‘The Client List’ Got Canceled

November 5th, 2013 // 23 Comments
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Yup, Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like this. Nailed it.

Thanks to getting lost in a Courtney Stodden wormhole yesterday, I forgot to post about The Client List being canceled because Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fiance didn’t knock her up for his health. This here’s a long con. Deadline reports:

As we reported in June, Lifetime and Sony TV were in a creative standoff with star Hewitt over storylines for a potential third season after the actress, who is an executive producer on the show, had requested that Brian Hallisay, her real-life fiance and father of her baby, also play her character Riley’s baby daddy on the show. I hear the issues eventually became too much for Lifetime and Sony TV, leading to today’s formal cancellation.

I honestly know nothing about The Client List except that it’s a show were Jennifer Love Hewitt jerks dudes off, and judging by these screencaps I just found, while her giant breasts are hanging out. Which makes me wonder what the hell it was even doing on Lifetime in the first time. How does something like this even make it past their focus group? “Okay, ladies – wow, lot of Adam’s apples in here today – this last one stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as a mom struggling to make ends meet as a masseuse/prostitute. We don’t expect it to take off due to its risque nature and constant reminder that men require at least some sexual activity to stay in a relationship- and wow, you’re pressing the buttons already. *picks up walkie-talkie* Green light it. Green light it now!”

Photos: Lifetime


  1. Slappy Magoo

    That seems premature.

  2. Cock Dr

    That sound of tires squealing out of the driveway?
    That was the fiance, now that his acting career has now dwindled down to marrying her and handling poopie diapers.

  3. Jennifer Love Hewitt Breasts Cleavage Lingerie The Client List
    Commented on this photo:

    Jesus, how much photoshop do these people think we’ll believe?

  4. schmidtler

    Yeah, what a brilliant plan – irrelevant and out of work for forever, finally she gets hooked into a decent paying, reasonably successful gig, so first chance she gets she fucks it up by being a diva. By the time she realizes her last best chance to remain relevant is to show off her tits, she’ll be too old for anyone to want to look at them. I hope she likes being an unemployed single fatass mom.

  5. Jennifer Love Hewitt Breasts Cleavage Lingerie The Client List
    Commented on this photo:

    “No thanks honey I already had lunch!”

  6. “Okay, Jen, now drop your right arm so it cuts across your body and we can attach someone else’s bottom half in Photoshop. That’s it, perfect.” *click click click*

  7. I’m too lazy to look it up… has someone edited together all the scenes from the show where her tits are hanging out into a 2-3 minute montage on YouTube yet?

  8. Has a woman ever made more money from her tits without showing them? As Schmidtler pointed out above, a softcore porn show on Lifetime is pretty much the bottom of the entertainment barrel. And her crazy ass burns that bridge to get her fiance/man-slave a job on the show? Likely so she can keep an eye on him at all times. Her level of desperation and insecurity would get pretty fucking unbearable in short order. You know her pollyanna ass is terrible in bed too. Why else would someone with that body get dumped by so many fucking douchers over the years? Jamie Kennedy? You look like that, you are famous for your awesome tits, and you got dumped by Jamie Kennedy and John Mayer? Right. Red lights are flashing, gents.

    She has probably had an electric fence installed up this guy’s ass while he slept. If he leaves her house during the day or is more than 100 feets away from her in the evening she electrocutes his prostate.

    • Jamie Lee Curtis seems to have parlayed big tits she refused to show into a long (dull) career. Maybe JLH has some yogurt shilling in her future?

      • You seem to have forgotten that Jamie Lee popped out those precious puppies in a couple of flicks, the most famous being in Trading Places.

      • Yeah, early in her career Jamie Lee Curtis showed off her tits in more than one film. She wasn’t afraid. The last time I remember seeing them was in The Tailor of Panama and that was in 2001, well past her heyday. But as her career waned she never got them out again. It’s a shame too because her tits were amazing.

        Could you make this argument about Jennifer Aniston? Maybe she isn’t known for tits as much as the hotness of her body, but she’s never gotten nude that I’m aware of and I guess keeps getting jobs because of her looks? It certainly isn’t because of her talent or box office success.

    • Add Wimer Valderrama to that list. In my book, he tops the list of her ex-douches.

  9. *feet, not feets, because I’m not a toddler or an ESL student.

    • LOL, pretty funny. Her ex fiancé twice removed didn’t have anything negative to say about her performance in the sack, just that she’s terribly insecure about her appearance (as in “is my ass too fat? It is, isn’t it?”) and he just got really tired of having to constantly reassure her. That can be a real bottomless pit of need situation – too bad, cuz I’ve loved her ever since Heartbreakers.

  10. Jennifer Love Hewitt Breasts Cleavage Lingerie The Client List
    Commented on this photo:

    Um, isnt that Beyonce?

  11. Dee

    Alright I admit I used to watch that damn show…it was pretty good. I thought she looked really sexy and cute for her age…I have wondered however how come she hasn’t settled down with anyone yet since she’s been active in hollywood since she was like a teenager….At least she has someone now but I think getting knocked up was a wrong move. She should’ve avoided that to have the show. Oh well….I was tired of it anyway.

  12. The end came, not happy endings there xD

  13. mike

    So does this mean she’s stop ‘vagazeling’ or won’t get those three rings she’s always going on about?

  14. Skeeter

    Photoshop or not, I’d still like to motorboat her tits and lick her asshole.

  15. cc

    I do love her breasts.

  16. “Okay, ladies – wow, lot of Adam’s apple in here today”

    Ahhh Fish, how I love ya!

  17. I’m not surprised she was stupid enough to get her show cancelled just to get her man on there. Why is she so stupid when it comes to men? You’d think a woman that attractive wouldn’t have to be so desperate.

  18. tlmck

    She should move the show over to Showtime or Skinemax.

  19. Apparently Mariah Carey’s photoshopper is moonlighting again.

  20. Jennifer Love Hewitt Breasts Cleavage Lingerie The Client List
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Good luck with that.

  21. Jennifer Love Hewitt Breasts Cleavage Lingerie The Client List
    Commented on this photo:

    Gotta admit, I’ve had that fantasy. JLH’s tits are/were quite fap worthy.

  22. Jennifer Love Hewitt Breasts Cleavage Lingerie The Client List
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d still like to motorboat her tits and pound her in the ass.

  23. Jennifer Love Hewitt Breasts Cleavage Lingerie The Client List
    Commented on this photo:


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