Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt cut price of house

February 24th, 2006 // 45 Comments

aniston-pitt-house-sell.jpgAccording to The Wall Street Journal, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have cut the asking price of their former Beverly Hills home from $28 million to $24.95 million. The vintage 1935 French Normandy-style house has been on the market since October and the two will split the earnings from the sale.

If they really want to crank up the interest in the home, they should consider sending out a press release saying they used to have sex all over the place and have rubbed their naked bodies against every square inch of the property. Because I know there are some rich perverts out there who’d kill to have a wall that smelled like Brad Pitt’s butt. Their wife would come home early one day and see this guy humping the wall, crying out, “I love you Brad!” And then I’d read about it in the paper and laugh, because I totally said that would happen.



  1. Evangelia

    i would stick my face into the toilets to try to catch and errant whiff of pitt ass.

  2. Evangelia

    oops, an. where is blackheart when i really need him to correct my posts?

  3. Miss Hell

    O_o Haha.

  4. ESQ

    But did they really have sex? They always seemed so miserable in photos.

  5. Tania

    I wanna run a black light all through the house to see all the different places he “finished”.

  6. downshine

    wow from 28 to 24 million…what a big difference. now i can afford to buy it! it was so nice of them to decrease the price and make it more accessable to less fortunate people like me!

  7. Evangelia

    esq, of course they had sex! look at all the kids jen has!

  8. ESQ

    In response to #2 – hopefully banned. We are here to make fun of celebs and have fun with one another. If I wanted to hate on people I would go to a pro-Bush site to start shit. It is a shame that great sites such as this one has to have people create log ons to keep people at bay.

  9. The weird thing about Aniston is that she is just like Paris Hilton in that…her eyes really aren’t blue! So everytime you see her she is wearing contacts.

  10. downshine

    woah-whats wrong with what was said in post #2 ESQ?

  11. HollyJ

    If it’s septic instead of sewer, I’ll buy it. That’ll give me a whole tank full of Aniston-Pitt shit I can sell on EBay. I bet someone’ll buy it.

  12. mamacita

    #10 ESQ and Evangelia are referring to a shit whose name is blackblackheart who was attacking everyone’s grammar usage/intelligence yesterday. See the story titled “Lindsay Lohan Dating Olympic Star”. You’ll understand.

  13. LaydeeBug

    Jen has hazelish-grayish eyes. Puhleeease, Paris doesn’t even come up to Jennifer’s toenails. Paris could play handball on a curb…no, no, even better, off the side of my Doc Marten rubber sole.

  14. SMF121490

    Wow!! They went down a whopping 3.05 million. I best run right out and purchase it. I better pick up a few servants and pool boys too.

  15. LaydeeBug

    He’s an effing douchebag, that’s it. I’m so glad I’ve never been a Brat Shit fan because I wasn’t disappointed.

  16. susie-q

    Oh I see mamacita -

    It’s okay for you to attack other posters’ intelligence and posts, but it’s not okay for others to do it.

  17. the beast

    brad did basically say as much. i remember reading an interview with him several years ago when they were renovating the house and he alluded something to how the bathroom has to be great and when they first moved in they were screwing in the bathroom like crazed dolphins or some shit like that. except in his own words…which were far dirtier i’m sure.

  18. LaydeeBug

    Yo MAMA, your stalker has arrived (applause and fanfare)

  19. mamacita

    Laydee Bug

    Wooohoooooo!!! Where are some cheerleaders when I need them?

  20. susie-q

    oh you are real funny – mamacita insults others and you expect people not to respond?

    You are so suited for each other. The little retard and her friend.

  21. susie-q

    yeah you need cheerleaders, you retard

    why do your posts always reek of retardation?

  22. mamacita

    Laydee Bug

    Could you come wipe my drool? You know us retards. We can’t control our bodily functions.

  23. The thought of Brad and Jennifer humping like rabbits is very disturbing.

  24. LaydeeBug


    Duuuuuuh , what’s a funkshun????

  25. LaydeeBug

    Mama, she doesn’t realize she CANNOT get to me, no matter what she posts. I just slough it off.

    Cuz I’m a WOOOOOOMAN, Enjoli!

  26. Caught Dead In That Dress

    Clean up in aisle seven!

    Please ladies, keep your bitchfights to yourselfs, some of us are here to laugh at celebrities.

  27. HollyJ

    I think only Brad humps like a rabbit.
    Anistonopolous humps like a kouneli.

    lol @ 26 “aisle seven”

    Is this thesuperficial or :::Looking around::::

  28. Maeve97

    Susie Q- why do you keep calling people retarded? even lindsay lohan knows you shouldn’t call people that. MEAN.
    you called me retarded the other day.

  29. Evangelia

    ha ha kouneli!
    isn’t she anastasakis?

  30. HollyJ

    There are, in fact, conflicting reports on her name, so who knows?

  31. pinkraindrop6

    i love how just because stars live in a house, they think that they can sell it for more money because THEY lived in it. i wouldn’t pay $100 extra to live in a house brad and jen lived in.

  32. pinkraindrop6

    i love how just because stars live in a house, they think that they can sell it for more money because THEY lived in it. i wouldn’t pay $100 extra to live in a house brad and jen lived in.

  33. slinkhard

    LOL at 7. Because of course childless people have *never* had sex. (Paris Hilton is childless – nuff said.)

  34. CheekyChops

    I’m looking forward to the story (and it will come one day)when its Brad Shit and Vaginaline splitting up.

  35. bafongu

    Sell the house? Simple really. I’m going to hire a hoe to go in the house and menstruate all over the damn thing. First man that walks in will pop a boner from the “good stink” and then pop his check book to get rid of the realtor so he can start crawling around the place on his hands and knees!

  36. gogoboots

    #6 just what I was thinking, plus, I couldn’t get away from the perverse desire to rub the scent of Brad all over my body if I could just afford that stupid mansion.

  37. Cheyenne_1

    That picture reminds me of when they looked happy together and he was all over her (*puke* Pitt all over anything is repulsive).

    What’s making me laugh is picturing their lawyers go-betweening to negotiate the deal, because obviously they aren’t speaking to each…
    …other except when Pitt says “Nanny-nanny-Boo-Boo I got a prettier one than you!” and Jen says *I’m SOOO over you (now where’s my voodoo doll)”.

  38. HelpingOutTheMorons

    I heard they had a 3200 square-foot room for Jen’s chin alone. Can you imagine a “Chin Room” ahhhh…the rich really know how to live, don’t they?

  39. gogoboots

    #30…wow she only weighs 110 lbs! she looks thinner than that these days. maybe it’s the stress of living…

  40. Bo_Smith

    #38 LMAO

    I wish I could see Brad’s butt and hump it too

  41. monkeyballs

    God, I can’t stand Jennifer Anniston. If her chin never appeared on another single magazine again, I’d be a happy person. Go the FUCK away, you no-talented scabby chinormous whiny woman. Gad.

  42. happy_bunny

    Angelina’s way hotter than Jen… Jen has a chin .. I call her Chinnifer Chiniston HA HA! … Brad’s a cheater… He’s gorgeous though… Angelina’s a homewrecker… I’m sick of hearing about this and it’s all Chinnifer Chiniston’s fault their personal lives are over exposed in the tabloids because she’s always whining and wants all the attention for herself but she’ll never be big and famous like Pitt or Jolie so she needs to shut up and go kill herself …. blah… blah…. blah….blah… blah…. blah….blah… blah…. blah…. blah… blah…. blah….

  43. Jacq

    People, IT’S OVER. I personally think that Jen didn’t exactly luck out with Vince Vaughn (even though I’m a fan, he always looks soooo sweaty). At least if Brad was going to cheat with anyone, they are building a family together so it wasn’t pointless.

    Ladeebug & ESQ – read your posts, you both make me laugh all of the time. Blackblackheart is twothumbsdown. Hater! I TOTALLY had your back in Lindsey fight the other day, but right before I hit post the power went out at the office. Keep it up!

  44. TheLusciousDeluxe


  45. When I read about them still together I just wanna laugh!

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