Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt cut price of house

aniston-pitt-house-sell.jpgAccording to The Wall Street Journal, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have cut the asking price of their former Beverly Hills home from $28 million to $24.95 million. The vintage 1935 French Normandy-style house has been on the market since October and the two will split the earnings from the sale.

If they really want to crank up the interest in the home, they should consider sending out a press release saying they used to have sex all over the place and have rubbed their naked bodies against every square inch of the property. Because I know there are some rich perverts out there who’d kill to have a wall that smelled like Brad Pitt’s butt. Their wife would come home early one day and see this guy humping the wall, crying out, “I love you Brad!” And then I’d read about it in the paper and laugh, because I totally said that would happen.