Jennifer Love Hewitt Moved On To Maksim Chmerkovskiy Already

“Why hello there. Are you here to select a ring? No, just mow the yard? Oh, Jorge, you know I’m going to ask each morn- wait, don’t quit! Your family’s still in Mexico!”

Sensing that Operation: Chain Adam Levine To The Water Heater has been compromised by her own admission, Jennifer Love Hewitt has apparently already moved onto Dancing With The Stars’ Maksim Chmerkovskiy making this the second ABC reality star she’s blatantly stalked in her never-ending quest for The One Ring To Not Let You Die Alone. Page Six reports:

Our spy at the show said “The Client List” star was in the audience and “trying to get Maksim’s attention. She was wearing a skintight dress, sitting front-row and smiling at him all night.” During the show, Hewitt also told host Tom Bergeron that she was rooting “for Maks.”

So going by the timetable from her last fantasy, it’s safe to say that somewhere in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s mind that’s not David’s Bridal catalogs and/or scenes from Breakfast at Tiffany’s she’s being gently told by Maksim that he can’t be with her anymore but only because he’s a secret agent, so she has to be strong for both of them. Which is also the exact moment he gets stabbed by a knitting needle. Wielded by an evil double agent! Yes, that’s it. An evil double agent…


Photos: Splash News