenn like each other then let em be. Hell, at least they have a relationship? DO YOU? I hope one day someone come up to you and tells you that you aren’t good enough for your mate or that you are just too fugly to be seen with him/her.

    some of you really need to get a life and stop worrying about what Vince and Vaugn are doing.

  22. asmith

    Is this a secret still?? Really? Wasn’t he on Oprah talking about his relationship with her? I thought I remembered Oprah asking Vince if he and Jen talked about a wedding/kids, etc. No? Am I imagining things?? I could SWEAR he was totally candid in the interview…..yes? no? Anybody?

  23. Jacq

    #1 – Being funny goes a LOOOOONG way to helping a guy score way above his league. I’m not saying she’s much to look at, but a sense of humor is a panty-dropper.

    #20 – I second that. He’s teetering on the thin line between being Vince and Fat Elvis.

    Look, I don’t meet up with people to hug in the bathroom. It’s wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

  24. Ari

    Vince and Vaughn? Hmm… proofreading is your friend.

    As for commenting on their relationship, this IS a gossip site, commenting on shit is what we do, it’s what this site is ABOUT. I guess you’d rather we all said, “Aww, they make a cute couple.”


    “Aww, they make a cute couple.”

    Whatever. Even if that were true, it’d be boring as hell.

  25. Italian Stallion

    Coming from someone with the name “Blueballs” I’m guessing your the lonely one asshole………

  26. @ Jacq, my girlfriend keeps telling me the only reason she keeps me around is because I make her laugh, in bed. Does that count as being funny?

  27. Dr.Rokter

    Jennifer Aniston recently announced that with the arrival of a set of lace doilies, her collection of Nazi-era formal place settings is complete. Other items include official Schutzstaffel embroidered napkins, flatware that was goldplated with material from dental fillings, and a relish caddy carved from a human skull.

  28. Ari

    Yep, a guy that can make a girl laugh will stand a greater chance of scoring. Laughter makes us feel good, about ourselves and our world. It also relaxes us. A guy that can do that, particularly if a woman is going through a rough patch, is going to reap some very nice rewards.

  29. Shelley Bonnechance

    Well, this is very cute. I love it when celebrities do that fun “pretend” thing where they’re not really a couple, even though they continue to appear in public, cuddling and snogging and calling each other “my shweetums love bunny.”

    It’s like a complicated dance – The Lancers o’ love.

    Next formation: The celebrities will “come out” and assure the rest of us that we have never felt love the way they’re feeling it right now because they’ve had plastic surgery and been to Paris among other fantabulous things and their rare love is just a little bit too special for the likes of us.

    Next: Marry amid a mort of security guards and hovering press helicopters.

    Final formation: File for divorce within twenty-two months, citing “irreconcilable differences,” whatever that means. Be seen on the French Riviera or on some red carpet somewhere with the next “friend,” claiming coyly that there’s no romance here, nope, nothing to see…

  30. 86

    Hey 21 we don’t swim in your toilet so don’t piss in our pool…or something.

  31. 86

    I got my first education in celebrity marriages/romances from watching Mommy Dearest. Its all about how much publicity one of them can get from marrying the other. Then, it’s splitsville.

  32. krisdylee

    All these “famous” people have a really screwed up view on relationships. Their wedding vows should incorporate this.

    “I take you ______, to be my wife/husband, until the time comes that I meet someone whom I believe is much better than you. Then we shall break up in the public eye, deny the other relationship, move to Africa, eventually acknowledge the person I left you for as my new girlfriend/boyfriend and do it all over again.”

    You may kiss the bride…..

  33. Fisher55

    27, haha

  34. After this movie bombs that will make four in a row for her. She and her horseface can go compete with Marisa Tomei, the hampster, or Helen Hunt, the Ferret for parts in After School specials.

  35. i dont want regular celbrity gossip…i want the crazy stupid kind

  36. RichPort

    The only reason I used to watch Friends was because you could always tell when the turkey was done by looking at her shirt and lack of bra. Juvenile??? Absolutely. Vince can always get more out of her by saying things like “I bet Angelina lets Brad spackle her face…” or “I hear Angelina gives Brad hummers on the African backroads while driving…”

    Juvenile??? Absolutely.

  37. Joshingya31

    I would definitely bang Aniston and her rock hard nipples. Did anyone forget that our funny man Vince was in one of those Jurrasic Park sequels. Not funny.

  38. gogoboots

    They’re such a convenient couple, it bores me half to death…aren’t they moving to Chicago…or was it Australia? Cause the paparazzi doesn’t follow Jen as nearly as much as she thinks they do…boo-hoo!

  39. Seneca Fell

    i know someone who is a copy editor for a gossip mag, and he tells me that VVLTC. yeah, you heard me. basically the whole thing is a sham, to keep them in the public eye, deflect attention from the fact that vince is gay and make jennifer look less pathetic.

  40. Ari

    #37, yeah he was in The Lost World.. the Jurassic Park that just gets dumber and dumber. A t-rex loose in San Diego…good grief.

  41. 86

    39 I stared at that for like 5 minutes trying to figure out who W was.

  42. babar33

    The premier isn’t until next week and that picture is from filming the movie last summer (2005). The quote and reference you’re making is from the wrap party from the movie (in 2005) not from the premier.

  43. Jacq

    #30 – Someone named blueballs telling us WE’RE lame. Ahhh, that’s rich.

    #26 – Girlfriend? That makes me sad. See, I believe that all of you men are painfully good looking, hilarious, wealthy and obsessed with me.

    Jen’s playing the beard for Vince? That’s interesting. I guess her hairstylist dumped her. Weren’t they the original Ken and Jessica?

  44. deluxxe

    can someone please remind me why i care about this? i can’t remember.

  45. thelaurie

    why does his left arm look like it’s made out of rubber?

  46. Iambananas

    Vince vughhn is soo awesome and funny! Wha’ts he doing with a non-moving-upper lip person like her?? Plus, she’s selfish!

  47. Evangelia

    can someone please fill me in on the jennifer aniston and her 3 inch long hard nipples story?
    i think we must be related

  48. HughJorganthethird

    Nice to see Vince stopped eating long enough to spend some quality time..

  49. They have as much sexual chemestry as Jake Gyllenhall and Rosie o’Donell

  50. Shelley Bonnechance

    Okay. Ewww, #49. That brought up a little bit of vomit in my throat. Heh.

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