Jennifer Love Hewitt Totally Looks Like This

February 13th, 2013 // 38 Comments

Here’s Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover of Shape that’s so blatantly Photoshopped, I’ll genuinely be offended if it wasn’t made for the sole purpose of weeding out replicants.

“Is this a real woman?”
“Perfect. I’ll be shooting you in the face now.”

Photo: Shape



    That’s a worse fake than the picture of Lee Harvey Oswald holding the rifle in his back yard. Her head looks bigger than it should. Any side-by-side comparison of her wandering the streets like a hobo should be enough to debunk this piece of photoshopped shit.

    • Ohhhh, so now you’re blaming JLH for the Kennedy assassination? You haters just blow me away with your…oh, wait. I just finished reading your whole comment. Never m-i-i-i-i-i-n-n-n-d!

  2. Bob

    I’d like to know more about her “fun, curve-sculpting workout” because I’m sure it involves delicious cakes and candies.

  3. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Toe Jam
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    Photoshop must have billowed smoke, and shut down several times, with as much touch up going on here.

  4. mike

    This even makes Kim Kardashian spit out her cum-filled coffee.

  5. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Looking mighty fine, but I do suspect some PSing going on.

  6. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Maximus Penetredius
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    I would still hit that tho.

  7. They posted a video of the shoot here. She actually looks like she has a pretty sweet body.

    • Best I’ve ever seen her look. I wonder if she has some secret boyfriend hanging around. She looks sexy as hell and I can’t imagine guys aren’t asking her out. And in. And out. And in…and out…and in…and out…and in and out and in and out…

    • Kojak

      The second photo… OMG… 10/10.
      I don’t care if they photoshop her belly a little, her boobs just made me cry…

  8. Their flawless skin guide? Irony…

  9. Yet ironically more “real” than the walking bag of chemicals, sealants, extracts and diluted poisons in the main picture in the thread immediately below it.

  10. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I can’t jerk-off to this! It’s cearly fake! Now, if you’ll excse me, I’ll be ogling photos of Courtney Stodden. She’s a natural beauty!

  11. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Inner Retard
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    Tired of photoshop. Soon people won’t even remember what the opposite sex or just a human being really looks like.

  12. Take a photo of your average person, and then photoshop their head onto a better body, and they’ll say “OMG, how bad do I look?”.

    Do it to Jennifer Love Hewitt, and she says “OMG, I look amazing!”

  13. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
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    I dunno, though I’m sure it’s photoshopped, it doesn’t look all that far off from the screenshots of her horrible video.

  14. Ashley

    You can almost see it in her face: “I’m such a fucking liar.”


    This is the most beautiful white woman ever. All white women should try to look at least half as good as her!!!

  16. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    After watching the video, I have to say there’s probably not much photoshop. Well done, JLH.

  17. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Deacon Jones
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    Part of my wife’s job is “retouching” pictures just like this for a couple hair products in these shithole magazines.

    I always laugh so hard when she lets me click the before/after images that go into the ads. They are hilarious.

  18. jt

    Hey!!! That’s my body!

  19. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    mos def PS – too smoov.

  20. Grand Dragon

    Dem titties, since 1997

  21. Shemp

    The angles, textures and sizes are all wrong. I’m of the opinion that there are Lovecraftian “non-Euclidian geometries” at work here.

    I suspect if you try fucking this version of JLH, you will fall into her and disappear forever.

    I’d chance it, though…

  22. That skinny girl in the back of the room all the other girls hated

    Did Shape also PS her ‘vagazled’ twat?

  23. They worked really hard on those photoshop shenanigans, and I still immediately thought “Woof!” Poor kid.

  24. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow! The Liquify Tool in the latest version of Photoshop really works well! Kudos to the Graphic Artist who did the retouching but they didn’t tweak the shadow on her left side very well. (Between her left arm an torso.) You can see a few bits that don’t match up exactly.

  25. Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Cover Bikini
    Erving of Irving
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    The face doesn’t even look like her. Embarrasing.

    • Toe Jam

      I agree. It’s like they used up all the Photoshop technology on her body. Some assistant said, “what about the face?”. “Nah, we dont have that kind of time on our hands.” Just a real bad rushed photoshop.

  26. eae

    looking at video i see the trick. Its not that they Photo shopped er, its that they cropped out her hips.

    she’s always had a good body from the waist up, but she has wide hips and a fat ass.

  27. rrr

    yah look at the video she has a cute body yo!
    she is a lil hip heavy but still has a nice body :)

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